act 334 · iszoloscope · false vacuum · cd

01. awe gratitude rapture
02. chronophage
03. spectral inverter
04. experimenting with truth (solve)
05. faint negative charge
06. vacuum metastability
07. relevance outside logic
08. absolute and eternal moral nighttime
09. experimenting with truth (coagula)

upc 821272217121
releasedate: 19february2k16

produced and recorded between 2013 and 2015 by yann faussurier in ottawa, berlin and amsterdam
fred scarfone: extra percussions on track one
bauke van der wal: extra synthesizers on track nine
brian 'evil dr.' go: software updates and scott fox: the second pair of ears in the post-production

since the beginning, a distinguishing feature of iszoloscope has been the addition of intelligent and unexpected details to the basic ingredients that industrial music is known for. this, the project's seventh full length album 'false vacuum' raises the already high bar yann faussurier set on his previous releases in a most astounding way.

within these nine tracks iszoloscope is establishing ties between a myriad of different styles ranging from solemn orchestral constructs and rich dark ambient soundscapes to sequenced hard-hitting technoid industrial rhythms and fast remorseless drum and bass beat structures. mighty pulsating sub basses and loony melodic curls, hypnotic percussion and carefully placed bursts of electronics evoke highly energetic atmospheres of power and tension that resonate inside the listener's mind.

accompanied by many personal changes it took iszoloscope nearly six years to complete this opus, and after taking a deep view everyone will agree it was worth waiting for. highly recommended.

iszoloscope discography. 02.2k16:
false vacuum. cd. ant-zen act334. 2016
actaeontor. digital single. not on label. 2011
beyond within and so on. mp3 ep. ant-zen dig018. 2010
the edge of certainty. cd. ant-zen act258. 2010
beyond within. cd-ep. ant-zen act257. 2010
echoes ov a beckoning arcanum (w/ ah cama-sotz). cd. spectre s23. 2006
the audient void. cd. ant-zen act189. 2005
split (w/ ebola). cd-ep. yb-70 09. 2004
les gorges des limbes. cd. ant-zen act178. 2004
echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth (w/ ah cama-sotz). cd. spectre s14. 2003
this monstrosity is part of my fibric. 12" vinyl. ant-zen act138.3. 2003
au seuil du néant / le dénominateur commun. 2cd. ant-zen act138. 2003
do america (w/ tarmvred). cd-ep. ad noiseam adn25. 2003
the blood dimmed tide (w/ antigen shift). 3"cd. spectre s10. 2002
aquifère. cd. spectre/nautilus na05. 2002
solistice. digital single. not on label. 2001
coagulating wreckage. cd/cd+7". spectre r06/r06.1. 2001

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release music magazine
iszoloscope is an artist known for creating industrial music of the highest order, and this is the 7th album. there is a difference with this release though, as the artist (formally known as yann faussurier), has taken his time over everything, allowing a variety of styles and influences to seep into the music. "chronophage" has a nice contrast between chiming tinkly bells and darkly sinister ambience before a thumping industrial rhythm kicks in. it is very well constructed, and just builds and builds. "spectral inverter" starts in a similar vein, but veers off into more ambient techno territory - with pumping beats and acid-style rhythms overlayed with angelic female voices - moving in both senses of the word. "experimenting with truth (solve)", relinquishes the beats altogether, and acts almost as a very interesting long intro into the next track "faint negative charge", my favourite of the set. it is composed, concise, and grooves along nicely - in a more industrial mid-career prodigy kind of way. "vacuum metastability", is also very pleasing, with its drum'n'bass stylings formed into the industrial soundscape. most tracks here seem to follow a formula - slow start to a frenzy of rhythm, which means at times it becomes a bit predictable, but the sounds and ideas within the tracks keep things interesting. i especially like it when the artist lets go a little - listen to the wailing electronics of "absolute and eternal moral nighttime" to get an idea of what i mean. iszoloscope is clever at building a track, and has created a very listenable and danceable album. it's worthy of adding to his catalogue, and your listening device. (mike whyte)

the first iszoloscope (yann faussurier) album in more than five years old - the last one being the edge of certainty (2010) - and what to expect then? does he still have control over his power noise, or has it all withered in the course of the years? a melodic motif sets off the album with awe gratitude rapture, sounding like a baroque cembalo and cello upon a layer of martial percussion. certainly not very power noisy and a fine hint of what's to come on an album of great diversity. chronophage, with sampled rhythmic clocks, increases the bpm moving into idm territory with glitchy beats and stabs. the composition and sound sound distinctly as iszoloscope with a choir/vocal pad evolving in the background. spectral inverter is nothing less than a high octane floor filler. aggressive, yet melodic, with crackling and distorted beats. even if this track is close to classic iszoloscope (if there is such a thing), you hardly hear distortion, but bass lines and pads. experimenting with truth comes in two parts, solve and the album closer coagula: a dark ambient statement with deep reverberated percussion on a bed of feedback noises and droning pads. i'd love to see a visual companion to this "symphony". faint negative charge is classical power noise with massive beats and a simple evolving melody with a bell-like sound, while vacuum metastability has plenty of beats. massive snares and kicks on a distorted and glitchy bass with squeaky string samples, panning left to right. the bpm count is lowered, but the insisting sound is devastating. as the album moves on, the sound becomes more aggressive and upfront. yann faussurier is taking his listeners on a journey through the different aspects of dark electronica. what's immediately apparent is the lesser use of vocal samples from movies - something i think is adding to the focus of the sound. relevance outside logic continues the violent attack, expanding the sound and motifs of the rest of the album with copious amounts of glitch and distortion. a simple and clear melody emerges from the depths of the pounding drums. the sound design reminds me a lot of the the audient void. absolute and eternal moral nighttime starts off with a high pitched tone reminiscent of a television with no signal. soon a female voice is added and we're thrown into the pits of hell with a droning bass and a frenetic drum groove. there is no longer any doubt - this is power noise. a tightly curated mature album with a clear progression from start to finish. this is not a collection of tracks randomly jumbled together. this is a journey into a dark world and one you won't forget. highly recommended for serious listeners of electronic music of any kind, willing to a dedicated listen from start to finish. (john r. mirland)

six years have passed since the release of the last album of the canadian project iszoloscope, one of the leading names of the ant-zen label, and very few people would have expected this new work called false vacuum, released a few days ago by the well-known german label. here, yann faussurier doesn't give us anything truly revolutionary, when compared with his past works, but certainly we can see an even more special attention for the production, as well as a more varied rhythmic section, far from any standard distortion used by many of his colleagues. two are the main stylistic features of the project: the first is the eternal and intelligent combination of ambient / dark ambient moments and harsh and telluric rhythms composed with surgical precision, while the second is the variety of the rhythmic solutions here proposed, and in this we can say that he has really no limits, ranging from the straight techno of chronophage (on which, however, his noise reworking is always recognizable) to breathtaking breakcore shocks like those of absolute and eternal moral nighttime, going through some really "hit the spot" and engaging rhythms like those of faint negative charge, a passage in which the melodic component is put in communication with the rhythmic architecture in a really excellent way. iszoloscope is also able, as he has always shown and also demonstrate now in false vacuum, to create moments of ambient / dark ambient of great atmosphere, which are of fundamental importance to the structure of the entire album. the long opener awe gratitude rapture has a growing crescendo, whose array of orchestral sounds seem to recall an ancient past and an esoteric imaginary, which is also found in the other two pieces belonging to the same type (two songs that make us sink in very dark places and landscapes), and the two parts of experimenting with truth solve (et) coagula (this one is an ancient alchemical formula that the alchemists used to evolve and regenerate themselves). with an important and multi-layered work as false vacuum, iszoloscope regenerated him after six years of hiatus, reproducing his perfect alchemical formula in a more fluid, more precise and, if possible, even better amalgamated way. the aforementioned faint... is a clear example, a melodic motif vaguely mentioned in the beginning that then enters with power, and just as good is the entrance of a primordial synth, almost in a tribal way, in spectral inverter. relevance outside logic surprises us with its pauses, its strong sense of groove (a common element to all the tracks on the album), the steel-like and rhythmic backbeats, as well as, again, a melody of the esoteric and orchestral kind. another brilliant moment is given us in vacuum metastability, in which the distorted rhythm grows in a perfect manner after being introduced by a tribal rhythm. there are so many factors that make unique the "iszoloscope formula" in his genre: the unique fusion of ambient and dark ambient atmospheres, the very fluid and flexible rhythms that range seamlessly between a techno beat straight to the point and a broken pace even within the same song, and, of course, the great taste for melodic passages as well as a remarkable intelligence that allow him to create a perfect dialogue between the different sections which play perfectly together, never clashing but contributing, on the contrary, to the well-developed final result . false vacuum is perhaps his most mature work: the one in which all of his sound trademarks have gained a total independence from his music scene of reference. iszoloscope has never been so "personal" before. (alessandro violante)

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