act 50 á v.a. á global pattern á picture 7"ep

winterkŠlte, pineal gland zirbeldruese & salt. lim. 561, picture 7" vinyl ep with inlay, deleted

heavy rhythmic distortions and other abusive noises by both projects.

pineal gland & salt: pattern 14
winterkŠlte: global worming


SideLine, nr 3/96
Like all the picture discs on Ant-Zen, this one is superb. The object on itself justifies the purchase, and that may be the trouble. The object is here more interesting than the music. Especially 'Global Pattern' which is very weak with its too fast binary rhythmic. Fortunately, ;WinterkŠlte' on the other side is much more better. A strong and heavy rhythmic sustained by various noises, the whole sent into effects in order to increase the chaos. (OM: 6) OM.

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