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act 268 · exocet · consequence · cd

01. work don't stop
02. bad taste
03. terrifying consequences
04. drops of blood
05. break away
06. good night
07. drugs and balance
08. strange influence
09. i can feel it
10. no u turn
11. playground
12. like a viper

two years after 'grotesque consumer', r. klimaczewski a.k.a. exocet starts his artistic vision exactly where he left off with 'consequence'. a high quality detailed mesh of harsh sonic strikes, intricate rhythmic patterns, massive synth layers and cinematic samples which reflect his own perspective on idm, ambient and industrial music.

exocet's work defines itself by emphasizing the juxtaposition between huge atmospherics and a blasting force of noise and beats. as displayed throughout the album where assertive and imaginative ambient pads float along-side hammering rhythmic patterns, inducing an almost trance-like effect. tribal elements sometimes beat their way through the mix and add yet another perspective on the already heady mix of different sonic characteristics, and perfectly positioned samples just manage to emphasize the film score feel and quality of the tracks.

both a strongly abrasive and microscopically detailed world of sound, 'consequence' brings out a unique blend of influences that takes its own path, changing direction at will, capturing the listeners interest with an iron grip.

exocet discography 10.2k11:
consequence. cd. ant-zen act268. 2011
grotesque consumer. cd. ant-zen act228. 2009
violation. cd. ant-zen act219. 2008

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exocet is one of the newer bands on ant-zen, rené klimaczewski started the project in 2008 after he was inspired by new york artist dave kean. under this influence he produced his first album, violation. only a year later he finished the much darker album grotesque comsumer. named after the famous french anti-ship missile, there is a slight french idm sound to opener work don't stop. he workes with movie samples but in a very unrecognisable way, bad taste reminds me of something but i'm glad it's not as obvious as the "oh my god mulder, i think it's bile!" sentence. the droning rhythms are like a thread throughout the whole album, creating a unity but still there are a lot of differences between the songs. periods of absence in rhythm is also a recurring trademark of "consequences", chosen wisely they do not interfere with the flow of the album. a few songs are less interesting to me, the technoid beats of breakaway and playground might show another approach of klima but for me they are the lesser tracks here. good night is more accessible with a positive feeling leaking through the sounds. strange influence is a title chosen with pinpoint accuracy with its ethnic wails over a rhythmic industrial landscape. the last song is a great drone ambient track, soothing and calming. the more you listen to the album the more you keep discovering in all those rich layers of electronic music, proving that this is indeed a great release from a young and promising artist. together with contagious orgasm one of the highlights of ant-zen's releases this year. (chris konings)

album number three and two years on from the stable 'grotesque consumer' sees this project immediately begin where he last left proceedings with hypnotic beats and sonic blips and rhythms. now, it's not a love and hate relationship that i have with this project, it's more of a polite 'nod and shrug' which i should really explain; technically this ticks a lot of boxes, sporadic rhythm sections, ambient atmospherics and the odd spurt of noisy distorted beat; on paper then this should be a an album that i truly relish. unfortunately i find myself drifting off when listening to exocet. i can, more often that not find myself getting sucked in by purveyors of purposeful monotony (sonar being a prime example) and in a lot of those cases it's a necessary evil such is the nature of the genre, in fact that is generally the idea with a lot of acts of this ilk; the danger of traveling down this path is that whilst bands such as sonar tick box 'a' and i regularly end up finding myself happily zoned out at one of their live shows, exocet tick box 'b' which is marked up as 'fails to grasp my attention'. as stated before there is technically nothing wrong with this band or indeed their albums and i am sure there are a lot of listeners out there who absolutely love them, and indeed i am not knocking them for what they do, i just expected something different from album one to three. and it's obviously a formula that many listeners want and expect and do not want any variations on a theme. i just personally struggle to raise any emotion towards 'consequence' and even struggle to explain any of those feelings that could be deemed as negative. competent, but not for me. (tony young)

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