act 49 v.a. 40 wings lp

lim. 491, special paperpackaging, deleted. doom industrial, ritual and ambient tracks

nightmare lodge. terra feconda
chd. ishtar
stupor. bte noire
hybryds. the lion & the serpent
ah cama sotz. the howl of the warewolf
osira vetum. 81*94
.c.s. tatort flugplatz
mercantan. terran
throbberstalk. adonei disease


SideLine, nr 2/97
Among the hundreds of compilations released every month, here is the one yopu need if you like ambient music. No commercial pretention (it's a limited edition of 488 copies), just a judicious selection of the bands on musical criteria. And what made this LP so pleasant is that it doesn't sound like a collection of tracks with no link but more like an album by only one artist. And even if different styles are represented (doom industrial, ritual or ambient), the whole sound very coherent. 40 Wings is the kind of compilation we really would like to see more often. More than a must, a dream. (OM: 9) OM.

this release came packaged in a bright white sleeve with beautifully blue monochromatic photos of water droplets and ripples. this rare dark ambient lp shows works from some of the best artists in this genre. nightmare lodge opens with an awesome track titled "terra feconda" that just may lead me seeking out more of the is artist's work soon. songs from the ancient creatures of the desert, simple flute melodies, and ritual synthetic drums of chod's "ishtar" prepare us for the darker ones to come. stupor evokes spirits with cold and shallow sounds of the ancient horns and distant beats with "bete noire." which leads into very disturbing and occult rhythms of the hybryd's "the lion and the serpent." conjuring various looped voices of various beasts and magical chants of a creature named yasnaya. on the second side, dr. blood of ah cama-sotz gives us a mysteriously foreboding track called "the howl of the werewolf." immensely fearsome with thick bass atmospheric drones and attacking static waves that swirl about with distant samples of a soothsayer warning us of this loathsome creature. osira vetum haunts us with another disturbing and ghostly track titled "81*94." a.c.s. gives us a short atmospheric piece called "tatort flugplatz." gradually transcending bass string lines and tribal rhythms float along with the cinematic track titled "terran" by mercantan; another artist that calls for further research. ending this release, throbberstalk presents a simple but effectively surreal piece titled "adonai disease." considering how much impressive material ant-zen has released over the years, it is a great privilege to have to this particular lp as part of my collection. many dark ambient compilations are out there, but only a few are as good as this one - a must for any fan of good solid dark ambient, that is if still you can find this one

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