act 36 aube / small cruel party across the water 12"

lim. 502, blue vinyl, foldout cardboard packaging, deleted. these ambient noise collages are built from uprising heavy soundscapes with noises from water.

aube: to where i am not cause the nearby boat to move across the water
small cruel party: from where you are stop the distant boat moving across the water


SideLine, nr 3/96
Based on the sound of water, this blue 12" shows us the different interpretations Americans and Japanese can make on a same subject. The U.S. Small Cruel Party see more the water as a soft and calm entity, but still with a hidden vicious side, like a march. Aube's Japanese vision is more violent, wild and with no mercy, it simplt grinds everything, like a tidal wave. Once again Akifumi Nakajima proves us that he is certainly one of the most briliant Japanese noise artist. Notice that both sides can be listened at 45 or 33 rpm. Highly recommended for the music and the superb packaging (OM: 8/9) OM.

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