act 324 · black lung · muzak from the hive mind · cd

01. muzak from the hive mind part I
02. muzak from the hive mind part II
03. muzak from the hive mind part III
04. muzak from the hive mind part IV
05. muzak from the hive mind part V
06. muzak from the hive mind part VI
07. muzak from the hive mind part VII
08. muzak from the hive mind part VIII
09. muzak from the hive mind part IX
10. muzak from the hive mind part X
11. muzak from the hive mind part XI
12. muzak from the hive mind part XII
13. muzak from the hive mind part XIII
14. muzak from the hive mind part XIV
15. muzak from the hive mind part XV

upc 821272213321
release date: 16june2015

commissioned by the muzak corporation, darpa and the highlands forum 2015
realised through the additional research and generous financial contributions of the tavistock institute of human relations and the highlands forum
original works composed by d. thrussell (a&g songs)
executed by black lung at oak manor, estate & gardens 2014-2015
mastered by cms productions, bruxelles
layout and design by salt
additional research and development by richard grant (i+t=r) & associates

"that which is not in the interests of the hive cannot be in the interests of the bee."

in this brave new era of obedience, many consumers wish for nothing more than to shop, sleep and dream peacefully. though doubtlessly a sage necessity, species-wide adjustment to a regime of complete surveillance and subservience may pose difficulties for a select (but vocal) few. for that few the transition stands as uncomfortable or even problematic.

with that in mind, we have synthesised a personable and efficient audio-sonic product that delivers complete and unavoidable psychological and physiological compliance. nagging doubts and counterproductive anxieties are now a thing of the past.

conditional upon breaking the seal of this product (whether physical or electronic) is a legally binding contract that the consumer/client engage in a full course of not less than 15 doses of the prescribed audio treatment. repeat treatments are (of course) encouraged - a successful compliance regime is predicated upon an enthusiastic self-medication. the recommended listening environment is a darkened late night space with high fidelity reproduction and a pragmatic ethical landscape.

the result of countless hours of laboratory/field testing and application, this audio product is precisely calibrated to engender the deep satisfaction that only true and selfless surrender can provide.

this is a full dynamic range recording.

black lung, in conjunction with partners the muzak corporation, darpa and ant-zen, present a scientifically formulated listening aid conducive to mood and thought re-alignment and re-education. a movement in fifteen parts utilising the science of binary trans-inductive therapy.

it was a project that couldn't be refused. just over a year ago, renowned electronic music and soundscape artist d. thrussell was approached about becoming involved in a unique and boldly challenging artistic enterprise. the backers came from a conglomerate of think tanks and public interest institutes and forums. the brief - to create a daring sonic sculpture that embodied a brave new frontier of civic responsibility, engagement and inclusion. the resulting album is a masterpiece of audio innovation.

abstract, avant-garde or 'musique-concrete' are some of the terms that might begin to describe this astounding recording, a towering ambient masterwork of shuddering drones, pacific synthesis and dynamic alien tonality - a symphony in pure sound. some will see it as a return to thrussell's roots - an analogue to the still cherished very first black lung album 'silent weapons for quiet wars'. others will understand that 'muzak from the hive mind' has no equivalent and no equal. laboriously crafted from bespoke and hand-made electronic tone generators, military grade ultrasonic apparatus and an extensive series of field recordings - 'muzak from the hive mind' is quite simply the brave new sound of the 21st century, or maybe even the logical continuation of a path treaded by innovators like gyrgy ligeti and karlheinz stockhausen way back.

this record will help millions of people, internationally, to be happier, healthier, more efficient: children in educational applications, handicapped and retarded people, patients and medical staff in hospitals, personnel in offices, banks and insurance companies and workers in a great variety of industrial situations, to name a few. muzak for the hive mind serves man.

black lung discography on ant-zen 06.2k15:
2015. cd. muzak from the hive mind. ant-zen act324. 2015
2014. digital single. a seasonal gift (w/ spiderface). ant-zen dig037. 2014
2014. cd. innovation. participation. reward. ant-zen act317
2014. digital single. the business of selling. ant-zen dig035
2014. cd. the great golden goal. ant-zen act314
2009. cd. full spectrum dominance. ant-zen act234
2006. 12 inch. concrete octopus. ant-zen act204
2005. cd. the coming dark age. ant-zen act194
2005. 12 inch. karmageddon. ant-zen act184
2004. cd / 12 inch. the grand chessboard. ant-zen act164 / act164.4
2004. cd-ep. the sound of meat. ant-zen act164.1
2003. 10 inch. the sound of meat. ant-zen act147
2002. cd. the andronechron incident (w/ xingu hill). ant-zen act132
2001. cd-ep / 12 inch. profound and sentimental journey. ant-zen act119 / act119.1
2000. 12 inch. rhic-edom. ant-zen act97
1999. 10 inch. the andronechron incident (w/ xingu hill). ant-zen act92
1998. 12 inch. silent weapons for quiet wars. ant-zen act84

black lung information:


cyclic defrost
ridiculously prodigious, australian electronic artist david thrussell keeps releasing incredible work. even if it's not his own, offering obscure trainspotter nuggets via his omni label, such as the jazz noir score for the 1971 jean seberg film kill, by berto pisano's and jacques chaumont, or out of print or never been in print ennio morricone, such as his improvised experimental music ensemble gruppo di improvisazione nuova consonanza's a quiet place in the country. whilst you might know him under his snog moniker, it's his darker electronic black lung where he's been most active recently. last year he released the great golden goal on the german label ant-zen, where the first half of the album was taut electro, without an ounce of fat, yet the second half offered a certain kind of loose structural freedom. he's continued with the latter approach, though much more aggressively on muzak from the hive mind. it's musique concrete designed solely by barely harnessed synthesizers. in fact there's something vaguely reminiscent of tangerine dream's phaedra, where the band were just tooling around trying to work out how to use their instruments. for thrussell though it's a spirit of experimentation and a refusal to be hemmed in by genre or structural constraints rather than any proficiency issues. there are rhythms, and synthetic squiggles, bleeps and oscillating drones, and they're all operating in some kind of post apocalyptic, post consumerist netherworld. there's darkness and atonality, it's not comfortable music, nor is it obvious music. no one is going to dance to this, the rhythms are fleeting; yet the deep bass rumblings ever present. in fact much of the album pairs deep bass tones with skittery, squelchy high pitch electrics, in fact it's thrussell's understanding of and manipulation of his frequencies, and clear love of synthetic textures that make muzak from the hive mind so compelling. the album is a curious amalgamation of the abstract complexity of musique concrete with the soundtrack to a futuristic 1970's science fiction film. it's strange and compelling, with little to hold onto, and whilst the sonics are even at times quite seductive, the freeform approach to structure, whilst initially welcome, can over the course of the album become a little fatiguing. yet there's also a kind of benign hypnotism at play, where the drones and squiggles take on quasi-hallucinatory properties. knowing thrusell, and black lung you imagine this combination is not accidental, and in fact the effects this music or experimental muzak, has on you, is no doubt the first step in some form of cutting edge mind control. (bob baker fish)

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