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act 258 · iszoloscope · the edge of certainty · cd

01 first transcendental component (featuring norad)
02 flatline receiver
03 the edge of certainty
04 second transcendental component
05 in the face of descent
06 when all you see is light
07 l'imaginaire de la fin
08 inseparable from the void
09 third transcendental component

"no matter what instruments he uses, at some point he reaches the edge of certainty beyond which conscious knowledge cannot pass." - carl g. jung

"after countless ventures with other projects and almost five years without releasing any albums, iszoloscope is back in full force. the return is without compromise and in all of its haunting brutality. these releases are the result of a long experiment with multiple realities, turned inwards, stretched thin and fractalized until glimpses of infinity seeped through the walls of consciousness into a formless show. a show that somehow is reminiscent of a strange balancing act between everlasting bliss and absolute terror crawling outside of time.

well, something like that... i think. that is until i realize, yet again, how absurd it all is when i try to paint it outside a metaphor. no matter how golden the answers are on the other side of my psyche, they never truly matter outside my mind. all the gold that i find in this enchanted forest of subjectivity always turns into ashes the instant it touches the light of the outside world - all while i try to convey my findings into coherent, rational thoughts. i'm still not sure how far down the rabbit hole i am.

i have knowingly gone beyond to explore anything that resembles an answer that is beyond the human experience. i only have greater questions that no language can formulate - questions that are slowly slipping back into oblivion. it seems we are all both geniuses and idiots at once. some less then others, maybe - the absurdity of this particular truth has always amused part of me while iszolating another. meanwhile, these releases are the result of countless passionate hours in the studio. of trial and error. of sharing technical information and creative dialogue with friends and artists..." - yann faussurier / iszoloscope

iszoloscope's new full length album, recorded between 2007 and 2010, is proof that waiting is worthwhile. nine powerful tracks ranging between icy crystal clear technoid industrial to merciless rhythmic distortion, from breakbeats to breakcore, from dark ambient to complex electronica - go find out what lies beyond the edge of certainty!

"the only 'realities' (plural) that we actually experience and can talk meaningfully about are perceived realities, experienced realities, existential realities - realities involving ourselves as editors - and they are all relative to the observer, fluctuating, evolving, capable of being magnified and enriched, moving from low resolution to hi-fi, and do not fit together like the pieces of a jig-saw into one single reality with a capital r. rather, they cast illumination upon one another by contrast [...]" - robert anton wilson

iszoloscope discography. 10.2k10:
coagulating wreckage. cd/cd+7". spectre r06/r06.1. 2001
aquifère. cd. spectre/nautilus na05. 2002
the blood dimmed tide (w/ antigen shift). 3"cd. spectre s10. 2002
do america (w/ tarmvred). cd-ep. ad noiseam adn25. 2003
au seuil du néant / le dénominateur commun. 2cd. ant-zen act138. 2003
this monstrosity is part of my fibric. 12" vinyl. ant-zen act138.3. 2003
echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth (w/ ah cama-sotz). cd. spectre s14. 2003
les gorges des limbes. cd. ant-zen act178. 2004
split (w/ ebola). cd-ep. yb-70 09. 2004
the audient void. cd. ant-zen act189. 2005
echoes ov a beckoning arcanum (w/ ah cama-sotz). cd. spectre s23. 2006
beyond within. cd-ep. ant-zen act257. 2010
the edge of certainty. cd. ant-zen act258. 2010
beyond within and so on. mp3 ep. ant-zen dig018. 2010

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nach fünf jahren beehrt uns yann faussurier wieder mit neuem iszoloscope-material. und das gleich mit voller ladung, denn neben dem neuen album "the edge of certainty" erscheinen zusätzlich noch zwei eps, wobei die ep "beyond within" auf cd und die ep "beyond within and so on" rein digital erscheint und obendrein bei oder kostenlos zu bekommen ist! yann faussurier begab sich in den letzten jahren offenbar auf sinnsuche, denn sein neues material scheint das ergebnis dieses findungsprozesses sein, wie die titel des albums, der eps und der einzelnen tracks zeigen. wichtig für uns ist, dass er fündig geworden ist und seine eindrücke musikalisch festgehalten hat. iszoloscope ist zudem mittlerweile zum trio angewachsenen, indem neben yann faussurier nun auch frédéric scarfone (norad) und guillaume nadon (memmaker) bei iszoloscope mitwirken und von jairus khan (ad·ver·sary) live unterstützt werden. schon auf seinem letzten album "the audient void" zeigte yann, dass iszoloscope eine weiterentwicklung hin zu mehr deftigen rhythmen widerfährt. mit dem neuen album "the edge of certainty" geht es aber noch einen ganzen schritt weiter in richtung beats und electro, was einerseits etwas überraschend ist, andererseits aber auch eine zusätzlich süchtig machende wirkung ausübt. das neue album trennt klar zwischen den leiseren tracks und denen mit deftigem wums. die drei nach ihrem titel transzendentalen komponenten bilden das imaginäre rahmenprogramm für "the edge of certainty". verzerrte, knarzige töne verschieben sich in- und übereinander. die ausnahme bildet die erste der drei komponenten, denn hier treffen rituelle trommeln auf bedrohlich dröhnende klänge. ebenfalls eine sonderstellung hat der track "l'imaginaire de la fin", der sich einerseits wie ein vertontes, quietschendes scharnier anhört, andererseits durch rauschen und knistern etwas unheimliches an sich hat. dazwischen wird teilweise kräftig geballert. "inseparable from the void" klingt anfangs wie eine alte spieluhr, bevor dann der beat einsetzt, der sich mitunter zum breakbeat auswächst. genauso unverfänglich beginnt beispielsweise auch "in the face of descent" mit sample und düsteren tönen, bevor der hämmernde beat loslegt, der später noch mit einem kinderchor unterlegt wird. die teils starken technoiden züge der songs werden durch verzerrungen und allerlei geräusche und samples unterwandert, so dass die songs augenscheinlich erst einmal die bass-gelüste befriedigen und erst bei genauerem hinhören ihr zweites ich entblößen. "the edge of certainty" ist vielleicht nicht das album, das man von iszoloscope nach einer so langen zeit erwartet hat, aber es stellt eine weiterentwicklung des projekts dar, die sicherlich auch mit der personellen veränderung zu tun hat und der man aber ohne weiteres folgen kann und möchte.

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:

enochian apocalypse
its been way too long between iszoloscope album releases, i am ever the eager fan of yann's works and was pretty much chomping at the bit to hear this. opening with tribal rhythmical structures and arcane chimes we have the lengthy but dramatic 'first transcendental component', that comes crashing through in a the truest industrial sound i have heard from an artist out there in a while; it's lengthy and the title is a mouthful, but it's a worthwhile opener of epic proportions to get the juices flowing. what iszoloscope does best are buzzing, clicking bass lines that charge along like a hoard of angry wasps with thumping beats and harsh blistering scratches of snares, and 'flatline receiver' satiates any hunger that people have with a vengeance; it's a true club crasher in every sense of the word. it's pulsating and genuinely gets your heart racing. the album simply doesn't let up with the title track, with the stop-start beats and fractured rhythms that relentlessly pummel the listener not just with remorseless energy, it is with intelligent structuring that keeps the listener on their toes; yann just has that edge of professionalism that a lot of acts fail to grasp. it's been years since the promising 'coagulating wreckage' and iszoloscope has evolved into a monster. 'the edge of certainty' has it all from rich dark ambient, to breakcore, to intelligent electronics, and it's all done with a cheeky smile while retaining all seriousness. mix all of yanns major strengths and you have combined a thorough and impressive industrial album in every sense of the word; awesome from start to finish, and an album i have had on constant rotation since it dropped through my door. (tony young)

connixion bizarre
music like this is a terrible thing, a weapon of mass destruction cunningly disguised as a 120 mm diameter disc of aluminium and vinyl. it's also, put bluntly, aural viagra. if ears were genitalia, even minimal exposure to iszoloscope's latest album, "the edge of certainty", would result in unbounded moistness or turgidity. an uncomfortable image for some, perhaps, but this is by no means a quiet-family-evening-by-the-fireside-drinking-cocoa type of record. leaping wildly from hypnotic atmospheres that resonate uncomfortably inside the psyche to pulverising onslaughts of merciless percussion, punctuated with some unexpectedly soft melodic constructs, all narrated by the archetype of evil genius vocal sampling - the kind that's telling you to relax, this won't hurt a bit, while all your instincts are screaming at you to run like hell... three tracks (including the first, a collaboration with norad) are termed "transcendental components". personally, i doubt if the maharishi mahesh yogi would be in concord with the transcendental nature of this ominous music, but i also doubt if he had much experience with the anger and dissatisfaction with society, or even civilization, that typifies the impetus behind almost all industrial acts to date. these three, as a stand-alone ep, would already be worth salivating over; add to them the balls-to-the-wall power and carefully controlled bursts of noise that iszoloscope is renowned for, and you have an album that should be on every rivethead worth his/her's salt 'must-have' list. this is not to say that there isn't something transcendental about the music: it may not transcend individual consciousness and enter a unified field state of universal awareness, but it definitely goes far beyond the day-to-day drudgery of the slavery that is, for the most part, human existence today. one aspect of "the edge of certainty" that really does stand out though, is a detached, almost clinical precision: the mechanical aspect of the sound comes to the fore in the form of heavy dependance on sampled noise and machine-like drumming. paradoxically, this serves to heighten the human element, as well - melodies and basslines are highlighted in a weird biological/organic chiarascuro. ethereal choral elements on "in the face of descent" and nursery music box chimes on "inseperable from the void" are great examples of this, a no-man's-land forming the shifting boundary between the creative impulse of music composition and the structured, mechanical process of sequencing hard-hitting industrial rhythms. in summation: "the edge of certainty" is not as wildly noisy as ah-cama-sotz, nor as blatantly aggressive as converter; not as unconstrained as winterkalte, nor as atmosphere-driven as mono no aware. but it shares common ground with all these, just refined and distilled into an album that is as much music as it is therapy. truly, a really impressive album that supercedes the standard view of industrial music by the simple expedient of adding intelligent content over mere offensiveness. (david van der merwe)

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