act 317 · black lung · innovation. participation. reward · cd

01 hype & drive (hologram_ rmx)
02 the business of buying (mzo! rmx)
03 the captains of industry (monolith rmx)
04 the trickle-down effect (sonic area rmx)
05 capital engines (iszoloscope rmx)
06 price/less (dan courtman rmx)
07 the great equalizer (imminent rmx)
08 the prophet margin (detritus rmx)
09 capital engines (druc drac rmx)
10 the great golden goal (mzo! rmx)
11 the business of selling (sir real rmx)
12 the prophet margin (displacer rmx)
13 the brotherhood of saturn (lustmord rmx)
14 the captains of industry (philipp münch rmx)
15 the brotherhood of saturn (jóhann eiriksson rmx)

upc 821272213222
release date: 06.11.2014

cd gatefold-sleeve

strategic partnerships can be one of the most productive assets in your portfolio.

synergetic participation often leads to innovation, growth in intellectual capital and a (sometimes) remarkably positive dividend. the pan-national ayn rand institute is proud of its role in bringing together these leading innovators in electronic environmental enhancement.

already acknowledged as a classic in the genre of inspirational / motivational electronic music, black lung's 'the great golden goal' herein benefits from strategic capital injection, asset consolidation and focussed rebranding. the rewards are manifold and on-flow bilaterally - a material / philosophical benefit toward the content creators and a bountiful reward of sensory stimulus for the client / consumer. hear. here.

(xavier brookes - the pan-national ayn rand institute 2014 c.e.)

'innovation. participation. reward' is the perfect supplement for black lung's recent product 'the great golden goal'. be sure you won't buy a pig in a poke - you have a free trial opportunity with the digital single 'the business of selling'. as we are sure you will satisfy yourself of this product's excellent quality while testing it, here's your choice to obtain the full package of david thrussell's recent compositions, re-designed and re-interpreted by the world's finest contemporary electronic artists. a broad stylistic spectrum ranging from dubstep, electro and manifold variations of industrial to abstract cinematic dance beats, pounding idm and mighty pulsing dub, presented by hologram_, monster zoku onsomb!, monolith, sonic area, iszoloscope, dan courtman, imminent, detritus, druc drac, displacer, lustmord, philipp münch, and jóhann eiriksson. while getting this release you will become an usufructuary of innovation and participation - don't hesitate!

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cyclic defrost
australian electronic producer david thrussell's most recent album under his black lung alias 'the great golden goal' saw him offering up a corporate motivational tool designed to boost innovation and productivity, its uptempo techno / electro explorations designed to enable synergies and harness creativity. a few scant months on, this accompanying remix collection 'innovation. participation. reward.' arrives to, in the words of its creators, enable the source material to "benefit from strategic capital injection, asset consolidation and focussed rebranding." nefarious corporate machinations aside, what you're left with here is a consistently strong collection of reworkings that manages to transcend the standard remix album template by also throwing in a brace of previously unreleased tracks from its parent album's recording sessions. perhaps one of the most engaging factors here is the diversity of styles and moods being explored by the various producers here, the intrigue factor continually being triggered by an impressive cast of remixers that takes in the likes of lustmord, iszoloscope and longtime thrussell associate sir real alongside detritus and tympanik audio's displacer. hologram's remix of 'hype & drive' opens proceedings with a wander out into dark industrial-edged dubstep that sees brooding bass distortion building like an oncoming storm against hard snapping snares and fidgety percussion rolls in a manner that calls to mind the likes of niveau zero or perhaps even the bug. monolith's reworking of 'the captains of industry' meanwhile veers off into darkly surging techno that sees tribal kickdrums flexing against an ominous backdrop of distorted textures and sparse melodic notes that somehow also carries a ghostly sense of electro-funk, before dan courtman gets spooky with his fluttering minimalist techno reworking of 'price / less' as bendy 303 tones dart against clicking toms and eerily cycling belltower notes. elsewhere, detritus reshapes 'the prophet margin' into ominous juddering hip hop, sending chugging powerchords winding their way through funereal-sounding synth landscapes, before lustmord's reworking of 'the business of selling' takes thing original off on a deep dub tip that's more reminiscent of mad professor than anything else. in truth there aren't many remix collections out there that are as consistently interesting to listen to from start through to finish as this one. highly recommended. (chris downton)

black online
als großer fan der ersten stunde von snog verfolge ich natürlich auch die anderen projekte des australiers david thrussell, von denen black lung inzwischen zu den produktivsten zählt. auf grund der allgemeinen veröffentlichungsflut sind allerdings das letzte snog-album, wie auch die aktuelle black lung "the great golden goal" irgendwie an mir vorbei gegangen. dafür liegt mir jetzt "innovation participation reward" vor, was eine remix-sammlung ist, welche randvoll mit insgesamt 15 neuinterpretationen von "the great golden goal" in über 79 minuten gefüllt ist. natürlich ist es dann schwer, diese im kontext zum ausgangs-material zu beurteilen, wenn man das "mutter"-album gar nicht kennt. allerdings sprechen die namen der teilnehmer schon für sich, die im einzelnen hologram, mzo!, monolith, sonic area, iszoloscope, dan courtman, imminent, detritus, druc drac, sir real, displacer, lustmord, philipp münch und johann eriksson sind. auffallend ist dabei, dass fast alle remixe eine große melodiedichte eint, die trotz vielfältiger beat-eskapaden immer dominiert. ohne die anderen arbeiten abzuwerten, möchte ich einige besonders auffällige und mir ins ohr stechende interpretationen hervorheben. da wären vor allem der einstieg mit einer breakbeatigen wie hymnischen variante von hologram, der verspielte und spookige remix von sonic area, die mehr treibende version durch dan courtman von thorofon, ein phantastischer imminent-remix mit massiver human league bzw. "being boiled"-hommage, die hypnotisch-orientalisch verzaubernde detritus-bearbeitung und eine fast schon bombastisch anmutende hollywood-soundtrack-variation durch lustmord, welche weit entfernt vom erwarteten dark ambient-gebrumme bleibt. alles in allem funktioniert diese remix-compilation fast schon wie ein vollwertiges album und gleichzeitig sehr gut als "schwester"-teil zu "the great golden goal", welches ich mir jetzt unbedingt noch nachholen muss. "innovation participation reward" wird übrigens in drei verschieden coverfarben ausgeliefert, die da schwarz, rot und blau wären. "innovation participation reward" ist auf jeden fall meine electronica-droge für die nächste zeit! (marco fiebag)

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