act 28 iugula-thor/sshe retina stimulants wrist a split cd

lim. 579, special paperpackaging, deleted

rising from their interwined paths of fury and distorsion, sshe retina stimulants and iugula-thor appear here on the same disc, offering a selected variety of new material specifically recorded for this setting, a dual approach of different visions clotting as the same blood.
here ng5361, from sigillum s, pushes his solo sshe retina stimulants project though areas of once more new climate and untouchable intensity: four tracks of absolute antogonism marry the most unconventional use of voice and electricity with the most terrifying walls of electronic overload, thus producing an unique theory of intellectual sensualism and acoustic extremism. iugula-thor takes then the task of filling up again the air with his own brand of feedback and ranting, archiving the glorious result of five new stories of attraction and repulsion: led by vocals born in the dirtiest of all alleys and fed with the steamy liquids from the seediest of all bars, the sound bends itself to a still different interpretations of the iugulanoise, a radical star among the effects and frontal crashes. enhanced by a masterful engineering courtesy of the verba corrige studio, this is a work for the sonically strong and structural brave... open your cells and let it filtrate... glow!

wrist or the sociology of tension... a dual appendix to physiology and behaviour, passionatedly rotation on the bone construction and fleshy geometry of the hand/forearm junction: two bound forces pushing and striving for control and release... up and foreward, diverging and joined. into the image and across the methodology, this is a process of local noise networking, where the bodies and sound become one and all, many and total... electricity equal blood equal frequencies... a sleaziness drop of ill tones.

words destroy necks inside the unlimited power of hypertronic arrangements and degenerated instrumentation... enjoy some juicy essences from the most forbidden of all sonic fruits, the thin space between skulls and their explosion in pure orgies of sound and menace... a conceptual hell...

the glamorous recovery of the performer, out of the screen and into the cells, a visual description of the invasion and negation, tuning sound away from membranes, closer to sheer bliss. the simple ethical act, needing scratches in the background to really feel at home and produce excitement, surging like exploded cream for the most obscure corners of mikes, vibes and pills. empty and glowing across the veins, boiling in abstinence and rolling over the seats, with helpless lips touching the air inside the vials, tiny containers for freezing thrills from the club beyond lamps. she started telling her vision, among the drops on his cheecks and the colour of the lost rage. they crawled like lost souls, feeding their mouth with forgotten pleasure of teasing nails. he made himself an object of art, the beautiful devitation from the norm of her taste and diet. you drove across the parking lot, looking for spots and stains, blood pumping the vessels. it painted the vapours with unusual precision, pulling away any remain of human presence.

sshe retina stimulants: unrestrained actor dispatchmend, graphic sin soundtrack, hardvore deprivation audience, snuff acoustica series.
iugula-thor: pinkie babe's story, fierce head carriers, heavenly metal (filet-o-bitch mix), self-ergo fighting sneak, ignorganic cleanness.

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