act 278 · lingouf · terre de pierres · cd

1. l'horloge à mimi
2. terre de pierre
3. la marche du vent de glace
4. accordrobion
5. varionuguicaa
6. b22 le souffle du feu
7. l'année du chat
8. vocawulf
9. metalisme

upc 821272306221
release date: 14 september 2k12

artwork / painting by lingouf

after the classical music and breakcore hybrid release 'doème' and the highly energetic album 'go quantum!', 'terre de pierres' marks a directional shift for lingouf showing yet another facet of his constant variation of styles and tempers. a challenging mixture of analog electronics, acoustic instruments and field recordings intended to be listened to as a whole.

vincent ingouf's concept behind most of this album was the usage of self-recorded acoustic sources as keyboard instruments, like a long case clock, an accordion, water filled crystal glasses, a bontempi organ, metallic objects and his own voice. the result is music that can not be composed on these sources, but the spirit of the sounds are actually there - it just needs electronic aid to bring them to light. furthermore, field recordings such as a chinese new year's celebration in paris and contributions by his friends - even by his dog nausicaa - back up the cumulative beats, vibrating sub basses and melodic synth sequences. finally the compositions are charged with a multitude of sound manipulations enriched with a dub-like analog delay to result in unique works of art.

'terre de pierres' offers a permanent change of dense atmospheres from dark and slightly melancholic to warm and affirmative. an organic, intriguing and contemporary electronica release that will keep its audience framed in intense expectation.

discography 09.2k12 (excerpt):
terre de pierres. cd. ant-zen act278. 2012
go quantum!. digital album. ant-zen dig027. 2012
doème. cd. ant-zen act266. 2011
ange et gruikk. cd. ant-zen act226. 2009
area keloza. cd. ant-zen act216. 2008
ecritomate. cd. ark-aïk ark.cd004. 2007
printemtrash. cd. teknomad records tnm cd 02. 2006
internazional fratricide. cd. ark-aïk ark.cd002/1. 2005

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vincent ingouf has been providing a steady consistent plethora of sounds amongst his hefty release schedule over the last few years, building up quite the back catalogue. whilst many see his works as eclectic at best, i have always relished his albums for their original concepts and peculiarities, making each new release differ dramatically from its predecessor. on 'terre de pierres' i did actually turn up my nose at the press blog. the mere mention of field recordings makes my blood run cold and i usually find a lot of music created in this medium a ridiculous waste of time. luckily for us, lingouf has utilised the natural sound recordings well. if anything, vincent has mastered the craft of taking each sound and folded it into the programming in a way i haven't heard before and many of his peers when taking on such a genre should sit back and take note; 'varionuguicaa' being a prime example of this. all in all, this album is a relatively quiet affair from start to finish. cleverly pieced together into individual electronic montages of individuality, once again this will not be everyone's cup of tea; such is its obscurity even for this project. i do however take my hat off to him for yet again approaching his art from an entirely different angle and still remaining as barking mad as ever, even if the end result doesn't quite match the excellence of previous releases. (tony young)
vincent ingouf scheint ein sehr geschäftiger mann zu sein. nicht nur, dass er in sieben jahren acht alben rausgebracht hat, davon drei in den letzten zwei jahren: die letzten alben waren auch unterschiedlich wie tag und nacht: hörte man auf doème noch einen hybrid aus breakcore und klassik, gab es auf go quantum noisigere klänge zu hören. und ganz anders ist dann auch wieder terre de pierres, auf dem man hauptsächlich mit field recordings arbeitet, um daraus kompositionen zu erstellen, die dann von analogen synthies und verfremdeten akustischen instrumenten ergänzt werden. kreativität beweist man aber nicht nur in der musik, sondern auch in der herkunft dieser field recordings. da wäre einmal lingoufs hund, der auf der cd heult und bellt, aber auch das ticken einer uhr und ihr gong ist mehrmals zu hören, aber auch das chinesische neujahrsfest in paris wurde aufgezeichnet und verwendet. schritte, mit wasser gefüllte gläser oder ein akkordeon sind außerdem zu hören, die dann von beats begleitet werden. im booklet sind außerdem einige zeichnungen, die zeigen, wie das album entstanden ist. dies sieht man auch auf dem cover (lingouf mit seinem hund nausicaa). herausgekommen ist ein album, das viele verschiedene elemente verbindet, dennoch aber ein schlüssiges geworden ist. sowohl akustisch als auch optisch. (tristan osterfeld)
the record opens with the minimal sounds of a clock, its ticking mixed with very frail ambient sounds. the texture gradually fills out with overlapping recordings and other elements that reveal a melodic and rhythmic matrix. the matrix appears to be based on a fascination with time, with cryptic orchestrations creating the sense of something scanning. this album by vincent lingouf mixes analogue electronics, acoustic instruments and field recordings. lingouf is clearly an unconventional artist who has moved from comics to music and who is prone to sudden stylistic changes. without hesitation he migrates from classical-influenced compositions to breakcore. in spite of the many influences perceivable in his work the scores remain defiantly musical, not too far removed from certain electroacoustic experimentations. the french artist, native of the lower normany area, is able to manipulate a certain structural naïveté (ingenuity). his poetic inspiration accommodates recordings of an accordion, water and filled crystal glasses. he adds emphatic and very melodic loops via a bontempi pipe organ, together with metal sounds and his own voice. terres de pierres effectively integrates catchy atmospheres, crooked rhythms, instrumental resonances and stylistic consonances. there is an obvious pleasure in producing music in a very free way on display here, with no sense of the artist following specific tendencies and abstractions. this very cross-sectional conceptualism and declaration of style comes across as a precise choice, not produced entirely from spontaneity and simple impulses. (aurelio cianciotta)

chain d.l.k.
lingouf is french artist vincent ingouf who has oodles of releases, none of which i've ever heard until 'terre de pierres'. look at the cover of this c d. it will give you no clue what this music is like, and yet nearly every clue about the elements in the music music. lingouf's cartoon aesthetics (as seen on the cd cover, his website and elsewhere) translate to some degree to the music. the music here is sample-based electronica and glitch electronics using a good amount of acoustic sound source material. most of what you see on the cover represents in some part, the sound of this cd, but then again, not really. let me explain the pieces. first track 'l'horioge a mimi' has the ambient sounds of birds, metronomal mechanical clocks and winding of the same, and eventually clock chimes. this develops into a clocky melodic rhythm of chimes with light percussive elements becoming a beguiling little tune. it could have gone on for another five minutes and i'd still have been entranced. title track 'terre de pierre' begins like a foley fiesta (still some birds in the background) also with analogue echo machine feedback bringing in tinkling chiming elements into this glitch-driven rhythm that also uses some electronic sounds. very crafty and sort of cartoonish. 'la marche du vent de glace' has surf/wind noise, barking dog, a variety of little acoustic percussive and non-percussive sounds (shuffling, scraping, etc.) before accordion chords prompts the piece to develop some rhythmic impetus. a bontempi organ also helps develop a melodic theme. it's very simple stuff but so cleverly done i can't help but be enamored. 'accordrobion' begins sounding like someone just learning the accordion (long sustained chords and simple arpeggios) playing with a rhythm ace but turns into something much deeper as it builds and expands on a simple ascending chord progression becoming a dub extravaganza with some other interesting electronic variations employed. the ominous deep drone and metallic squeal beginning of 'varionuguicaa' doesn't give a clue to where this hallucinatory piece of weirdness is headed, and the howling dog lends a strange touch, along with the snippets of human coughs, voices and other ephemeral sounds incorporated in the music. before you know it you're steamrolled by a mad gamelan orchestra. 'b 22 le souffl‹‹â© du feu' has a female voice sustaining a single note (and later, female voices sustaining chords), fast accordion arpeggios and a rhythm before it completely weirds out into an electronic fantasia. recorded street conversation (in french of course) and ambience begins 'l'annee du chat' and then a marching band on speed comes along but then an idm inspired dubstep crew takes over and things become really bizarre. am i giving you any idea how crazy this is getting? lingouf is big on building on simple dramatic minor progressions, lots of arpeggios and adding as many unusual sounds as he can get his hands on, be it water, hammers, birds, oscillating electronics, modulated accordion, water glasses, whatever. to some degree it reminds me of musician-composers such as ron geesin, (early) david van tieghem and philip glass, but in a remix war between the orb and skrillex. actually, you might think that would sound very big, but not really. look at the cd cover again. this is a homey sort of electronica but in a very warped and twisted way. something you just have to hear, and believe me, you should. (steve mecca)

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