act 343 · blush response · reshaper · cd

01. reshaper
02. reclaimer
03. alloy
04. fractured
05. newacid
06. immolation
07. pain process
08. screaming fist
09. wearing thinner
10. transcendence

upc 821272217725
releasedate: 08.04.2016

written and produced by joey blush
recorded 2014-2015 in berlin, germany
artwork by blush_response. layout by stefan alt
mastered by eric van wonterghem at prodam berlin

blush response is joey blush, a cuban-american artist and sound designer hailing from nyc who now resides in berlin. blush cut his teeth doing programming work for artists such as fear factory, rhys fulber, cristian castro, and as a touring member of joey jordison (slipknot)'s alternative rock project scar the martyr. a fascinating, vibrant new artist, frequenting the outer realms of post punk, industrial, techno, you-name-it and has a plethora of releases on cd, vinyl, digital and even cassette tape format to date on labels like aufnahme + wiedergabe, total black and basic unit productions.

the intention behind blush response is to always push the limits of sound, structure, and perception, creating a modern version of what he perceives industrial music to be: brutal, inventive, uncompromising and always innovative. throbbing gristle, surgeon or front 242 have left audible traces in his sound, and his goal is to recapture the core spirit of these originators, and then to evolve it even further. performing on hardware synthesizers is a big part of the essence of blush response. his approach is very 'hands on' and thus 90% of the changes you hear on his sounds are done by hand without any automation. blush believes in performative gestures over cut and paste editing, and strives to explore the limits of human-machine interactions. his live performances are 100% improvised and mostly unplanned which includes mistakes and happy accidents, and this philosophy is also reflected in his studio work.

blush response's music is characterized by a heavy approach to sound design, combining rough, glitch-heavy beats with thick, distorted synths. pounding, head-tripping kick drums intermix with abrasive, dark sequences generating huge walls of cavernous sonics. a pulsating slice of straightforward noise-filtered techno with a good dose of industrial and ebm influences while blush's improvising skills enable a sound that blurs the lines between these genres. a barely tamed beast, biting and piercing holes in eardrums and somehow magically managing to make your feet tap along or, at considerable volume, rave.

discography 04.2k16 (excerpt):
reshaper. cd. ant-zen act343. 2016
rebirthed in the sprawl. 2 x tape. total black 49. 2016
future tyrants. 12". aufnahme + wiedergabe a+w III. 2015
tension strategies. cd. basic unit productions bup007. 2013
we are replicants. cd-r. not on label. 2010

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chez l'américain joey blush aka blush response, les références qu'il cite, front 242, throbbing gristle, nitzer ebb, surgeon, sautent aux oreilles, de par les sonorités ebm/indus déployées et savamment remises au gout du jour, à coups de synthés modulaires jetés dans un dancefloor aux allures de fosse aux lions. rugueux et sauvage, reshaper est un album qui puise sa force dans le coeur des machines dont il extrait une dark techno parée de diamants noirs. collaborant auprès d'artistes comme fear factory ou rhys fulber, blush response qui s'est récemment installé à berlin et sort son deuxième album sur l'excellent label allemand ant-zen, réinvente un monde à l'identité forte, repoussant les codes établis par ses illustres ainés, cherchant à faire de l'improvisation un des principes fondamentaux de son travail. reshaper plonge l'auditeur dans une transe cinématographique, aux images sombres et futuristes, aux architectures métalliques érigées vers des cieux menaçants parsemés de nuages noise. très fortement recommandé. (roland torres)

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