act 347 · sonic area · eyes in the sky · cd

01. neon tunnel drive
02. loneliness of the phycisist
03. dancing with clouds
04. my stellar boat
05. the dark secret night
06. pale blue dot
07. it's about time
08. chasing horizons
09. the soul of a robot
10. spooky action at a distance
11. spacewalk incident

upc 821272217527
releasedate: 12.04.2016

created, performed, mixed and mastered by sonic area @ kawati studio (strasbourg)
artwork by yoann amnesy. front cover light painting photography by pierrot lemon
inlay card spaceship drawing by jean baptiste leduc. layout by stefan alt

'it is good to renew one's wonder, said the philosopher. space travel has again made children of us all.' (ray bradbury)

4 years after the haunted and epic 'music for ghosts' album, sonic area returns with 'eyes in the sky', a release which astoundingly combines the unmistakable with the unexpected. inspired by the mysteries secretly hidden within dark nights and by classical sci-fi culture, this oeuvre is about a nostalgic cosmic space and time travel in an imaginary spherical spaceship. a metaphor of the phantasmagoric biosphere/technosphere all autists and mind explorers nowadays survive in, locked in their own imagination while drifting into the unknown. but it is also about rediscovering our inner child and simply looking up, being amazed and living a humbling experience.

'eyes in the sky' features eleven fully electronic vintage modular synth compositions for a stellar ride into a retro sci fi universe, passing the legacy of electronic, repetitive and minimal music originators like kraftwerk, brian eno, steve reich, terry riley, wendy carlos, tangerine dream and early autechre combined with atmospheric film scores and a dash of detroit techno. all these influences were carefully blended and processed into the distinct aural trademark sonic area is well-known for. a wide ranging space journey including calm, hypnotic and exciting phases between strict minimalism, opulent synthesized modern classical interpretations and pushing beat strokes.

theatrical, naive, airy, steamy, euphoric and melancholic at the same time, 'eyes in the sky' is another step and another mutation of this multi-faceted enigmatic french project. this album will be released exactly 55 years after yuri gagarin started his journey as the first human into space. be invited to discover the eyes in the sky!

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release music magazine
an album inspired by classical sci-fi culture, i like it already. the follow up to "music for ghosts", which came out 4 years ago - this album is an 11-track concept album, with vintage modular synths its primary musical source, by the multi-talented artist sonic area. the list of influences are obvious, kraftwerk probably heading the list, especially once you've heard the track "the soul of a robot", but there is something genuinely nice about listening to "real" instruments (as opposed to plug-ins on computers that is). "neon tunnel drive", the opener, has a few false starts before hitting its groove, one of which sounds like somebody scribbling down equations on an old chalkboard, however once it's in flow it's a lovely semi-techno groover. the eye-watering 9-minute opening track is rather surprisingly followed by a quite downtempo track barely breaking 2 minutes. expect the unexpected is definitely one thing to say about this producer. set to be released on the date exactly 55 years since yuri gagarin became the first man in space, the album aims to capture that retro-futuristic vibe of a simpler time, when aliens were robots and we believed we would all be living in modular houses wearing matching metallic silver jumpsuits. this french producer certainly knows how to build euphoric tracks, as is noticeable from the first track, "dancing with clouds", "it's about time", and my favourite of all the tracks - the kick-ass "my stellar boat". a simple downward spiralling keyboard refrain paired with some proper pounding drums and atmospherics - job done. "chasing horizons" comes a close second, with the jittering rhythm creating a perfect bed for the pressed keys and crunchy atmospherics that lay on top of it. obviously not all the tracks appeal to my inner spaceman - "pale blue dot" could be considered trance-like, but the repetitive keyboard just started to get a bit annoying if i'm honest. similarly the last track, "spacewalk incident" will probably get a few skips if it turns up on shuffle-mode. there's a lot to love about this release, however - it's got great music, a great theme and some lovely sounding instrumentation. the problem is it doesn't feel like an album as such, more a collection of, on the whole, great tracks. there doesn't seem to be much cohesion between the different pieces of music, which is a bit of a shame, as i loved the ride. it just felt like i had been on a series of short journeys rather than one long satisfying one. (mike whyte)

c'est à une plongée dans l'espace que nous convie arnaud coëffic aka sonic area alias arco trauma, avec la sortie de son nouvel album eyes in the sky, faisant référence au premier vol de youri gagarine il y a 55 ans, dans les méandres de l'univers. pris entre les feux de l'electro originelle et d'une certaine forme de chill ambient, d'apesanteur technoïde et de légèreté mélodique, proche parfois de kraftwerk, l'artiste français dénude quasiment ses compositions de rythmiques appuyées, les substituant par des arpeggio aux circonvolutions cinématographiques, créant des zones visuelles aux motifs changeants, secoués d'altérations nocturnes et de profondeur temporelle happante. tout en beauté mouvante et en ambiances captivantes, eyes in the sky ne ment pas sur ses aspirations de voyage dans la noirceur des cieux qui surplombent nos têtes. chaque titre s'assemble et s'imbrique pour composer une prose aux alexandrins libres, à la magnificence poétique et aux envolées magiques, à l'image du somptueux dancing with clouds. un opus qui revisite une partie de l'histoire de la musique de forme majestueuse. (roland torres)

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