act 360 · hologram_ · amen : requiem for heart fragment · cd

01. amen (first testament)
02. vertigo inferno
03. thirteen theorems
04. the manifest
05. in pandemonium
06. echoes
07. the moonlight empire
08. coda sphera
09. nostradamus conspiracy
10. equilibrium
11. amen (final testament)

upc 821272219224
release date: 04november2k16

special cd gatefold sleeve in black matte cardboard & glossy black print
released in collaboration with audiotrauma.

concept and music by martin delisle
mixing by martin delisle @ aphothecary studio in tours
mastering by arco trauma @ kawati studio in strasbourg
artwork by salt

'creating music is an extremely sensitive game that is controlled both by intelligence and knowledge.' (hologram_)

two years after his first opus 'geometrical keys', martin delisle a.k.a. hologram_ continues his musical odyssey by opening a new chapter with the second album 'amen: requiem for heart fragment' on which he sonically evolves while staying true to his geometric abstraction.

the eleven tracks offer a stunning combination of sounds and styles that mixes industrial elements with cinematic orchestration, idm and glitch. heavy repetitive beats, sparse, syncopated percussion patterns and massive bass lines containing prominent low frequencies carry an intoxicating fusion of darkened futuristic epic soundscapes and melodies. within single tracks the listener is carried inside a well-constructed environment of high-kept tension between quieter parts and powerful rhythmic pulsations.

hologram_ deconstructs and extends something personal by borrowing and using external forces' phantasmagoria. this album is a logical continuation of the sonic journey martin delisle offers to the listener by pushing the walls of genres, so yet unknown musical worlds can be discovered - come along, and be captivated.

discography 11.2k16:
amen : requiem for heart fragment. cd. ant-zen act360 / audiotrauma trauma035. 2016
geometrical keys. cd. ant-zen act310 / audiotrauma trauma24. 2014

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