act 311 · kommando · kranial klash · lp

01 corpses in gasoline
02 afron plans
03 metal teeth
04 liquid sky
05 saint's heaven
06 cutting in flesh
07 crocodile
08 difron 32 golden dawn
09 akute bokhoror

release date: 15.april 2014

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kommando was dan courtman's pre-thorofon project which released two cassette tapes and two cds during its initial existence. four years after the 'crimefactory' album kommando is re-established with the vinyl lp 'kranial klash' which marks a technological update as well as a mental one.

on this album the bygone decades' spirit of innovative aggressive, distorted sounds are updated to a high level of industrial art. the nine tracks offer a contemporary version of varied musical directions ranging from advanced power electronics and amorphic, grinding noise to precise, crisp sequences. repetitive electronic loops, rhythms and beats are highlighted with manipulated vocal insertions - the outcome is a rough, forcible and hypnotic aural document of kommando's state of mind.

kommando discography:
kranial klash. lp. ant-zen act311. 2014
crimefactory. cd / digital album. umb kollektif umb008 / ant-zen dig017. 2009 / 2013
necroinvasiv. cd. l. white records lw-050. 2007
electronic fear. tape. we don't need distributors wdnd 002. 1999
funky spasm. tape. we don't need distributors wdnd 001. 1999

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nachdem vergangenes jahr das letzte album crimefactory digital wiederveröffentlicht wurde, gibt es nun auch ein neues album in form von kranial klash, auf dem man sich an diversen aggressiven elektronischen klängen der letzten jahrzehnte orientiert. dementsprechend sind die ersten drei stücke des albums auch eindeutig dem power electronics-bereich zuzuordnen und sorgen für eine kalte, zermürbende grundstimmung. auch wenn das album sich danach in andere bereiche vorwagt, ist diese stimmung aber immer noch omnipräsent: alles bleibt kalt und wirkt leer, wie das surreale liquid sky, das zwar rhythmisch ist, aber dessen sprachsamples wie von einem tonband wirken - in einer welt, in der nichts mehr zu leben scheint. saint's heaven besteht dagegen nur aus frequenzen und hypnotischem gesang und lässt einen apathisch werden, was man dann bei beim oszillierenden cutting the flesh" schon ist und das einen tiefer hineinzieht, bis dann crocodile mit rhythmischem noise einen wieder aktiviert, aber ebenfalls kalt und unmenschlich wirkt und stellenweise auch an haus arafna erinnert. weiter geht es mit difron 32 golden dawn, das unwirklich erscheint und mit rituell anmutendem industrielärm und hallendem gesang aufwartet und mit akute bokhoror das album mit einer mischung auf rhythmus und rauschen zu ende geht. durchgehend hält das album den hörer in seinem bann und vermengt versatzstücke so, dass ein schlüssiges gesamtwerk entsteht, das genre-konventionen zwar nicht sprengt aber so zusammensetzt, dass das ergebnis spannend ist. (tristan osterfeld)
there was a point during the heyday of the so-called power noise movement where aficionados (okay fine, the people who hung out on made a point of distinguishing between the newly minted genre and power electronics. whether that was because the latter was older and had more extreme trappings, or because music nerds like to develop schools out of subtle distinctions, there's a certain irony to the most fabled power noise label putting out something like kommando's kranial klash; it's 2014 and ant zen is putting out a straight power electronics album. i'm nowhere near the expert on pe i'd need to be to properly situate kranial klash in terms of the style's history and legacy. for me the interest in the project (a solo effort by thorofon's dan courtman) mostly stems from the strangely timeless nature this particular style seems to have. maybe "out of time" is a better descriptor. while the promo material for the lp touts the use of new technology, i don't feel like the bursts of static, low rumbling bass and monotone vocals of "metal teeth" belong to any one era, modern or otherwise. it's practically impossible to tell how a song like "akute bokhoror" got made; the deliberately lo-fi nature of the recording erases any traces of construction. did it come out of a daw or was it fed from a drum machine through a fuzz petal? who knows, with the exception of the slappy sample workout "liquid sky" these songs have had the serials filed off via woozy application of distortion and heavy vocal processing. given that, it's sort of hard to encapsulate any individual moment on kranial klash. each movement grinds out of the preceding one so inevitably that it's often hard to tell the tracks apart when recollecting them. more than once i found myself bouncing through the tracks looking for a specific moment i remembered from a previous listen (a good example would be the climactic distorted howl at the end of "difron 32 golden dawn", which i could have sworn was on at least three other songs). that's not to say that the album is samey throughout, just that the unified style of production effectively wraps the whole thing up and makes it indivisible; the ascending crackles that circle around "saint's heaven" wouldn't necessarily fit into the brick wall of coloured noise and kick drum thud that is "crocodile", but neither number sounds out of place next to the other. i'm quite certain that there's an audience for a record like kranial klash outside of the traditional power electronics scene, and that on a particular day i might be counted as part of it. without wanting to undersell the album - for the record, i feel it's pretty enjoyable - its actual listenability for a recording in the style is notable. kommando is somehow finding some footholds that belie the aggressive and confrontational aspects of his chosen genre. with or without context, there's some very deep cracks between these slabs of noise to explore, and some kind of meaning and enjoyment to extract from them. (alex)

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