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act 33 pal signum cd, deleted
act 33 pal signum boxset lim. 100, cd, exclusive t-shirt, card & sticker, deleted

the document signum will show you the past & present face of pals variety of electronic experiments: from minimalistic dreamscapes up to powerloaded rhythms - from ambient structures to chaotic sample-experiments.

workout, zeichen, seduction (anthro II), gelbnis, get lost, bewegung, nerver forget, creed, shiftwork (activist movement mix) anthropophobia (reprise), all systems collapsed (ext. version), agitation, concrete rage (vinal version), cigid (edit)

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the industrial information station
"Recorded over a three year period from 1993-95 and co-produced by :wumpscut: who's input is fairly evident in places this is quite a mix 'n' match collection of songs. There's the heavily percussion driven 'Zeichen', 'Bewegung' and 'All Systems Collapsed' from which the style of 'm@rix' seems to have evolved. Harsh industrial like 'Never Forget', 'Shiftwork' and 'Concrete Rage'. Then we get to the slower tracks like 'Seduction' and 'Creed' with their sweeping classical soundscapes. No lyrics as such but some scary and inspired use of sampled (mainly german) dialogue. Somehow all this meshes together beautifully and presents itself as a unified front. With fourteen tracks in total, listening to this is an extremely pleasurable way to spend an hour."(R)

Phosphor, february 96
P.A.L is one of the popular groups in the German industrial scene. Listening to 'Signum' will tell you more about the reason for this popularity. P.A.L combines mechanical, crystal-clear rhythms with original sampling and In The Nursery-like synth lines. :wumpscut: co-produced the album and not without reason. If you are into dark soundscapes, harsh noise rhythms and extraordinary sound combinations you will love this. Several tracks are more extreme than Dive, DJ's play this !

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