act 363 · p·a·l · signum · 2lp

a1. workout
a2. zeichen
a3. seduction (anthro II)
a4. gelöbnis
b1. get lost
b2. bewegung
b3. never forget
b4. creed
c1. shiftwork (activist movement mix)
c2. anthropophobia (reprise)
c3. all systems collapsed (ext. version)
c4. agitation
d1. concrete rage (vinal version)
d2. cighid (edit)
d3. the skunk 2

release date: 31august2k17

released in collaboration with aufnahme+wiedergabe.

double 12” vinyl edition w/ full colour gatefold sleeve
coloured vinyl: lp1: transparent red & lp2: white - limited to 500 copies
including a download code

recorded 1993-5 at upper meadow field, munich. some overdubs were done at his master's studio.
mastered & co-produced in l.a. by rudy r. 1995.
re-mastered and cut by christoph grote-beverborg at duplates & mastering
all tracks written and arranged by p.a.l except 'bewegung' written by telepherique.
art concept: p.a.l, art support: økres patlary, photos: salt.

'signum' was initially released more than twenty years ago on cd format and became a larger-than-life cornerstone of p.a.l's discography as well as a historical document in industrial music. recorded over a three year period from 1993-95 this album displays the past & present face of this artist's sonic variety ranging from sweeping minimalistic soundscapes and powerloaded percussion-driven floorburners to heavily distorted harsh power noise attacks presented as a unified front. the industrial anthem 'gelöbnis' is a truly fine example for the combination of crystal clear mastering and the selective, inspired implementation of samples which was always an important factor for p.a.l and became a trademark of his works.

ant-zen and aufnahme + wiedergabe are proud to present the extraordinary reissue of this long-deleted legendary release on coloured heavy double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. a timeless opus for being re-discovered by adepts and recovered by novices.

discography (excerpt) 08.2k17:
signum. 2lp. ant-zen act363 / aufnahme+wiedergabe [a+w lp014]. 2017
archive.two. digital compilation. ant-zen dig007. 2008 digital compilation. ant-zen dig003. 2008
modus. cd. ant-zen act203. 2006
retro. cd. ant-zen act133. 2004
live at 2:00 a.m.. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht 010. 2002
release. cd / boxset. ant-zen act93 / act93.9. 1999
play at 2:00 a.m.. 12". mhz mhz06. 1999
m@rmx. lp. hymen records ¥005. 1998
m@rix. cd / boxset. ant-zen act63 / act63.6. 1997
reel. cd-ep. ant-zen act55. 1996
signum. cd / boxset. ant-zen act33. 1995
consent. 7". ant-zen act13. 1994
plugged / live. tape / boxset. ant-zen act07. 1994

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