act 47 Š brume Š anastomose Š 10"

lim. 497, picture 10", w/ image by francoise duvier, deleted. atmospheric ambient collages

anastomose part I & II


culture shock nr. 03
the latest work of this very long standing french artist comes to you in an exquisite 10'' picture disc on the famous ant-zen, of course in limited edition with artwar execution by salt. i'm not familiar with any of brume's previous work, so i'm sorry but you won't get any historical views on this. i can tell you that even as far as picture discs go, this is aesthetically outstanding. the a-side shows an intricate web or tissue-like pattern, with a skinless human figure affixed at the top, and the b-side shows a wonderful image by the famous franćoise duvivier. the sounds embedded in this disc are frightening and provocative atmospheres generated by tapes and various other instruments. strings, drones, feedback, sometimes even harsh noises are abound here, creating a very spatial landscape that is easy to lose yourself in. very experimental, but not too extreme that anovice to the genre couldn't get an abundance of pleasure from listening. [sage]

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