act 350 · haus am rand · meel · cd

01. meel
02. vita streck
03. the light of other days
04. headscape
05. wanderlust
06. radioteori
07. all they need
08. utopian parkway

upc 821272218821
release date: 08september2k16

4 panel digipak, matte surface

haus am rand is a brand new project by jan carleklev. the man who cemented his reputation with projects like sanctum, mago, parca pace, and azure skies. the project performs raw poetry and beautiful madness through searing electronics with a timbre that is unhumanly human and soothingly familiar.

haus am rand explores the potential to wander into unknown worlds - into upside down worlds, personal worlds, into assembled worlds of lost and found sounds glued together that challenge your imagination. it is feverishly rebuilding those sonic 'worlds' over and over again - aiming to discover its hidden attractions.

compared to his previous computer-based works, jan explores new and unpredictable ways of working to compose haus am rand's debut album 'meel', limiting himself to a few analog synths, an outboard sequencer, a drum machine and his own voice. with broken monotone beats and fragile synths on the verge of collapsing, haus am rand performs a unique sound, floating playfully between cinematic ambience and straight in your face roughness.

haus am rand wants to share something with the listener, but to hear the message properly, all obstructing walls must be torn down. varied, detailed and emotional, this is music intended to leave a mark on your soul.

discography 09.2016:
meel. cd. ant-zen act350. 2016

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