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act 260 · oureboros · dreaming in earth, dissolving in light · cd

01 portent
02 dreaming in earth
03 dissolving in light
04 double mercury
05 at twilight
06 circle of dust
07 devoid of all time
08 separation
09 black water
10 the descent
11 waveworn
12 point of disintegration

oureboros is a collaboration founded in 2006 by canadian artists rich oddie and aron west a.k.a. tnon. oddie, west and christina sealey formed orphx in 1993 to create psychedelic noisescapes inspired by early industrial music and the emerging japanese noise scene. in 1995, oddie and sealey began to incorporate more rhythmic elements into orphx and the two have gone on to establish themselves as innovators in the fusion of techno and industrial music. west left to co-found tropism - a diverse project encompassing harsh noise to discordant soundscapes to unclassifiable software based mutations. the tropism catalogue now numbers in excess of 300 entries, and the project continues as tropizm whose focus is all forms of experimental ambient electronics.

on their first album, oureboros deliver dark audio environments suitable as carriers to nether regions and beyond. the dense atmospheres vary from brooding to melancholic. electro-acoustic soundscapes are supplemented by intermittent guitar, percussion, and violin, creating a captivating hybrid of synthetic and organic elements. oddie and west present a unique fusion of deep ambient electronics, apocalyptic industrial, and ritualistic six-string walls of sound that evoke elements of black metal and shoegaze.

the project's name is derived from the ouroboros, an ancient symbol of self-reflexivity, cyclicality, continuous re-creation and renewal. referring to oureboros, a suspenseful further development can be expected after this magnificent debut.

oureboros discography 10.2k11:
dreaming in earth, dissolving in light. cd. ant-zen act260. 2011

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das beängstigende ist mitunter nicht in worte zu fassen. irgendwo im dunkeln scheint es zu laufen und löst unbehagen aus. versucht man aber, es zu ergründen und licht ins dunkel zu bringen, zerstört man es. so in etwa ist es dann auch, wenn man versucht, für ein album wie dreaming in earth, dissolving in light worte zu finden. sie alle scheinen den geist des albums nicht erfassen zu können, ihn beinahe zu zerreden. es einfach als dark ambient-album zu bezeichnen wäre zu einfach, konkreter zu werden, will aber auch nicht funktionieren. lediglich die grundstimmung des albums, das gefühl, dass irgendwas im dunkeln zu lauern scheint, kann man erwähnen. alles andere entzieht sich worten: das, was da zu lauern scheint, kommt niemals hervor, es bleibt im dunkeln, zwischen klängen irgendwo zwischen drone und ambient und den frühphasen des industrials, zu denen sich violinen gesellen, die sich in die ewigkeit ziehen, dann gitarren, die auch mal an black metal erinnern, aber häufig auch im shoegaze so zu finden sind. zwischen alledem muss man sich zurechtfinden, was stellenweise für orientierungslosigkeit sorgt, die atmosphäre aber noch verstärkt. dies liegt auch an dem häufigen ein- und ausfaden von soundscapes, das überraschend kommt und einen plötzlich in einer ganz anderen klanglandschaft stehen lassen: gerade nahm man noch drones wahr, dann auf einmal kalten metall-quietschen. all das macht dreaming in earth, dissolving in light zu einem spannenden erlebnis und wenn oureborous hier gerade mal ihr debüt abgeliefert haben, dann kann das für die zukunft nur gutes bedeuten. wie man spannende musik macht, wissen die herren hinter dem projekt auf jeden fall. (tristan osterfeld)

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:
sembrava incredibile venissero dal nulla. la riservatezza con la quale infatti vengono presentati lascia un alone di sospetto, perchè dopo aver ascoltato questo album, chiunque avrebbe esitato nel credere ad un esordio. così non è, infatti. dreaming in earth, dissolving in light viene registrato nel 2006 in ontario, canada e rimane per 5 lunghi anni a maturare sotto le gelide temperature del nord america, fino ad oggi, quando per mano della ant-zen records (una delle più longeve etichette industrial/noise tedesche) i ghiacci hanno cominciato a sciogliersi, rivelando tutta la potenza ipnotica di questo progetto che prende il nome di oureboros. dietro le quinte due malvage conoscenze come rich oddie e tnon, due dei membri fondatori degli orphx. il primo tutt'ora in batteria insieme a christina sealey (il terzo membro orphx sin dalle origini), mentre il secondo da anni impegnato in un altro progetto sperimentale dal nome tropism. in questo disco sono presenti invece elementi che partendo da quella base apocalittica che è stato il suono dei primi orphx già lasciava intravedere un mutamento stilistico verso atmosfere più dense e decisamente meno astratte. il tutto viene gestito attraverso una simbiosi perfetta tra elementi acustici ed elettronici, processando il suono di chitarra, violino e percussioni e mettendo continuamente mano a quell'armamentario di synth configurati per sputar fuori soltanto veleni. i brani seguono tutti un percorso profondo, attraversato dall'elettricità e dalla ridondanza delle corde della chitarra che echeggiano il loro spettro sonoro dentro pareti invisibili che sembrano riflettere ogni suono per creare di fatto un'esperienza psichedelica che è quasi uno stato di trance (circle of dust). l'evoluzione è lenta e a suo modo spirituale, un crescendo di drones, accordi e ronzii che non mancano mai di mostrarsi aperti alla melodia, come nel caso di "dissolving in light". "double mercury" ben nascosti nel sottosuolo cela ritmi ossessivi dalla timbrica technoide, ma talmente distanti dalla superficie da esser recepiti come carezze. dopo qualche ascolto tutto vi si amplificherà in maniera totale, rivelando una visione d'insieme coesa, densa e carica di creatività. un album profondo e forte di un vissuto sperimentale ampiamente riscontrabile, ma allo stesso tempo molto più vicino all'uomo di quanto di possa pensare. (liquid)

oureboros is a collaboration between canadians rick oddie (orphx) and aron west (tropism). it all started in 2006 but it took until now to see a result. in 1993 west was a founding member of orphx but he left to co-found tropism, now renamed to tropizm. the album has a lot of guitar drones, much like fear falls burning or maeror tri but in a more ambient way, so it's not that harsh. dreaming in earth builds up slowly with soft rhythms on the background and thickly layered and warm, even feverish sounds. this flows to the haunting dissolving in light, the added violin gives it a ghostly feeling as if you are stunned and cannot move anymore. double mercury is the most compelling song, the violin stays but is accompanied by a hopeful guitar soundscape. some softer moment can be found during "at twilight", a cushioned downtempo song with a minimum of keyboards. so far so good but then it starts to fall apart, circle of dust ends in an awkward fashion and from then on it's not that compelling anymore. not until the descent you have the feeling of being wrapped up in sound again. that song is pitchblack and will take you to the nether regions of earth, where even worms do not dare go. waveworn is almost unhearable but let's call it the silence before the storm that point of disintegration is. a devilishly dark song, the victims are wailing in the deep. what goes on in this hellhole, nobody will ever return to tell us about it! it says a lot when you need to put a lot of effort in an album and you still have doubt about whether it's good or not. it sure is quality but albums like "heresy" by lustmord or "yearning for the secrets of nature" by maeror tri work a lot better for me. sometimes an album comes up that does not allow any doubt, the reason then is unquestionable that it's a great album. it does not have anything to do with what style i like or dislike, take "convergent fields" by electroband blame for instance. after only one or two listenings i knew this would be a cd i would be playing regularly. same with the collaboration between empusae and shinkiro. the latter is similar, has a more dreamy, feverish and at the same time attractive and soothing feeling, with a fluent build-up. oddie and west do a lot of things right but they fail to continually mesmerise me, probably because of that dropping out of form in the middle of the album. a difficult album that is has rewarding moments but too bad about the middle section. uneasy listening and i'm sure a lot of people here will be getting interested when they read that. maybe it didn't work for me but it still has some great moments! (chris konings)

nachdem das trio orphx bzw. christina sealey, rich oddie und aron west 1996 nach einigen tapes ihr debüt-album "fragmentation" bei malignant records veröffentlicht hatten, stieg aron west aus und widmete sich seinem neuen projekt tropism. die anderen beiden lenkten danach den ursprünglichen industrial-sound von orphx in deutlich technoidere bahnen und wechselten zum deutschen label hands productions, dem sie bis heute auch die treue gehalten haben. im jahre 2006 ging aber rich oddie wieder mal mit aron west "fremd" und das ergebnis dieser kollaboration erblickte nun via ant-zen das licht der welt. allerdings geht es in den rund 66 minuten auf "dreaming in earth, dissolving in light" eher finster-bedrohlich zu. schon das coverartwork vom wald im dunkel oder zwielicht gibt eine vorahnung auf den beunruhigenden dark ambient, der durch rhythmisch diffizile krautrock-strukturen, drogengeschwängerten shoegazer-sound und organisch-akustische elemente aufgelockert wird. das ganze wabert dabei anscheinend recht ziellos umher, entbehrt aber nicht einer gewissen psychedelischen hypnotik und lässt sich nach meinen erfahrungen am besten im halbschlaf genießen. auf jeden fall erschließt sich das album nicht gleich beim ersten mal hören und man sollte schon etwas geduld dafür aufbringen, die aber am ende belohnt wird. (marco fiebag)

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