act 39 contagious orgasm / brume memoir 7"ep

lim. 296, printed folder, deleted. a construction of machine noises, deep drones, metal percussion and other electronic vibrations.

contagious orgasm: c.d.m. memorable youth
brume: 899895


SideLine, nr 3/96
If we had to quote the main characteristics of Christian Renou's project Brume, it will be the quality. In more than a decade (13 years to be exact) he always kept a very high level in all his productions. And his new track is no exception, we immediatly recognize his unique style, sometimes close from the one of the french-speaking acousmatic composers. On the other side, Contagious Orgasm deliver us something completely different. A less clean production, sometimes a bit too confused, for a more deranged psyche (Who's that boy ? Ed.). Just imagine the corridor of a deserted asylum with a legion of old dribbled men hitting their head on every doors, desperately hoping that someone will finally open them. Are you the one who will open the door of the Contagious Orgasm? (OM:8) OM.

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