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act 262 · this morn' omina · l'unification des forces opposantes · 2cd

tracklist cd1:
1. tanasukh
2. enuma elish
3. nevi'im (god's zoo)
4. (the) rûach (of god)
5. naphal
6. oahspe
7. trimurti/trefoil

tracklist cd2:
1. allasone
2. iboga
3. (the) sixth order
4. shiin
5. nigunnum
6. tawhid

dear listener,
this is the end of an era for some and the start of a new one for others. this is nyan III. a concept coming full circle after approximately a decade, necessary musical side-steps included.

everything this morn' omina ever was meant to be, is here now, with a clear view towards the future.
it all came together when kindred spirits met.

so now we have arrived in this space. with a new musical approach. a new line-up. New concepts and hence a new existence.

'nigunnums' were introduced next to introduce a further exploration of the vocal aspect. new spiritual sources were tapped into and given the time to grow and flourish musically.

so welcome to an energetic auditory sensation with no spiritual limitations whatsoever. saccadic movements to skew your perception are here as feature, or perhaps as mandatory additions in order to let the kundaline flow.

so we remain, on the chosen path, welcoming all travellers, new or old.

mika goedrijk & karolus lerocq

'from the ashes i arise / from the fire i re-alight /enuma elish!
as you are - aiwass / as i am - you will be
reason is raving / anguish - insane
when i hear you say / long were those days

so let the garments vanish / and your body replenish
with a strengthened voice - filled with joy
let us scream the words: rejoice!

what we attain is of no avail / whirlwinds night and day
let no man decree your fate!'

(enuma elish)

with l'unification des forces opposantes (the unification of the opposing forces) this morn' omina present the third and final part of the nyan trilogy which now comes to a stunning conclusion after an intense period of 8 years.. on this 2cd-set t.m.o. broach the issue of renascence and infinity where the lyrics printed in the booklet are of serious significance for both for the artists themselves and the listener. the reincarnation focus of this release also showcases the recent state of the project with the addition of the new cast member karolus lerocq.

musically, this album expresses a multitude of moods from anger and struggle to catharsis and redemption. hypnotizing tribal ambience exist in parallel with razor sharp syncopated rhythms - a haunting intermixture of industrial, body techno, ritual ambient and ethnic downbeats, successfully forged into one pounding, rushing, euphoric dance explosion. what commenced as pure instrumental tracks at the beginning of this trilogy transmuted into vocalized statements of faith and emotion. a chimerical completion of a great epic, supplemented with five shortened [ccf] versions on a digital-only release.

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discography on ant-zen 06.2k11:
l'unification des forces opposantes [ccf]. mp3. ant-zen dig012. 2011
l'unification des forces opposantes. 2cd. ant-zen act262. 2011
momentum of singular clarity. cd-ep. ant-zen act232. 2009
the hegira trilogy. 3cd box. ant-zen act212. 2007
les passages jumeaux: 25ˇ~33ˇ. 2cd. ant-zen act172. 2006
au delà de tous les degrès. cd-ep. ant-zen act172.7. 2006
the drake equation - [ecf]. cd-ep. ant-zen act162. 2004
le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge. 2cd. ant-zen act152. 2003
nagash. 3"cd. ant-zen act152.3. 2003
7 years of famine. cd. ant-zen act142. 2003

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nun ist es also soweit. nach der hegira-trilogie kommt nun auch die nyan-trilogie zu ihrem wohlverdienten ende. acht jahre nach der veröffentlichung des ersten teils "le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge" und fünf jahre nach dem zweiten namens "les passages jumeaux" schließt "l'unification des forces opposantes" den reigen mit imposanten, dynamischen songs. aber nicht nur musikalisch hat sich das rad bei this morn' omina weiter gedreht, auch personell gab es wieder veränderungen. so hat nicolas van meirhaeghe aka sal-ocin aka empusae die band wieder verlassen und karolus lerocq kam als neues mitglied hinzu. den sound von this morn' omina hat das nicht spürbar verändert bzw. lassen sich die umgestaltungen auf "l'unification des forces opposantes" nicht unmittelbar auf karolus lerocq zurückführen. das doppelalbum bildet eine art klimax der vergangenen veröffentlichungen. energiegeladene songs, mit treibenden rhythmen und elementen von ritual, tribal, ethno, industrial, ambient und ein wenig techno, verursachen bereits beim bloßen hören schweißausbrüche. nicht auszumalen, was die songs live für ekstatische ausbrüche verursachen werden. hinzu kommt ein ungewohnt vermehrter einsatz von sprechgesang, der den songs einen hauch von magischen ritualen verleiht. neben verschiedenen weltmusikeinflüssen, die schon immer bestandteil der musik von this morn' omina waren, fällt vor allem der tief sitzende groove auf, der selbst den gemächlicheren passagen einen fesselnden flow verleiht. damit steht das album im krassen gegensatz zum vorgänger "inferno", der wesentlich düsterer und rhythmusärmer war. der bisher jeder veröffentlichung von this morn' omina anhaftende, spirituelle hintergrund ist auch auf "l'unification des forces opposantes" vorhanden. das album beschäftigt sich mit dem thema reinkarnation. daher vielleicht auch die euphorische, fast zeremonielle und ausgelassene stimmung, die auf dem album vorherrscht. da wird die wiedergeburt zur party. ob ditscheridu oder sitar, ob trommel oder elektronische beats, ob sprechgesang, sample oder gar richtiger gesang, egal was this morn' omina in die waagschale werfen, es wird zu einer enigmatischen und gleichzeitig aufwühlenden sowie atemberaubenden mixtur vereint, der man sich nur schwerlich entziehen kann. wer bisher bei this morn' omina die dunklere, mehr in richtung ambient tendierende seite bevorzugte, wird mit "l'unification des forces opposantes" kaum auf seine kosten kommen. für alle anderen dagegen dürfte das doppelalbum zu den highlights des jahres zählen. für das vollendete vergnügen kann man sich die digitale version des albums besorgen, die obendrein noch mit einer extra ep versehen ist, die fünf gekürzte versionen von songs des albums extra für die clubs enthält.

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:

connexion bizarre
this morn' omina return with "l'unification des forces opposantes," which is broken into two separate cds. the first showcases the tribal and electronic mesh they are so well known for and adept at creating; the second presents more of an electro environment. it is amazing that after so many releases the band still continues to effortlessly craft musical pieces that allow listeners to delve into a ritualistic dance ceremony, as if they were actually in the audience, or possibly even performers. while there are not many new tendencies or additions to the usual this morn' omina sound on the first disc, each song is still very engaging, mesmerizing and completely enjoyable. most tracks are slightly hypnotic and each is infused with a heavy tribal percussive component as we have come to expect from this band. there is a bit more of a menacing atmosphere to some songs; the vocals (whether sampled or live) are integrated as if they were demonic chants or powerful spells. the second disc provides a change-up from the usual music of this morn' omina. electronics are pushed more to the fore on most of the songs, giving these pieces more of an overall electro vibe. some of the tracks are also more mellow, introspective and thoughtful. the tribal aspect is still present on most of these tracks, though just gently nudged into the background. this morn' omina have always excelled at building tracks that are very full of power and emotion, and while most of those on "l'unification des forces opposantes" are on the lengthy side, they never become boring or monotonous. "nevi'im (god's zoo)" has the most booming bass i've heard on a tmo song and comes across as almost hip hop-ish. "naphal" has an insane pace that will keep listeners on edge and "ohaspe" has a slight arabic influence to it that will enthrall the audience. once again, this morn' omina has given us a quality release, a tribal and electronic amalgamation that will put listeners in a state of frenzied and ritualistic motion. (kevin congdon)

enochian apocalypse
you are definitely getting your monies worth with this latest release from tmo, a double disc affair and third and final part of the nyan trilogy. opening up with 'tanasukh' we are treated to driving ambience, folding unrelenting rhythmical structures and dance floor patterns that have been the staple diet for this artist for some time, and why change this when you are doing it so well. disc one is a seven-track 58 minute affair alone that fuses trademark tribal sensibilities along with elements of trip-hop (nevi'im) and straight up dance music (track four- i am not going to attempt to type out the title) with vocal elements that remind me in a hazy way of faithless in the way it builds with the beats. either way the evolution of 'this morn' omina should be no surprise at all; they have lost none of their past roots and embraced the fact that you have to move forward or die. what tmo excel at are precise trigger like beats that are folded with electro and soaring ambient structures and this appears to be the bread and butter of disc one, chopping and changing at will with lengthy tracks that do not stagnate or sit still, they are forever evolving and engaging and this disc alone is worth dipping into your pockets for your hard earned cash. disc two starts kicks off its just over 54 minute (yes another lengthy disc!) run treading a path even further away from distorted beat circles by hitting us with all out dance music in the form of 'allasone'; this in turn leads to further surprises with 'iboga' hitting us square in the face with all out darkwave; its daring and welcome and i am sure some will turn their noses up at this, but i love it. following this up with more electro-industrial later on in the disc just made me smile even more as each unabashed journey into genre playing just adds to the relevance of tmo circa 2011. i will admit its been a while since i actually sat down and played any this morn' omina, and it just makes me wonder what the hell i have actually been doing as this is one of the most stand out albums i have heard this year alone. overall this double disc release is one of the best examples of how to fuse tribal, industrial, dance and electronica that i have heard in some time and clocking in at nearly two hours (which worried me initially), there is more than enough to listen to and i guarantee you won't drift off, not once. (tony young)
mika goedrijk's this morn' omina have been plugging something of a lonely trail for many years now - fifteen, in fact. and with them now being long-time members of the ant-zen roster, it has to be said that even there they stand out. while many acts on the label are often harsh, noisy acts - but with a unifying theme of being forward-looking and experimental, creating their own trends rather than slavishly following others - this morn' omina have continued with their unusual, heavily-tribal influenced industrial dance music. and after fifteen years of working at it, they may have just reached a higher state - of perfection. the third part of the "nyan" trilogy, this is also their third double-cd release, and sees mika take on a new member in the band alongside him (karolus lerocq), and the theme of the album appears to be around rebirth and reincarnation. as with most previous tmo releases, the titles appear inpenetrable at first, but a quick bit of internet research quickly reveals most of them to have religious and/or tribal connotations, mostly connected with the themes. this rebirth takes its time, though. make no mistake, this is a daunting listen to begin with, thirteen tracks and just shy of two hours in length makes you want to split it down into manageable chunks. happily, thematically the album has been split in two: the first cd is more of what we'd expect from the band, the thundering tribal industrial workouts that have made their name, while the second cd seems to be more of an experimental side, where other sounds and styles gain a greater prominence. and it is to mika and karolus's great credit that both sides to this are utterly, utterly brilliant. one other thing to note - despite the great length of the album as a whole, it absolutely flys by. this is mainly down to the way the sounds and intoxicating rhythms suck you in. and right from the off, it is clear that you are in the realms of brilliance: tanasukh builds gradually, before eventually unleashing a thrillingly complex, multi-rhythmic attack. enuma elish is absolutely staggering, though - the title comes from the babylonian creation myth, and with an unusually strong emphasis on vocals to this track, said vocals whip up a fire from the storms of creation and a frankly fucking orgasmic rhythmic attack that just keeps on hitting peak after incredible peak. after that high octane opening, nevi'im (god's zoo) is something of a break to catch your breath - but with a heavy, lumbering beat underpinning things - before you are flung into the heart of some chaotic invocation in the form of (the) ržach (of god). by this album's considerable standards, this is by far and away the highlight. it quickly gains pace, hitting it's stride early, for what you think can't get any better. but then, at about the halfway mark, it pauses for a brief moment, there are incantations, and it simply explodes into life, reaching a level that would send club and gig crowds through the ceiling, and other acts taking notes to work out how the fuck they did it. needless to say, for full effect this needs to be played very loud indeed. it seems to begin with, that naphal is going to be lengthy chill-out piece, with the action seemingly taking place in the pitch dark night, but does eventually rip into life into a trancey, tribal attack. the first cd ends with the mellower oahpse - but with a booming bass-led rhythm and some intriguing, asian-influenced sounds, it is hardly chill-out music - and then trimurti/trefoil, a pitch-dark, quite unsettling movement that appears contain quotes from mark twain's mysterious stranger, and allows the first half of this sprawling album to end on a malevolent, sinister note. the change in tone and style is made obvious from the first minute of allasone, with a distinct electro-industrial feel to the sound - although the tribal elements do make an appearance, and the use of didgeridoo even reminds me of (very old) aphex twin. keeping to the old-school electro feel, the quite wonderful iboga is a languid, trippy stroll with vocals that are discernable, and don't appear to be tribal incantations this time. in fact, it's trippy nature makes sense, seeing as the titular plant is used as a hallucinogenic drug in certain areas of africa... (the) sixth order is just as intriguing: an unusual, complex rhythm, apparently beaten out on various bits of metal, while shiin, a slow, moody crawl with beats purely beaten out on hand drums, actually sounds more like ivardensphere in form and feel - pretty much the only other artist in "our scene" moving in even the same solar system as this morn' omina most of the time. nigunnum is a bit of a surprise (a nigun is a form of a jewish religious song, apparently, often with repetitive sounds): a fast-paced, powerful dancefloor track, with what sounds like samples of devotional songs weaving in and out of the beats to spectacular effect (and it has another of those hurricane-force breakdowns, too). the final track tawhid is the longest of the lot (over twelve minutes!), and is the most low-key track here, and despite the odd tease that it will burst into life, it doesn't, instead choosing to end proceedings on a darker note. it should also be mentioned that there is also a shortform ep - effectively of dancefloor-friendly length versions of five of the tracks - but honestly, why would you want to cut these songs down? their power is in the build, in the trancelike states they invoke. and talking of power, this entire album is this morn' omina at their absolute peak. an astonishing tour de force of tribal-industrial power, of experimentation that comes off every single time, and of building on their past work to result in an album that they will never, ever be able to top. album of year? i'm finding it hard to believe i'll hear anything better in the next few months.
mit l'unification des forces opposantes schließen this morn' omina die nyan-trilogie ab. eine doppel-cd, die es durchaus in sich hat. mehr als acht jahre haben sie gebraucht, um diese trilogie zu einem ende zu führen und ich kann nur sagen: es ist ihnen gelungen. als ein-mann-projekt gründete miguel ("mika") godrijk 1996 this morn' omina, zu dem karolus lerocq später hinzukam. eindeutig ist, dass bei diesem album der rhythmus viel mehr im vordergrund steht, als bei den bisherigen. so wird l'unification des forces opposantes zu einem album, welches sowohl im vordergrund, als auch im hintergrund als begleitmusik genutzt werden kann. jeder der, so wie ich, gerne noise oder ähnliches während des lernens hört, wird wissen was ich damit meine. das eröffnungslied tanasukh bietet viel mehr als man zu hoffen wagte. die belgier bezeichnen sich selbst als "tribal industrial" oder auch "ritual trance", wobei meiner meinung nach viel mehr dahintersteckt. diese musik ist zu facettenreich, um sie in ein bestimmtes spektrum einzuordnen, daher spare ich mir auch jeden versuch, ein bestimmtes genre nennen zu wollen, auch wenn die texte und das gesamtbild etwas grundritualistisches mit sich bringen. abgeschlossen wird das album auf der zweiten cd mit tawhid, einem ruhigen ausklang, durchsetzt von trommeln, leichten rhythmischen harmonien und einer art indianischem gesang im hintergrund, der durch ein rauschen des windes beendet wird. schöner hätte man dieses album auf keinen fall zu ende bringen können. (lutz karnath)

nun kam ich also endlich dazu, mir das lang ersehnte (doppel-)album mit dem übersetzten titel "die vereinigung der gegensätze" anzuhören. drei jahre nach dem letzten offiziellen album "inferno" präsentieren this morn' omina nun die doppel-cd "l'unification des forces opposantes", die den abschluss der vor acht jahren begonnenen "nyan"-trilogie darstellt, und name ist hierbei wohl konzept: schweißtreibende tribal-techno-industrial-tracks, die schon stellenweise an fullon auf ihren höhepunkten erinnern (z.b. der opener "tanasukh"), wechseln sich mit relaxten trip-hop-artigen electro-nummern ("oahspe", "shiin") ab, welche die typischen tribal-elemente nicht vermissen lassen, für die this morn' omina bekannt sind. egal für welche spielart sich die 1996 gegründete band aus belgien entscheidet, sie wirkt auf jedem track hypnotisch anmutend. von der strukturierung her hat sich die band wieder zu greifbareren einteilungen ihrer songs besonnen, die, anders wie auf dem vorgängeralbum "inferno" von 2008, nicht durch überlänge im 16-17-minutenbereich auffallen, sondern vielmehr liegt die durchschnittslänge der insgesamt 13 songs bei sieben minuten, wovon "naphal" (es geht hier wohl um den tanzenden sonnenbarsch) und das grandiose schlusslicht "tawhid" (arabisch für "die einheit gottes") mit um die zehn minuten spielzeit je die längsten ausnahmen bilden. rein klanglich vermag das projekt um mastermind mika goedrijk sich wieder auf die qualitäten älterer tage besonnen zu haben, und erinnert an vielen stellen an den 2003 veröffentlichten this morn' omina-klassiker "le serpent blanc - le serpent rouge", ohne dabei jedoch diesen zu kopieren, denn so weit auseinander wie auf "l'unification des forces opposantes" klaffte die variationsbreite damals noch nicht, demnach kann man durchaus von einer neuerfindung bzw. weiterentwicklung auf dem aktuellen album sprechen. besondere anspieltipps könnten sein: die reptiloidenhaften alien-"gesänge" auf dem ritual trance-reißer "(the) r?ach (of god)"; der midtempo-kracher "iboga", der für this morn' omina-verhältnisse ziemlich untypisch mit vollends gesungenen songlyrics überzeugt, in denen die selbstüberwindung der verborgenen ängste thematisiert wird; die breakreichen hyperspace-breakthroughs "enuma elish" und "nigunnum", die sicherlich in vielen undergound-clubs zur extatischen freude des tanzbegeisterten publikums beitragen dürften sowie der zwölfminütige chillouthafte ambient-track "thawid", der das schlusslicht des 2cd-konzeptalbums bildet. alles in allem ein sehr gelungenes werk, welches für fans der band ohnehin ein kaufdiktat darstellen dürfte, aber auch neues publikum ansprechen sollte. insgesamt erwarten den hörer hier 110 minuten äußerst empfehlenswerte musik zum preis einer gewöhnlichen cd - top! (e.w.schroeder)

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