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act 261 · contagious orgasm · escape · cd

tracklist cd1:
01 in a flow
02 interception
03 trisect
04 from the rear
05 afterglow
06 normalization
07 capillary
08 trip
09 under the wire head 2

with 'escape' contagious orgasm continue to plough their uniquely peculiar furrow of audio experiments and self improvement, exploring the strange landscapes of numerous musical styles. dealing with influences ranging from ambient, dub, idm/electronica and electro to dark ambient and noise, it is an impossible task to completely comprehend this album's scope within just a few listens.

this aural voyage atmospherically varies from hypnotic echo-based beat pulses and moony synthesized melodies up to disturbing industrial soundscapes. mighty bass strokes, a multitude of different rhythms, manipulated voices and skillfully applied samples result in an adventurous and enthralling work of sonic art captivating with its deep, transparent production.

turn off the light and let yourself fall into this album's very own flow. a quite accessible, multifarious, and yet typical element of contagious orgasm's wide cosmos in its charm, enjoyment and surprise.

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discography on ant-zen 10.2011:
escape. cd. ant-zen act261, 2011
ripple. cd. ant-zen act211. 2007
dessert addicts will return to this. 2cd. ant-zen act171. 2004
the cause of the flow. cd. ant-zen act131. 2002
in my heart. 10". ant-zen act80. 1998
the examination of auditory sense. cd. ant-zen act41. 1996
hydrophobia. 7". ant-zen jed03. 1994
full discography:

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contagious orgasm is a band with numerous sides to it, they have been experimenting with sound for about 25 years now and are impossible to pin down in musical genres. one day they will be making ambient or idm, another day they travel on the harsher paths, making noise and industrial. unknown to me, i would view them with argus-eyes out of ignorance, for bands that tend to go from one style to another just make me suspicious. they have a huge output on a host of labels, ant-zen alone is good for five full albums and two vinyl releases, so comparing this new album to their older work is next to impossible. missing them (along with lustmord) on maschinenfest was also a bummer, those were my two greatest dissapointments of being forced to leave on saturday night. the album itself takes a long time to settle in. as there are so many influences how can one expect otherwise? the intro with a gloomy bassguitar and dramatic cello's will absorb you instantly in their downward voyage (in a flow). this continues with added background noises like bells, giving it a sacral character, like raison d'être's prospectus (interception). the true ride start with trisect, a spooky electrotune with low basses that would fit perfectly in the more adventurous dj sets. more x-files spookyness can be found in the electro bomb afterglow, mixing haunting deep house with metallic tribal rhythms. some songs are just too weird to soak up, from the rear sounds as quirky and scary like the lsd period of coil. is it because they are japanese that they manage to find balance between accessibility and provoking sounds in each song? both yin and yang -or better inyodo, for this is japanese- are equally represented in each song giving the music a familiar feeling, like a warm homecoming after a dark and cold night. normalisation and capillary are dark ambient soundscapes with a few slabs of rhythms, sometimes even small pieces of breakbeat! or how about growling animals, again a reminder of coil (her friends the wolves). in contrast with these dark sounds is trip a lighthearted and uptempo intermezzo with some slightly psychedelic keyboard melodies, hence the name? it feels a bit out of place but it also gives ample contrast, as the next one is a ten minute epic piece white noise ranging from a mild breeze to a raging torrent. it's a difficult track to munch through but you just keep on discovering sounds and colors, a very compelling conclusion to a great album! if only there were 48 hours in a day, i would be able to discover so much more music! (chris konings)

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:

wer die bisherige diskographie von hiroshi hashimoto bzw. seines projekts contagious orgasm aufmerksam verfolgt hat, wird von dem neuen album keineswegs überrascht sein. was einst mit power electronics und sexuellen themen begann (die ersten tapes wurden vor zwei jahren via freak animal records auf cd wieder zugänglich gemacht), schwenkte schon bei der zweiten cd "the examination of auditory sense" zu gunsten von spooky soundscapes in komplexere gefilde um. unzählige veröffentlichungen auf verschiedensten labels folgten und insbesondere in den letzten jahren gerieten diese immer mehr zu einem sammelsurium verschiedenste spielarten der elektronisch erzeugten musik. so nun auch wieder bei der aktuellen cd "escape", der kritiker zwar eine gewisse beliebigkeit und den fehlenden roten faden vorwerfen könnten, aber abwechslung und musikalische raffinesse sind auf jeden fall garantiert. von trip hop, dub, idm, ambient, bis hin zu minimal electro pop (anspieltipp "trisect") reicht dabei die palette, welche vor allem sehr warm und angenehm klingt, aber gegen ende auch von experimentellen noise-strukturen durchzogen wird. als aufgeschlossener hörer empfinde ich das ganze album als einen fließenden hörgenuss, kann aber auch nachvollziehen, wenn andere auf grund der gebotenen bandbreite damit überfordert sind. contagious orgasm erfordern entdeckerwillen und ein wenig mut, der sich am ende aber immer auszahlen wird. (marco fiebag)

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