act 29 con-dom retribution. the fourth sermon 7"

lim. 101, military-bag & sticker, deleted. lim. 414, clear vinyl, printed folder, deleted. retribution is the fourth sermon of con-dom's 7 x 7" serie. seven inches of disturbing terrifying sound. strengthen your body - strengthen your resolve. make study of retribution and immortal hate. have courage never to submit or yield

vengeance, let us destroy the house of the lord


SideLine, nr 3/96
Retribution is the fourth sermon of Con-Dom's in his series of seven 7". And here it's not just pure power electronic like we could expect with Con-Dom. 'Let Us Destroy The House Of Lord' for example is not really powerful in itself, its violence is more mind oriented than physical. With 'Vengence' the body takes the control over the mind, and we let our hate express itself. Two more great recordings by this English noise terririst. (OM: 7/8) OM.

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