act 310 · hologram_ · geometrical keys · cd

01 fall into the maze
02 first piece of the puzzle
03 origamia
04 last day of happiness
05 ?? enigma ??
06 time to march of riddle
07 endless passage
08 symmetric lines
09 hypnotic equation
10 holy haunted box
11 second piece of the puzzle
12 before the sun will rise
13 the ballet of abstract motion
14 third piece of the puzzle
15 parasite / paradox / paralysis
16 room 586

upc 821272211723
release date: 17april2k14

released in collaboration with audiotrauma.

concept & music by martin delisle
mixed by martin delisle @ aphothecary studio, tours
mastered by philipp münch
drawings by grégory "gregz" chatonnier. layout by stefan alt

'the specter of terror is near when a labyrinthine building no longer indicates any directions except for dead ends. to adjust the loss of signs, a sound architecture can be built in which the perception surrenders. hologram_ takes the seeking listener on a solid baseplate and into a puissant research laboratory of sound dissection. the invention of the existing material originates from an eclectic musical culture, but also from an attentive world view. this very contemporary approach allows to imagine all the levels of this protean artist, as it should be the case that the world does not observe anything unilaterally.' (hologram_)

hologram_ is the moniker of martin delisle from france who has worked with the electronic projects dexy corp., cheerleader69 and republik of screens and is also a part of the audiotrauma crew. influenced by musicians like amon tobin, hecq, richard devine, hans zimmer and danny elfman as well as film directors like david lynch, his intention is to generate mental plots with their very own imaginative sound. his debut album 'geometrical keys' is based on the concept of being forsaken inside a complex and distorted virtual environment, allegorized in form of three distinct chapters. an alchemistic hybrid of industrial music, dubstep, idm, modern classical and disturbing soundscapes with granular electronics, tinted broken organic rhythms, melancholic piano lines, abstract glitch breaks and furious walls of noise. this album states a perfect amalgam of powerful beats and orchestral cinematic atmospheres.

'listening to a concept album like reading a book may be worrying when you are likely to get lost in a distant unconscious... some geometric vision of a well present illusion... a story where you have to let yourself fall into the maze. the sound experience can now begin... are you able to find the way?' (hologram_)

discography 04.2k14:
geometrical keys. cd. ant-zen act310 / audiotrauma trauma24. 2014

hologram_ official webpage:


heathen harvest
within the sixteen tracks of geometrical keys, hologram_ plunges the listener into a thematic audio experience, based on the idea of being left "forsaken inside a complex and distorted virtual environment". much like finding yourself in a cross between a salvador dali painting and a david lynch film, this visual cue is deftly conveyed on geometrical keys. from the opening footsteps that immediately invoke the sense of being alone within hologram_'s construct, you are thrust into an engaging world of coarse and grating electronics, driven by equally coarse and powerful beats. in perfectly timed waves, you're treated to combinations of clean and soothing electronic bass lines, rhythmic pulsations, tranquil melodies and absolute walls of noise within single tracks. holograms_'s pacing keeps tension high throughout the entire album; even on the quieter tracks, spoken parts supply a touch of mental and sci-fi terror. in contrast to all of this electronic blending, you'll also hear beautiful and contrasting piano, which in its usage on geometrical keys, gives the songs a wonderful cinematic quality. while soothing, these parts are merely there to allow you to catch your breath and perhaps give you a second to discover you've not progressed from this virtual environment at all, before the next tracks takes you over. this is especially true on the track "?? enigma ??". sparse piano pierces filter through a crackling background of field recordings - either rain or an old record - and a suitable supply of rising tension and a synth bass begin to pulse. it's difficult to single out a track or two of prominence, as the entire album simply pulls you into its well-constructed environment. while many artists attempt albums based upon a theme or story, it's been many years since i have come across one so well-developed and executed.
nahende schritte eröffnen das album, die fast schon prophetisch wie letzte schritte klingen, letzte schritte. denn hat man das album begonnen, scheint es keinen weg mehr zurück zu geben. so als wäre man in einem labyrinth gefangen, in dem man immer nur in dieselben sackgassen zu laufen scheint. das problem ist nur: die wände des labyrinthes bewegen sich zusätzlich, wodurch kein weg heraus mehr möglich erscheint, was man zwischendrin sogar ständig mitbekommt, wenn sich ausgänge von einem wegbewegen, wände vor dem eigenen auge durchgänge versperren, die vorher offen schienen. eine solche erfahrung wird in der psyche tiefe spuren hinterlassen, was in dem moment in einem vorgeht, beschreibt dieses album. denn auf dem album scheint innerhalb des komplexen soundgerüstes alles zu verschwimmen. beginnt geometrical keys zu beginn noch mit typisch elektronischer herangehensweise, wird man zwischendrin sogar fast instrumental, denn last day of happiness ist ein requiem mit chorälen und klavier zu dem sich die elektronischen zutaten gesellen und auch enigma weist diese züge auf, bis man sich mit time to march of riddle sich im industrial rock befindet und hier den soundtrack für einen inneren horrortrip bereit hält, der spannungssteigerung und entspannungsmomente perfekt abstimmt und immer wieder überraschungen parat hat. dies gilt auch für holy haunted box. symmetric lines ist dagegen fast als sakraler idm zu bezeichnen, der zwischen transzendenz und wahnsinn hin und herschwankt, was für das groteske before the sun rise ebenfalls gilt. die herangehensweise erinnert hier an die von sonic area, wobei hologram_ jedoch nicht an alte gruselfilme erinnern, sondern psychologisch in die tiefe gehen, wo urängste und traume zu hause sind, die keine feste gestalt annehmen, sondern immer diffus bleiben. ist man dann bei room 586 angekommen, ist das album vorbei, ein happy end bleibt aber in den ausfadenden klaviertönen offen. genau so kann man in dem album gefangen bleiben, was man aber so oder so tut. denn das album schafft durch seine mischung aus tasteninstrumenten und industrial ein bizarres gesamtkunstwerk, das man so schnell nicht vergessen wird. (tristan osterfeld)

release music magazine
when you hear footsteps walking along a corridor surrounded by static noise, you know you're in for something quite different. the first moment of "fall into the maze" (as described above) had me hooked. so let me go on to tell you why hologram_ is the real deal... first of all, this french sound artist, martin delisle, loves noise - lots of it. there is static, overdrive, all manner of distortion - it is as if you are listening to an old zx spectrum computer being possessed by linda blair's exorcist at times. take for example "origamia" - and imagine yourself locked inside a circuit board, and the circuit board really, really isn't happy with you being there - i think you know where i'm coming from here. the noise on display here isn't disguising a lack of musicianship though, there are some really fine piano pieces to be found too. of course they are not pure piano pieces, as there are crackles, spits and drone noises layered all over the top, but even so, some accomplished sounds can be heard under the cracks and hisses. "the ballet of abstract motion" is a beautiful point in case, and well worth a repeated listen. the album has variety and depth, never resting on its laurels - and for me, it mostly pulls them off with aplomb - amazing really considering there are a whopping 16 tracks across the set. it is almost like the album suffers from split personalities, such is its flitting around from loud to quiet, sharp to flat, noise to calm - and you floating along in the middle of it all... in fact, i love nearly all of the tracks, especially "symmetric lines", "holy haunted box" and "origamia", as i mentioned before. they manage to push all my musical buttons, and sometimes all at once. tracks i'm not so keen on - well, only really one stands out - "time to march of riddle" - maybe i'm becoming jaded with spoken word intros, but by the time the beginning has finished and the repetitive keys kick in, i've already had enough. now for a bold statement - this may be in the running for my album of the year already, as i predict i won't hear anything this good over the course of the next 7 months or so. ok, it's a bit early for that, but definitely this is the album by which all my other reviews will be judged for the rest of the year! oh, and by the way, the underscore at the end of his name matters, so as not to be confused with another artist of the same name. (mike whyte)
vor einigen tagen habe ich ein album entdeckt, das schon im frühjahr diesen jahres veröffentlicht wurde. da es mich aber wirklich begeistert und durchaus hörenswert ist, ist es auch zu diesem zeitpunkt noch wert, ein paar worte darüber zu verlieren. als ich hologram_s geometrical keys das erste mal gehört habe, hatte ich ein gefühl, das zwischen "willst du mich veralbern?" (im guten sinne) und "ohrgansmus" (wer hätte gedacht, dass ich dieses wort jemals verwenden würde) lag. da explodierten klänge in meinen ohren, deren kombination ich bis zu diesem zeitpunkt gar nicht für stilvoll gehalten habe. ich wandelte auf einem magischen klangteppich aus unterirdisch tiefen bis plärrenden bässen, fast ins unerträgliche getriebenen störgeräuschen, knarrenden dielen, pianos und streichern (aus einer zeit, von der ich nicht einmal weiß, ob sie in der zukunft oder der vergangenheit anzusiedeln ist) und schlicht und ergreifend wundervollen melodien. hologram_, stilistisch irgendwo angesiedelt zwischen dirty k und sonic area, schickt uns auf eine atmosphärische reise, die mysteriös, ein bisschen gruselig und auf eine gewisse art und weise auch meditativ ist. das macht geometrical keys zu einem gesamtkunstwerk, das teilweise dahin fließt wie ein bächlein in einem zen-garten, nur um einen kurz darauf in einen reißenden fluss infernoartigen ausmaßes zu stürzen. hier gibt es keine pausen - nur geschickte überleitungen von stimmungen, von einem teil der geschichte zum nächsten. was ich damit sagen will: ich war knapp eine stunde und 15 minuten in einer anderen welt. und ich war unglaublich gern dort und will immer dorthin wieder zurück. hologram_, seid vorgewarnt, hat suchtpotential. klingt bombastisch? ist es auch. ich vergebe trotzdem nur 9 von 10 punkten, da mich die repetition, mit der das projekt sehr gern arbeitet, von zeit zu zeit ein klitzekleines bisschen stört. das ist allerdings geschmackssache und sollte niemanden von euch abhalten, wenigstens die hörproben einmal anzuklicken. und wenn ihr das album dann nicht kaufen möchtet, ist irgendwas mit euren ohren nicht richtig... (lydia aufschlager)
a few days ago i discovered an album that already got released in spring this year. but since it really got me i thought it still might be worth it to spread the word. when i was listening to hologram_s album geometrical keys for the first time my feelings were lying somewhere between "are you kidding me?" (you know, the good kind) and "eargasm" (and who would have thought i ever use that word). combinations of sounds i did not even consider to be tasteful before exploded in my ears. i was walking on a magical carpet whose strings were made from deep growling to bawling basses, nearly unbearable disturbing noises, creaky hallway boards, pianos and strings (from a time i don't even know if it's the past or the future) and simply beautiful melodies. hologram_, stylistically somewhere between dirty k and sonic area, is sending us on an atmospheric journey which is mysterious, a bit scary and somehow even ruminant. this lets geometrical keys become a work of art that is flowing like a little brook in a zen garden just to tear you into a river of infernal extend a little later. there are no breaks - only very smart bridges from one atmosphere, from one part of the story to another. what i'm trying to say: for one hour and 15 minutes i was in another world. and i loved it and i want to go back there all the time. hologram_, i might warn you, has the potential to become addictive. sounds bombastic? well it is. however, because the repetitive elements the project likes to work with a lot bother me a tiny tiny bit from time to time i give geometrical keys 9 out of 10 points. but that clearly is a matter of taste and should not keep you from at least checking out the listening samples. and if you're not willing to buy the album after you did, there must be something very wrong with your ears... (lydia aufschlager)

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