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act 269 · sabes · diesel charm · cd

01 oil tank
02 evolution
03 mysterious stranger
04 melophobia
05 more people
06 rat
07 she bitch
08 time
09 diesel charm

released in association with fich-art -

sabes a.k.a. sebastian mich started at young age as an acid / hard techno dj and decided to follow this path into the study of music technology, which prompted him to move from his native poland to the uk. he was both fascinated and alienated by the unfamiliar culture he found and he wanted to channel this disorientation and anger in an artistic fashion - and thus, sabes was born. the project's name is both an acronym of s. mich's first name spelled backwards and 'knowing' in spanish - the key word emphasising the focus of awareness , being aware of the whole world around you - being aware that you are alive.

right from the beginning sebastian's ambition was to merge the distortion of rhythmic, noise-oriented industrial music with technoid beat and bass structures. influenced by classic industrial projects of the 90s like asche, imminent, synapscape and iszoloscope, sabes accomplished a high energetic blend of blasting beats, complex sequencer patterns, unsettling samples and crushing power noise textures. a thrilling combination of ramming beats, organic bass lines, harsh industrial surfaces and interspersed dark ambient sound spheres.

an album that combines excellent contemporary industrial, raging techno dancefloor attacks and horrifying dark atmospheres into black mastery.

discography 02.2k12:
diesel charm. cd. ant-zen act269. 2012
machines. cd-r. fich-art fich 078. 2009

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vital weekly
artist sabes re-news the sound of power noise scene; - a scene that is one of the true triumphs of german label ant-zen recordings. the power noise style combines crushing noise textures with blasting beats and has been practiced for almost two decades by ant-zen acts such as synapscape, converter and asche. especially the two latter projects crosses my mind as i listen to this blasting debut from sabes. behind the project you find german artist sebastian mich who started dj'ing at an early age and then continued studying music. sabes combines harsh industrial-noise-expressions with blasting rhythm textures and atmospheric drones singing somewhere underneath the landscape of sheer darkness. voice samples once in a while sneaks into the sound picture in this otherwise inhuman and evil piece of nocturnal sound art. excellent album. (nm)

sebastian mich found his feet as an acid/hard techno dj and via the route of studying music technology he has ended up with this project, sabes (you can work the title out if you think about it). it's fairly obvious from the initial icy streams of 'oil tank' crunching into squelching power noise at mid point, just where this album is heading in a lot of respects; however there is more to this release than sheer brutality alone. 'evolution' is where everything really starts to come to life; swirling electronics and hypnotic beats are complimented with cavernous pads that raise the bar on an almost epic scale. there is more than a nod to the club scene on 'diesel charm', with 'melophobia' being a prime example of this; punishing, brutal rhythms fall over themselves in abundance and it's at this point mich's humble beginnings make themselves all too aware for the remainder of the album. let's get something straight, this is an ant-zen release of old sound-wise and yes it has been done before; it's been a while since i really launched something of this nature out of my speakers though and whilst this slots cosily between asche and winterkälte, therefore lacking a lot on the originality scale, there is something marginally heart-warming about the nod to those respective artists and the genre which this album resides in.

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