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act 63 á páaál á m@rix á cd
act 63.6 á páaál á m@box ábox á lim. 349, cd, t-shirt, metal pin, nylon bag, deleted

the 2nd fulltime album by p.a.l. hard, distorted ryhthmic-textures, elektronic feedback, and structured chaos alternate with hypnotic, ambient noisescapes. an explosive mix that can be described as industrial-tech. this is hard-edged brutality layered in hypnotic textures, creating a very complex melting of beauty and power. continue to push the limits, deleted

remix-lp 'm@rmx' available from hymen rec.

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metrum v1.2, unwanted, cyber junkyard, t.a.e., e-mass, hybcollab 3, germanized industries, ehomp that sucker! (live), purge, wasteland


the industrial bible
after hearing metrum on the culture shock compilation i was eager to hear more from páaál. it wasn't too long before i received maschinenewelt ii compilation and was treated to yet another páaál track, erosion. finally i got my hands on m@rix, the most recent full length from the european noise terrorist. before i go on, i should note that while páaál's music is extremely harsh and noisy, it is also very danceable and audio friendly. the nine new tracks (all instrumentals) and one live piece on m@rix are all very addicting in their own way. t.a.e., combining random, violent vocal samples, high pitched rhythms, and bass pounding beats, was my immediate favorite. unwanted contains twisted samples from the dog pound found sound cd and blends them with a brusque, aquatic rhythm and a severely distorted beat. the percussion programming behind cyber junkyard is a congealed joining of near break beat drums and scratchy cymbals. 303 sounds are layered upon hollow beats and male choir samples on e-mass. purge takes a similar programming route in that some of the more prominent sounds are distorted variations of the old 303 sound. m@rix finishes off with wasteland, a non rhythmic driven piece which features fluctuating synth lines and a near constant, noisy chord. around the ¸ way mark, this piece takes a bit of a tune, implementing more noise orientated elements with the groundwork that had already been laid down. m@rix is an addictive cd and should be accepted by those who enjoy the more experimental side of electronic music as well as those who prefer the more dance friendly electro.

bereits seit november letzten jahres haben wir das vergnŸgen, endlich den tšnen des lang erwarteten, neuen albums von p.a.l zu lauschen, und wir merken, da§ p.a.l doch ganz der alte geblieben ist. zwar wurden etliche neue elemente wie breakbeats und englischsprachige samples eingebaut - dennoch hšrt man ganz deutlich raus, wer dort wieder sein bestes gab, um das anspruchsvolle industrialgehšr zu befriedigen. insgesamt kommen rhythmus und kopf- und fu§wippende verlockungen deutlicher zur geltung. auch jene leute, die sich die "signum" wegen "gelšbnis" und "shiftwork" zulegten, sollten bei "marix" zugreifen, da sie ein recht lobenswertes werk zum durchlaufen lassen, da§ so einige leckerbissen wie "metrum v1.2" oder "cyber junkyard" beinhaltet.

mucke und mehr
ahh, mal wieder etwas neues aus muenchen. zehn tracks und 56 minuten tanzbarer industrialmusik praesentieren sich auf dieser cd. mal sehr krachig wie "hybcollab 3", mal fast melancholisch langsam wie "wasteland" - p.a.l zeigt sich sehr abwechslungsreich. auch auf dieser cd vereinen sich wieder zahlreiche sprachsamples mit den soundtuefteleien p.a.l's zu einem interessanten und genialen brei, der aus den boxen blubbert. fuer einen lieblingstrack konnte ich mich bis jetzt noch nicht entscheiden, aber "e-mass" und "purge" stehen sehr weit oben auf der liste. ich hoffe, dass ich dieses jahr das vergnuegen habe, eines der raren konzerte p.a.l's erleben zu duerfen.
9 von 10 punkten

don muerte dayton, ohio
one very fine album from a power noise artist that has been around since the begining of this grand movement. the music is somewhat reminiscent of the style that kraftwerk implemented in works like "metal on metal" and "abzug". very easy to "get into", being an idm-like composition with some massive amounts of distortion filtered into the beat. the mechanical/electronic mood of this album make it a sure fire hit for those interested in autechre, dive, and noisex. best tracks: cyber junkyard, t.a.e., germanized industry

sonic-boom, jan 1998
christian pallentin returns with his second full length record that is, perhaps, the most electronically influenced to date. once again, the album is free from lyrical content, yet just enough vocal samples to satiate those hungry for dialogue. m@rix is also the most cohesive album with tracks that flow together in a pleasing manner, frommore upbeat tracks towards slower, more experimental pieces. yet, the album still fits well within the mold of the power noise movement, regardless of the massive tempo differences between the swiftness of 'metrum v1.2' and the drawl of 'wasteland'. m@rix also contains a very well produced live track: 'whomp that sucker', with analogue bleeps and warbles. there is even a p.a.l / hybryds collaboration, aptly titled, 'hybcollab 3' which is the noiseest and most chaotic track on the album. p.a.l has definitely grown a great deal since the release of "signum" in 1995, yet fans of his previous work should still enjoy the caustic brilliance of his compositions.

No i nowa p yta PALa wreszcie jest. To jest taki noisowy industrial, kt¢ry bardzo lubi . Poza ha asem co si dzieje. Charcz ca perkusja, porozbijane, technowate rytmy, noisowe sample, wszystko zarazem trzyma si kupy. Troch wkierunku dive, ale bardziej kojarzy mi si z innymi grupami z ANT-ZENu; imminent starvation, synapscape. Niew tpliwie (co za cz sto u ywam tego sowa) jest to co nowego. W por¢wnaniu z poprzedni p yt jest bardziej urozmaicona, rytmiczna i przemy lana. Przy PALu to suicide commando gra ca kiem melodyjny industrial, wr cz popowy!! No nie jest to muzyka do cz stego s uchania, bo mo na mie k opoty nerwowe, ale potrafi wprowadzi w mi y stan podniecenia. Troch brakuje chwili wytchnienia, dopiero ostatni utw¢r jest spokojny, wr cz ambientowy(do czasu!). To ju nie jest industrial w czystej postaci, tylko eksperymentalny techno-industrial, w dobrym rozumieniu s owa techno. Dla mnie super, a jedyny mankament to jak na ANT-ZEN nieszczeg¢lna ok adka.

grinding into emptiness
when i first got this cd as part of a fairly large order of power-noise/noisey types stuff, it didn't impress me quite as much as other stuff i had heard in the area. however after repeated listens i have found this cd turning up in my player more often than any other. m@rix shows probably the widest range of styles that i have yet to hear on an ant-zen style cd. the first track "metrum" is the most obvious for gaining crossover fans from the more mainstream areas of industrial/ebm etc. it has a harsh mechanical synth line with a regular techno-electro thud-thud-thud beat in the background, and even a cheesey kmfdm-ish guitar riff thrown in. good track, not really the best on here but it's the best for instant gratification-type moments. "unwanted" is where pal starts to show their propensity for experimental weirdness which is displayed throughout this release. kind of a difficult track to describe, but there are some strange-sounding 16th note synth patterns that under different effects, eerie samples of distant screaming , light electronic drumming... i dunno, i'm giving up on describing this one. you'll just have to listen. "cyber junkyard" is close to the style of _signum_ with lots of heavy industrial-distorted percussion, only the pattern is a little less straightforward than before. "t.a.e." is my personal favorite on the disc. it is atmospheric and almost could be described as pal meets scorn. anyway it has a subtle triphop-ish quality that is pretty cool. "e-mass" is a pretty odd track; gregorian chant mixed with old-skool electronic drums+handclap, a phat bassline which is manipulated/fucked up a lot throughout the track. weird ..... #6 "hybcollab 3" goes beyond distorted rhythms.... more like pure walls of distortion arranged rhythmically. "germanized industry" is light clicking/clanking sounds with total industrial-noise on top in spurts. "whomp that sucker (live)" is another more normal (in comparison) heavy-percussion-power-noise song... "purge" is another song based around taking 16th note synth lines and fucking the hell out of them. only this time it is all synth, no drums at all. "wasteland" the final track, is a very moody and slow tempo song, with resonating piano chords and the good ol' industrial clang-n-bang stuff. overall this cd is rediculously cool, madly rad shit. it is very ecclectic in style and helps expand the range of what powernoise is capable of in it's entirety. pal seems to be headed into some very experimental and creative territory and i have only high hopes for what this project (or offshoots) will achieve in the future.

aural fixation
this is, quite possibly, the best album of the year. the sample-happy p.a.l. continues to blow me away with the full-length follow-up to signum. but this time, i was more than impressed. i was amazed and inspired. the reworked "metrum v 1.2" sets the album in motion with a beat even the toughest electro snob couldnt help but dance to. tracks like "purge" and "unwanted" pulsate at obscene bpms without boring the listener with unnecessary noise. in fact, this release really isnt based around noise, unlike some groups who hide behind it for fear of being found out. my favorite song of the entire album is "t.a.e." which brings to mind such a dark and terrifying vision that i couldnt help but get chills. in addition to its buzzing and ritualistic beats, "t.a.e." also has the most appropriate utilization of vocal samples i've heard in a long time. the final track "wasteland" is to m@rix what "cighid" is to signum; a complete detachment from the rest of the album and a chance to reflect. soothing and creepy all at this same time, this song is p.a.l.s ballad for industrial ears. like any other work of art, stand away from it and experience its ugly beauty. minimal and diverse, m@rix is must for anyone disgusted with the lack of talent present in the current scene. it may be that p.a.l. has successfully found a way to bring traditional industrial music like throbbing gristle back. and thats what this release truly is: industrial.

the industrial information station
"Great stuff... back to basics with some experimental, industrial noise. This CD is all about rhythm and beats and its got plenty of both. Vocals are limited to the occasional sample with the exception of 'e-mass' which combines, strident pulsing, ethereal electronic samples and a choir to amazing effect. Refreshingly simple yet complex in its construction I've been playing this CD a lot. Not what I'd call passive listening though, as each track grabs your attention, creates a mood and sucks you in. The opening track 'metrum v1.2' appears on the latest Innovation sampler and is a pretty good introduction to their distinctive sound."(R)

Pal seems to be a band getting a lot of attention at the moment. And rightly so I think. He is bringing experimental rhythmical noise to the masses using more techno oriented tracks. For instance Gelobnis from first full Cd album Signum was a big hit in clubs all over Europe and he has also gained attention with versions of Wumpscuts Concrete Rage and also lyrics on Wumpscuts song UK Decay from the Mesner Tracks album. As always for Ant-Zen this was released in two formats, limited edition box set (Actually nylon Bag set!) and also just the simple unlimited Cd in the plastic jewel case. The first track is a slightly remixed version of the track Metrum. This song originally appeared on the cover Cd of Culture Shock magazine and has had success in the clubs the same way as Gelobnis has. Its perhaps not quite as good in its remixed form but maybe that's because I have heard the original so many times before this. But anyway what has to be said is that Metrum is one hell of a fast technoid track that is so simple but incredible at the same time. Cyber Junkyard is just my complete definition of Industrial. Hard hitting distorted metal clank sounds, slabs of distorted snare and a simple analogue riff. T.a.e is good repetitive dancefloor, with a constant beat, and nice distorted but crisp snares, with a roaming melody on top with samples from various films coming in and out (although I don't really recognize any of them). E-mass is rooted firmly in the experimental techno vain, and features an acid bassline, lots of handclaps and a severely pitch bending drum line, all toped off with a nice bit of church choir! Hybcollab 3 is quite similar to Cyber Junkyard except more noisy and hard hitting, just the way we like it! The live track featured - Whomp that sucker (which was recorded in 1996) is nice and has more of those metal clanks and a slow but ever so powerful beat. If this is what Pal sounds like live then Ill be the first in the queue if he ever comes to play in the UK! Another fantastic release from Pal, and a natural progression from the Signum album and Reel EP. Need to go and hunt down those limited vinyl releases now!

black #10
um es mit den worten von p.a.l zu sagen: "-m@rix- ist todesgeil, todesgŸnstig und todesgut geworden!". Šu§erlich ist man der schwarz/wei§/rot Šsthetik treu geblieben, aber wirklich nur Šu§erlich, da sich der sound wesentlich verŠndert hat, aber das hat ja die -remote- 7' auf hands schon angedeutet! track 1 klingt wie ein rotierendes propellerblatt, in dessen sound sich bald eine hŠmmernde bassdrum mischt und dieser titel eignet sich hervorragend als untermalung eines werbespot - in zeiten von drum'n bass musik unter jeglicher werbung gar nicht undenkbar...! mit "unwanted" wird die rhythmische stimmung aber gleich wieder gebrochen und wir hšren 7 minuten lang tierasylgerŠusche in einem brodelnden electronicsumpf - schrŠg. "cyber junkyard" ist vom selben technoschlage wie der 1. track und als nŠchstes folgt mit "t.a.e." der hit Ÿberhaupt. dialogsamples aus -henry, portrŠt of a serial killer- erklingen zu einem verschachteltem rhythmus und prŠzisen drums - tanzen, tanzen und nochmals tanzen! "e-mass" ist dann wieder ein ruhepunkt, bei welchen p.a.l einen russischen chor mit pluggerndem sound kombiniert und als nŠchstes schwingt er wieder bei "hybcollab" die rhythmus/junglepeitsche. zu "germanized industry" brauche ich nicht viel zu sagen, der titel spricht exakt fŸr sich! "whomp that sucker!" dŸrfte ja schon von der -c-lector- compilation lp bekannt sein und erinnert in der hier enthaltenen liveaufnahme am ehesten an die Šlteren p.a.l werke. ausklang findet -m@rix- durch das atmosphŠrisches stŸck "wasteland", welches seine faszination durch einen monotone klavieranschlag bezieht Ð ein industrielles "candle in the wind"... natŸrlich gibt es zur cd auch eine limitierte box, die diesmal aber eine coole tasche ist und ein t-shirt, anstecker, poster, jede menge pappe und uffklŠber enthŠlt... die sensationelle cd nicht zu vergessen! allerdings dŸrfte das auf 349 einheiten limitierte stŸck lŠngst ausverkauft sein, aber fŸr alle anderen gibt es ja noch die einfache cd und die ist wirklich gut bzw. anders geworden! deutsche sample und ein "gelšbnis 2" sucht man aber vergeblich und es ist dem p.a.l hoch anzurechnen, das er nicht auf nummer sicher gegangen ist! die bereits angekŸndigte remix lp auf hymen dŸrfte dann wohl noch technoider werden und hoffentlich auch die raves erreichen. (m.f.)

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