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a monument of dark and sweet sounds for love, desire and death. forgotten the ordinariness. an intense melting of darkest lyrics and ambient & neo-classic doom industrial. when we walk over fields of eternity. we will walk into fields of oblivion. when we talk about things that could have been. we will fall into sleep of insanity. we will drown in the reign of reality. i will feel the light. sink into the forest. deeper. and deeper sleep. deleted

angsterfźlltes morgen, desolation, begrŠbnis der trŠume, ein ferner gru§, procession (version) der quell des lebens - into oblivion, rapture, under her stars (210), aus dunklem schlafe, ressurection in fire, den erloschenen.


eine cd, die von 1991-96 produziert wurde und 97 erst herauskommt -hmm- das gibt zu denken. wobei es sich hierbei noch nicht mal um eine "best of" handelt... elf stźcke beherzigt die einzige cd mondbluts, unterschiedlicher hŠtte es kaum gehen kšnnen. von doom-industrial źber durchschnittliches ambient/ebm bis zum gothischen depri-lied ist alles dabei. trotz den eher neumodischen sounds (cover und intro tŠuschen) merkt man doch, da§ die aus dem raum hamburg kommenden gothen poetisch (mittelalterliche mordgedanken/weltanschauung) oder richtung text (der alt gesuchte sinn des lebens, liebe und sex) einiges drauf haben. mein favorit ist auf jeden fall "desolation", etwas ruhig (so wie der rest) aber zum chillen oder (komischerweise) zum tanzen gut geeignet. da es, wie gesagt anscheinend auch keinen vorgŠnger gibt, sind mondblut recht abwechslungsreich

Re:Mote Induction
This is in fact my second attempt at reviewing this album; my first attempt expressed my initial disappointment with this album given the compilation tracks I have heard to date. But it is funny how listening to the album for this review, my opinion changed - I always listen to an album several times so I get a good feel for it for that reason. I concluded that there were some really good tracks which the other tracks could not live up to. However as I listen to it now, I don't hear one bad track. Some of this stems from the sound of Mondblut - it is all very mellow - so it is easy to sit back and take it for granted. But paying close attention, I realise what I had got from the comilation appearances: Mondblut are melodic, sweeping and stunning, but not in a self indulgent or pretentious way, as can sometimes be the case; Mondblut are electronic, pure electro music, but without the cliches that can sometimes be associated with this kind of music. All in all it is an unusual combination and one that works uniquely well. this is a slow and melodic piece, full of pure moments.
The first track is the title track Angster fźlltes Morgen and is short - but very fine. Melodic, with a gentle German vocal washing across the listener. This is followed by Desolation - which at first I think is going to be very bad - with dodgy folky/mediavel vocal. However this is quickly replaced by a vocal sample - which is the first in a series of samples in this track from what sounds like a classic British Horror film. The electronics are clean and work very well, thank you very much.
BegrŠbnis Der TrŠume is the third track and has a piano sound which is classicaly derived; sweeping keys which would be so right for a concert hall. Ein ferner Gru§ follows; with more to it than the previous track, it still manages to retain the stunning melodies. Unlike the previous track, this one has vocals, as featured on the first track - softly spoken German - extremely evocative, extremely atmospheric.
Next, we have Procession (Version), and given the fact that it is considerably more upbeat than the previous tracks it is a suitable title. Using the electronics mixing with pianos to raise your mood without having to raise the pace. Der Quell des Lebens - Into Oblivion is dark, especially given the tracks so far. Unlike the instrumental track preceding this, we have vocals again - though the vocals are more melancholic than the other vocal tracks. Curiously, the pacing of this track is faster than Procession, but it still never becomes too fast. Also it suddenly occurs to me, that this is the first track with actual singing, and that singing is in English.
The seventh track here is called Rapture which starts with electronics, and a slight beat. With this we have a voice in German, I suspect it is a sample, though I can't be sure - regardless it suits the feel of the track well. This is very electronic music, with the strongest and most persistant beats of the album. There are moments to this you could dance to quite happily - though given the general floaty feel to this track, it is best suited to home listening.
Under Her Stars (210) starts with a buried bass note, and barely audible vocal. The vocal is a woman's voice whispering through mild distortion, which pretty much sums up this minimal track. This is followed by Aus dunklem Schlafe, as featured on the inNOVAtions compilation. As when I heard it there, my opinion is that this is an incredible piece and, as with that album, it is one of the album's highlights for me.
Resurrection In Fire starts with a bubbling sound - an intro which is a pausation before the track's force becomes apparent. The bubbling gives way to a steady electro beat, with a woman's groans and indicephirable voices. As the track progresses the samples describe an event involving dead bodies and a resurrection - later followed by a scream. Throughout a man's voice asks "are you ill?", and the track remains more complex than we can easily fathom with its clean electro simplicity.
The final track is Den Erloschenen which is very subdued - starting as a deep bass dark ambient track. A surprisingly understated conclusion to a surprisingly understated album. But with that it shows the true versatility of Mondblut. To be really dark ambient, a track often has to be quite long, and this one is about ten minutes long, as are a couple of others.
RVWR: PTR, October 1998

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