act 42 maeror tri exorbitant 7"ep

lim. 304, white vinyl, bandarole, paperpackaging, deleted. hypnotising walls of sound drone you down to a sink of industrial meditation.

exorbitant, industrial meditation


SideLine, nr 4/96
With project like Maeror Tri, you don't expect to be surprised, its way of working is now well known from everyone. So this new 7" is composed of two ambient tracks, maybe not so original but not bad either. 'Exorbitant' is completely noise oriented exept maybe a deep bass line that gives the track a kind of human groove in a devastated landscape. "Industrial Meditation" is more softer and more meditative indeed, it keeps the disturbing elements in the background, concentrating the attention of the listeneron a never ending melody. And as usual with Ant-Zen, this 7" comes with a great packaging. (OM: 7/8) OM.

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