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act 59 á imminent starvation á human dislocation á cd

imminent starvation's long awaited human dislocation is finally here. here, imminent starvation forges industrial-strength style techno with barbaric schizophrenia; like download on dust, armed to the teeth. they constructs impenetrable walls of distorted technoid rhythm atop a foundation of horrific soundscapes. it is in this surreal foundation that the true genius of this psychotic belgian lies. the structured brutality of the rhythms is great for dancing, but the underlying atmosphere is the most impressive facet of these excursions. they are nightmarishly hallucinogenic, exploring the darkest reaches of the psyche; blurring the lines between your darkest fantasies and your most dreadful fears.
whether you dance or kill, imminent starvation provides the perfect soundtrack.

classified: intelligent, technoid industrial & ambient noise.

nothuman II, lost highway 45, rumours, mosquito, dislocation 2 & 3, infected, ursil, relocation I, injection, against their peace-keepers, even stars..., sysmsarc

remix-lp 'human dislocation' available from hymen rec.

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baconbitz, jan 98
this earpounding contortion of melodic noise is pure psychotic bedlam. it's been revered by many who enjoy this lovely genre of music, including downfall of rec.music.industrial shame who put it on his top ten list of '97. the feel of it makes me think of haujobb's cleansed visions, but it's much more distorted and far more complex. the tracks themselves have a good variety between them. some are loud and piercing while others are slow and almost ambient-like. others have almost a dancey feel to them, but i wouldn't expect to hear it too often in the clubs, because of it's annoying noisiness that would crush some listeners' skulls. all in all, i'd certainly put this on my top ten, top five, and top two lists of '97. best tracks: lost highway 45, dislocation 2 & 3, relocation 1, even stars...

sonic boom, jan 98
with the release of "human dislocation", imminent starvation have placed themselves on the forefront of the so called power noise movement in one single step. this debut album released on germany's ant-zen records is packaged in a black cardboard box with an elaborate brass inlay adorning the cover. as usual, ant-zen's creator s.alt has played a part in this unique artwork design. musically the album is much in the same vein as other artists on the ant-zen roster such as páaál as well as more well known rhythmic noise innovators like dive and esplendor geometrico. for the most part, imminent starvation avoids the use of pure feedback and white noise in it's music, instead choosing to use that noise as a bed for the high speed sampled percussion used throughout the album. all things considered, imminent starvation isn't anything innovative or groundbreaking, but they are a solid example of the quality power noise material that seems to be growing in abundance in europe.

schrei magazin, germany, jan 98
"hilfe!!!", dachte ich nur, als ich imminent starvation einlegte und mit samples und progressive klŠnge, soundcollagen und bewu§tseinsbeeinflussende tšne in mein gehšr einschlugen wie eine bombe, und bei mir fast einen hšrsturz verursachten. von imminent starvation hatte ich noch nie zuvor etwas gehšrt, und schon nach dem zweiten stŸck konnte ich behaupten, da§ diese cd zu meinen absoluten favoriten gehšrt! - noise vom allerfeinsten!!! extrem hart, enorm tanzbar, sehr beeindruckend. vielleicht vergleichbar mit einigen stŸcken von esplendor geometrico und noisex. interessant wurde diese cd schon beim blo§en anblick; die hŸlle aus schwarzer pappe, mit rillen wie wellblech, aufklappbar wie eine brieftasche, und der goldene aufkleber mit band- und albumnamen darauf. vom design her hatte man ideen, genauso wie bei der ausfŸhrung von jedem einzelnen song. von den anspieltips her, kann man sich eigentlich totwerfen, da wirklich nichts schlechtes vertreten ist. imminent starvation stellt wirklich einiges in den schatten. absoluter anspieltip, auch wenn es schwer ist, den besten zu finden, ist track 5. dieser d-zug namens "dislocation 2&3", preschte mit unsagbarer geschwindigkeit durch meinen schŠdel und hinterlie§ nichts weiter als schutt und asche. ich fand dieses album so genial, da§ ich es jedem der mit elektronik etwas anfangen kann nur weiterempfehlen mu§. imminent starvation wirkt auf mich wie eine dicke flŸssigkeit, in der man eintaucht und am liebsten darin ertrinken mšchte. enorm gro§es lob an oliver moreau nach belgien, auch wenn diese worte wohl nie dort ankommen werden! b.h.

adam m. bialek @ outburn #6 / 1998-05-26
electronically speaking, olivier moreau is a one man wrecking crew. this belgian artist holds nothing back and hurls the listener full force into his nihilistic vision. 'human dislocation' is a highly volatile aggregation of nerve shattering machine rhythms, monstrous sound currents, and an unrelenting percussive barrage, which fires away maximum carnage against a backdrop of ravaged audio landscapes. with the exception of the first track, 'nothuman ii', the album greatly benefits from a solid sense of structure in the sea of unbridled chaos. 'sysmsarc' is a befitting closer as an eleven minute moribund droning passage accompanied by eerie feedback and various disturbances, as thought waking up from this inescapable nightmare may never happen. imminent starvation is as cold and barbaric as inhumanity itself.

grinding into emptiness
yes, it's another european power noise cd for me to review. of all the cds in this movement i have listened to (quite a bit as of late), _human dislocation_ is standing a couple inches taller than the rest. what separates i.s. from the others, you might ask? well, it's just a bit more.... a bit more spastic. there are some madly frenetic rhythmic patterns meshed into distorted noise. imminent starvation seem to take their rhythmic cues from the current jungle/electronica/whatever type patterns rather than the straightforward ebm rhythms of sonar, dive, pal, etc. (which are fucking great in their own right... assuming a sufficient amount of distortion is applied). also i.s. seems to have more emotional charge in them, maybe it's just that they actually use melody in a few songs? melody in power noise? hey it works, really damn well i might add. the background siren-sounding melodic progression in the second half of "lost highway 45" is so fucking powerful, and the pounding rhythm is awesome... making that my current favorite track in the power noise category. the music on this disc often achieves that intangible "alien" quality that is generally only achievable by techno-related artists such as autechre, aphex twin, etc. overall, i just have to say that this is a beautiful piece of work and i'm looking forward to hearing more from imminent starvation.

the industrial information station
"Experimental industrial noise from the ant-zen stable. This is a pretty schizophrenic mix of music veering between the industrial toned ambience of 'infected' to the gabba techno leanings of 'dislocation'. Sitting quite comfortably between these two extremes is a chaotic maelstrom of nightmare soundscapes. Subtly unnerving, this CD generates the same disquiet that a good psychological horror film does, with jaggedly build-ups of tension erupting into moments of violence. Not easy listening by any means but if you're in the mood then it can really hit the right spot."(R)

hard, throbbing beats in a sea of breaking glass. that pretty much describes 'nothuman ii', the first track on imminent starvation's 'human dislocation' disc. other tracks, such as the march-like 'rumours', the almost ambient 'mosquito', and the dark ambient 'infected' have a slower pace altogether, creating a well rounded listening experience between the harder structured noise of other tracks. one of my favorite tracks is 'even stars...', which starts out with two minutes of pitch distortion before breaking into one of the best beats on the disc. at about the four minute mark, it takes a break into laid back noise, before once again returning to its rhythm. this is the only track other than 'nothuman ii' to use any type of vocal samples, and in this case it works extremely well. imminent starvation have a distinct style - many of their tracks alternate hard, fast aggressive rhythms with a calmer, laid back version of the same rhythm. the result is quite a few tracks (i.e., 'nothuman ii', 'lost highway') with a kind of 'a a a a a a' pattern, with the small a's the calm at the eye of a storm. this is not to imply that these tracks are repetitive or formulaic, for they are neither... it is just part of imminent starvation's style, and it works very, very well. imminent starvation had one of my favorite tracks ('tentack [live]') on ant-thology, the ant-zen compilation, and they do not disappoint on this cd. they cover a wide range of genres on this disc, and do them all well. highly recommended. review by krist

ultime atome
imminent starvation ou l'Žlectronique ŽcorchŽe vive. olivier moreau, puisque c'est de lui qu'il s'agit, est un musicien entier ; cela lui autorise ce regard dŽtachŽ et mme ironique sur son travail : "les nouveaux titres d'imminent starvation ne font pas dans la dentelle, et ont plus leur place dans l'Žtal d'une boucherie". o.m. ne m‰che ni ses mots, ni ses sons, maniant dŽrision et oppression comme l'auditeur se perd entre danse et Žcroulement. "techno•d noises for collapsing people". il semble avoir condensŽ jusqu'ˆ l'Žtouffement une masse sonore qu'il libre pour ce disque ; jouant donc son Žnergie contre la n™tre, il impose un dŽbit lapidaire, tout en canalisant les effluves corrosives et les courts-circuits explosifs provoquŽs par un charcutage numŽrique en rgle. mise ˆ cru des viscres Žlectroniques, torsion des frŽquences jusqu'ˆ en rompre la fibre, il y a lˆ un acharnement, implacable de prŽcision qui confine au malaise. alors, danser plut™t que de perdre la face, rire devant ces secousses et sŽquences abruptes. ou subir le massage/broyage neuronal, cherchant essoufflŽ, la paix dans d'improbables aires ambient qui finissent par se tendre sournoisement, tressaillant sous l'effet de dŽcharges Žpilep-tiques soudaines, puis pris en boucle comme on mettrait la tte dans un lave-linge. sauf cas particulier des noise addicts (sous perf' de masonna / vivenza / mersbow ˆ l'‰ge o d'autres dŽcouvrent la fm), il y a fort ˆ parier que human dislocation soit un moment d'Žcoute intense pour chacun (ose si t'es cap'). avec en point d'orgue une autoroute perdu en plage 2, chef d'oeuvre, aboutissement du genre Žlectro indus, signe probable de l'achvement d'une (courte) re de la danse et du bruit. n.b. : le dŽlicieux hymen 001 n'est autre qu'un prŽcieux maxi vinyl offrant 6 remixes acŽrŽs, tirŽs du cd et utilisables en cas de dŽbordement d'Žnergie.

just recently discovering the many great bands in the "power-noise" genre and picking up as much of it as possible, i bought imminent starvation's album "human dislocation" on a recommendation from various posters of rec.music.industrial, and what a great recommendation it was. this album is full of brutal percussion, massive amounts of distorted rhythms and machine noises. tracks like "lost highway 45" really stand-out as top-notch rhythmic noise pieces. building on various machine noises, hard pounding percussion and drone filled synths, "lost highway 45" pushes you along at a heart pounding fever inducing pulse. the track "rumours" relies on gritty drum sounds and a funny little rhythm. this track gives me images of tiny machines working in a factory in unison with the beat and sounds of metal scraping and being beaten into submission. "dislocation 2&3" is probably the fastest and percussion heavy track on the disc. mountains of distortion collapse around a pulsating machine beat, accented with bits of noise and some great electronic sounds. i can see this track really destroying dance floors around the world causing spasm-like body distortions as club-goers try to keep up with the pace of this monster of a noise track. if drone filled ambiance is your thing, you'll enjoy the track "infected," which has a very dark soundtrack feel to it. very creepy and indeed interesting. with sporadic drum beats (reminiscent of the type of drum sound used in the start of the movie akira) this track will have you mellowed out in no time. i love the contrast in tracks on this disc. one minute you're dancing around like a madman to the pulsating beats and rhythms the next you're relaxing to the sounds of dark eerie soundscapes. an absolutely brilliant disc and a much needed addition to any noise fans cd collection. (gunhed)

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