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act 40 á asche / morgenstern á split lp

lim. 523, foldoutcover + 4 postcards, deleted

the part of asche contains the soundtrack of their video-performance to monstrate the human exploitation in that industrial apocalypse: a sterile ambient atmosphere changes into structured chaotic noise-patterns. these are the first new recordings by asche after their cd re-release on functional. the roots of the part by morgenstern are based in doom industrial. dark ambient structures with layers of tribal percussion, screams and noise injections: from ceremonial processions to hypnosis and hysteria.

asche: invasion, another crowd ov manmashine, drill-exp., emplastix
morgenstern: david's edge (conjuring intro), into the great glacier, relaxatio II

this is the soundtrack ov the same titled 30 minutes video which was created by asche to demonstrate the multimedia conception ov the 'recycling-art' live performance.

track one is inspired by the fascination role ov david at the 'lost boys' movie. track two gives another impression ov pornographia's 'winterworld': a ceremonial procession in an ice-desert. track tree contains a remix which was originally released on the tape 'hypnotischer zustand' on fich art. it is a psychoanalytical term, meaning the relation between hypnosis & hysteria: being relaxed on the outside and restless on the inside at the same time.


here is a little review for you out there over these two artist who share an lp off of ant-zen. first off is morgenstern. their side starts off with a deep, drowning drone with occasional samples chimed in of schoolground children singing some sort of typical childhood song. this then begins to slowly transform into a quiet wind tunnel groan with sporatic echoes of thumps and bumps from far off objects in the background. electric hisses of soft static accompany and grow stronger as a "friday the 13th" type beat gradually fades in. later, the music flows into a rythmic tribal drum ceremony where various pitches of wind through a pipe noise are layered in. these wind noises soon become dominant over the drums, following afterward is a distorted sample of a man's unintelligible voice talking. by the end of the side the music becomes aggressive and energetic, yet in a sort of tranquil and relaxing way. asche: time is born and begins ticking. soft high pitch drones float out. you drift slowly through space as you watch and listen to a nearby satellite communicate with tones of bleeps and whistles. the crackle of the turntable needle adds to the far reaching effect. a mid-pitched drilling begins as wind chimes and bells clatter in the background, played by a hollow space drift. a repetitive, shrillish, stuck horn in traffic sounds with tangled, distorted and sick human voices sampled in. sounds, noises and grunts become more abundant, less processed and blended together more chaotically. later, a rythmic helicopter sounding whop starts to circle above head. electroids snap and firecrackers pop. war torn screams and cries are blended way into the background. a thumping wash machine, low end structure of haze comes around after awhile with a high tone looped beat layer on top. combined together they make a very predictable rythm that demands your attention and groove. gradually, it becomes louder, less structured and agressive. the side ends off where it begins... your lifecycle time is ticking and soon will end with the clock. both artists display their impressive talents and this lp is definitely recommended on picking up. recently skimming through a catalog and saw that both these artist have solo tapes or cds out too. anyone know about these? i can find the titles, but am too lazy right now to go searching. any reviews on these would be great.{ss}

SideLine, nr 3/96
For it's fourtiest act, Ant-Zen has chosen two very close projects. Asche and Morgenstern are indeed both members of Ars Moriendi. But as it was written on their latest 7" (Ant-Zen act 16), 'Ars Moriendi will never be Asche or Morgenstern'. And so it is, even if we hear common sonorities or influences, each has its own ambitions. Morgenstern's side is softer, darker and it slowly installs its ceremonial atmosphere. While Asche's one is more in a perpetual mutation, morphing from ambient part to abstract noise, from shrill frequencies to structured rhythm. A vicious invitation to the viewing of the video these tracks were taken from. An audio-visual performance created by Asche whose aim was to demonstrate the multimedia conception of the 'Recycling-art'. (OM:8) OM.

ultime atome
on ne vous a pas assez parlŽ du sublissime ant zen records, l'occasion m'est donc donnŽ d'insister sur le sujet. difficile de rŽsumer les activitŽs du label, qui multiplie les parutions contre vents et marŽes (c'est-ˆ-dire tous les croques morts de l'industrie du disque, bouffeurs de talents, dŽvots du produit ˆ profit: art, marge et bŽnŽfice net ?). ant zen est tout l'inverse, rŽsolument ˆ contre courant et de plus, sort ŽnormŽment de disques, vinyles et cd aux packagings toujours somptueux, expirant presque l'atmosphre sonore du contenu. le volume 40 n'Žchappe pas ˆ cette description, et le contenu n'en est effectivement pas moins beau. un grand moment musical, que l'on classerait du c™tŽ de l'ambient atmosphŽrique si on nous y forait; pourtant, cela serait considŽrablement sous Žvaluer la richesse de cette production. morgenstern et asche (deux projets issus du split d'un mme groupe, ars moriendi auteur du act 16 qui constituait leur testament sonore) ont composŽ chacun une face qui offre au final un ensemble plut™t homogne. asche livre quatre morceaux encha”nŽs en toute fluiditŽ, qui forment le soundtrack d'une vidŽo de 30 minutes sur le concept du "recycling art". le dŽbut de la face est presque l'Žvocation d'une nuit froide et marine (dune, vent, flux et reflux) ; le temps se suspend enfin. la musique s'Žpaissit ensuite, traversant la duretŽ bruitiste et tendue de l'industrie dŽshumanisante. les deux derniers titres sont superbement rythmŽs, la danse et le cri sont les derniers exutoires. morgenstern fait le mme genre de progression sur ses quatre titres. dŽbut sombre, richement nappŽ o le songe d'une comptine enfantine se rŽvle tre une Žtrange incantation pa•enne. la tension retombe quelques minutes, calme et recueillement sont de mise avant que de lointaines percus et bruits subtilement ma”trisŽs viennent emplir l'atmosphre (l'auteur Žvoque une procession cŽrŽmonial dans un dŽsert de glace). le dernier titre rythmŽ (battu, martelŽ ?) symbolise la relation entre l'hypnose et l'hystŽrie (relaxation externe et trouble intŽrieur). dŽstabilisant et puissant.

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