act 321 · 2kilos &More · lieux-dits · cd

1. après tout
2. january ride (feat. black sifichi)
3. autres peaux
4. only hazardous (feat. black sifichi)
5. cache feu
6. presque là
7. sous-bois
8. perfect pulse (feat. black sifichi)

upc 821272214120
release date: 20february2k15

photographs by vladimir wegener. artwork by salt.
special cruciform cardboard packaging

the unique parisian duo 2kilos &More (hugues villette and séverine krouch) have garnered 10 years of experience with a couple of cd releases and more than 70 live concerts. often supported by new york based artist black sifichi whose sinister spoken word performance adds considerably to the band's signature sound, and with the cutting edge videos created by lisa may.

2kilos &More's recent full-length album 'lieux-dits' takes us on a road movie where you're left mesmerized by repetitive landscapes; neon halos along suburban roads, columns of electric pylons, or the effect of strobes through a train's window. and when sonic layers and guitar notes sharpen the frame, we drift toward a more inner journey, a lysergic dream, a memory of intoxication, an intimate trance that takes us dangerously elsewhere. somewhat lost, emptied, we take a bypass onto one of these nocturnal avenues where black sifichi, sensual or enraged, recites a narrative that fits between 'beat generation' and contemporary fables... their evocative power is conveyed on this album which is vigorous, dense and filmic.

with parisian producer norscq at the studio controls, this album spans and joins different genres, shifting from downbeat electronica and industrial to post-rock and complex experimental soundscapes, like an aural self-conception somewhere between autechre and sonic youth. within the eight compositions the group combines trippy drum machine grooves with hypnotic noise guitars, fusing arcane drums with the dismantling amplification texture of post rock. the charismatic voice of black sifichi appears 3 times and enriches the compositions with its poetic and powerful lyrics.

'lieux-dits' injects the senses, to visions, through nostalgia - a manifestation of diversity, parity and anti-conventionalism. to be discovered...

official video trailer by roger hoffmann:

discography 02.2k15:
lieux-dits. cd. ant-zen act321. 2015
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kurz vor5. cd. audiophob auphcd018. 2012
3 films by lisa may. digital video ep. audiophob auphnet014. 2012
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9,21. 3" cd-r. taČlem alm 37. 2006

2kilos &More official webpages:

mit ihrem aktuellen album wandelt das duo auf frankreich auf pfaden des road movies. schnell will man an country- oder 60s rock-klänge denken, doch weit gefehlt: 2kilos &more sind in anderen genres zu hause und zeigen dabei all das, was man im kino nicht sieht. endlose immergleiche monotone landschaften, autos, die einem entgegen kommen, den neonlichtern, die nachts über einem zu schweben scheinen. keine romantische vorstellung von freiheit also, sondern eher eine dystopische. diese wird musikalisch dann auch passend in szene gesetzt, sei es durch elektronische oder durch postrockige elemente. grundlage sind die meiste zeit repetetive, düstere soundscapes, zu denen sich mal beats gesellen, mal hypnotische gitarren oder auch störgeräusche. richtig stark wird das album aber, wenn spoken word-passagen kommen, die von der unfähigkeit, den eigenen verstand zu verwenden, und ähnlichem erzählen. kalt und eindrucksvoll präsentiert sich lieux-dits, das zu keinem moment langweilig wird und trotz aller mutwilliger eintönigkeit immer wieder überrascht. (tristan osterfeld)
2kilos &more are a duo from paris who record cinematic experimental electronic music on the ant-zen label. the pair often utilise the talents of spoken word artist black sifichi to create their soundscapes. this album, the latest in their ten-years of working together, could best be described as intense. listen to the creeping paranoia that is the opening track "apres tout" - just a squeak short of ten minutes in length, and half of that is taken up by layer upon layer of noise, feedback, guitar and idm drum beats. they are not all like this though, and a variety of styles, form experimental electronica to nearly rock-trance hybrids can be heard across the set, making for a varied listening experience. their music is very cinematic, something they agree with themselves, and the tracks where black sifichi features take on this aspect even more. it is these tracks i perhaps like the most, especially "only hazardous", as the aural pictures painted by the new york wordsmith enhance, and even make sense of the duo's output. "autres peaux" is a very interesting mixture of idm and rock music, as though autechre were jamming with nirvana or similar. it's an interesting track, but it does feel like two separate entities are trying too hard to get along, like parents and in-laws at a wedding. sometimes i wish they would push up the tempo a little though, as the trance aspect can sometimes be too plodding. take "cache feu" for example, which has the potential to be a nice track if only the tempo was increased by +10. "presque l + a" is a better example of the slower tempo working, as the track is very nearly ambient, apart from a scattering drum rhythm - an occasional voice sample making for a rather pleasant track. overall, a likeable album, which has its fair share of hits and misses, but enough experiments to keep it interesting through to the end - i for one will be keeping my out for them from now on... (mike whyte)

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