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400 days after terrorizing the world with his debut album "out of order", raoul r. finished the second strike "over and out". all tracks are written and produced by raoul r. beside the "out of order"-tour 1996. additional support by anja.x (ultra instinct). o.a.o. is another part of this never-ending line of world destruction. is this the end? what's next? songs like "human control", "real", and "underground dreamland" have to respond. the evolution is moving faster still, and over and out is an explosive melting of harsh power movements, well-structured, intelligent tunes, technoid grooves, and minimalistic electronics.

phalaenopsis, real, pulsator, wasted dreams, united, bodies, maschinwšrk, rotation, schlachtkoerperzerlegung, 4-025905-907021, opok, underworld dreamland, s.age, human control, terrible target, over and out, cp drummer (páaál remix), phalaenopsis (galan pixs remix)


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the industrial bible
with his sophomore release, raoul roucka (aka noisex) brings back the harsh noises he previously delivered, but this time he adds a few new elements to the mix. over and out still retains the gritty, raw quality of out of order, but adds styles such as hip-hop, speed ebm, break-beat, and strict electro into the mix. the 18 tracks range from the clamorous opok to the early puppyish sounding 4-025905-907021. phalaenopsis begins things with a combination of a pulsating electronic rhythm, a dark string arrangement, and a grizzly industrial noise that sounds like a car attempting to engage. as the track progresses, a scraping beat is introduced along with sparse, shouted vocals. this track is very much like the pieces on out of order. real introduces a slowed-down hip-hop beat, chanted gothic samples, and fluctuating sequence pattern that becomes ear shattering at times. as its name suggest, pulsator is a throbbing piece with a distorted gabba beat, rough vocals, and raw sounding electronic sequences. perhaps the most non-noise orientated piece is wasted dreams. this track contains a melodic string arrangement and echoing, guttural vocals. united (power noise movement) returns to the noisy side with grating sequences juxtaposed against a vibrating rhythm line. bodies is reliant on its stumbling beat and whispered, twisted vocals. combining a harsh, machine-like sample with a more electro dance rhythm is the driving force behind mashinwšrk. this track is one of the more friendly pieces and could be a potential hit on the dance floors. underworld dreamland is a fantastic track that combines elements of trance (found in the cascading sequences), hard electro (found in the vocals), and noise (found in the rhythm line.) by combining all three of these, raoul creates a most original composition. from the whaling siren sample in the beginning to the manipulated sci-fi, laser sound at the end, terrible target hits the mark with a thunderous beat, abrasive sequences, and beat driven break-downs that pummel the listener into oblivion. over and out sounds like speed metal meets experimental noise. páaál mix cp drummer into a strict ebm piece with minimal static-like noise in the background. the final track, phalaenopsis (gaian pixs rmx) takes the original and makes it even more chaotic with the addition to break-beats, and added noise. this is a great track to finish off the cd with, but i only wish it were a bit longer. comparing out of order with over and out, i find that over and out is a but more listenable. with the addition of so many musical styles, over and out plays off as a very strong release. i hope that future releases by raoul follow this exact pattern.

don muerte dayton, ohio
Raoul R., often revered the new redeemer of "power noise", has gotten into his jumpsuit and created another non-traditional mix of "drum n noise". He does a good job of putting together some noise that doesn't completely mix at times, which makes it all that more great. Structure is NOT the idea behind "power noise". Although this subgenre does have a lot more of a beat than traditional noise ( what an oxymoron ), it still contains the cut and paste feel of previous noise reformers like Dive. It's certainly not intended to be smoothly transitioned electro that must of us are so used to. Anyway, enough about the style, on to the album as an independent entity. There is a lovely angst-like feel hidden inside this hard-to-sleep-to (believe me, I tried it once) composition. Raoul teams up with Rudy R. again and shoots down a few more Zeppelins on his way to the "Power Noise Hall Of Fame". Best Tracks: real, bodies, opok, underworld dreamland, human control, terrible target

INK magazine, italy, oct '98
Temevo nell'albo dei Noisex il solito industrial fin troppo meccanico e poco interessante, quello che si fa con macchine e casino insomma, solo quello. Invece credo di stare ascoltando un buon disco di elettronica evoluta. Gira nel mio cd player alla stessa velocitˆ degli altri, anche se le note sono di feroce impatto, le urla sono decisamente violente, la musica non  tra le pi digeribili attualmente in giro. I Noisex di "Over And Out" non somigliano a nessuno, anche se, si sente quanto loro siano stati seduti ai banchi di scuola degli Einsturzende Neuerbauten, dei Front 242, dei Front Line Assembly. Si apprende un genere insomma, anzi vari generi ed argomenti sonori, ma ne si fa un gusto del tutto personale. Noisex  anche strano minimalismo elettronico; Noisex  anche frizzante tecnologia; eclettici probabilmente questi illustri sconosciuti. Si faranno apprezzare.

grinding into emptiness
out of the loins of such rhythmic electro-noisists as dive and esplendor geometrico springs noisex, declaring "in noise we trust" on the t-shirts sold at a recent tour. "noise" would be a wonderful descriptive word for this music were it not already the name of a rather different sounding musical genre. unlike most bands in the noise genre, noisex is very rhythmically oriented, and very unchaotically structured. pounding industrial beats, often distorted, are overlayed with indecipherably distorted vocals, distorted and otherwise altered synth or piano, and some more general noise. take your basic :wumpscut: track, remove most of the melody, and then pump the whole thing through a couple distortion pedals and you'll get the idea. at times the tempo is slow, giving the music a bone-crushing industrial feel, at other times it is faster and sounds like an experimental noise version of gabber. although the strong dive similarities might be taken as unoriginality; noisex does bring his own unique vision into the sound. he is still a young artist, only on his second release, so i feel some need to cut him some slack. already he has progressed from being a complete early dive clone on the first cd to throwing some of his own ideas into the mix, such as the faster "distorted gabber" beats. i have only high hopes for what noisex will evolve into in the future. this is the first time in ages that i have actually seen a band declare itself to be "industrial," when the warning inside the cd case cautions you to "excercise extreme care when auditioning this industrial recording on consumer playback equipment." the description, however much hubris it might indicate, is quite apt; if i had never known anything about the industrial movement or its history, and just listened to the machine-line oppressive noise on this cd, only one word would come to mind: industrial. not a bad cd, interesting and original and varied.

Electronic Diseases, july/august 97
Hier is het vriendje van :wumpscut: weer met zijn 2e album. Raoul R. (dezelfde initialen als Rudy :wumpscut: Ratzinger!) heeft, na het redelijk succesvolle album Out Of Order, met deze Over And Out een waardige opvolger op de markt gebracht. Maar liefst 18 nummers inclusief een P.A.L remix van Cp Drummer en een Galan Pixs remix van Phalaenopsis teisteren je gehoororganen met zware industri‘le ritmes. Alhoewel het gehele album mijn goedkeuring kan wegdragen vind ik de nummers Mashinwork, Pulsator (herkenbare :wumpscut: geluidjes) en Human Control (Dive-like) tot de absolute hoogtepunten van dit album behoren. Noisex heeft experimentele geluiden samengevoegd met industri‘le dansinvloeden en zwaar vervormde zang en zodoende een cocktail gebrouwen die zeer de moeite waar is om geproefd te worden. (co2) 8.0

black #13
"in noise we trust" oder der thomas d des rhythmic-industrials bzw. mein liebster t-shirt-lieferant ist wieder zurŸck und diesmal kommt es wirklich dick. Ÿber 140 minuten musik hat raoul auf dieser doppel-cd zusammengetragen und wenn man noch die auf 686 stŸck limitierte box sein eigen nennt, kommt neben den Ÿblichen devotionalien wie poster, sticker, metal-pin und kondom (sic, natŸrlich in noisex-verpackung und schwarz) noch eine 3 track-single dazu! jetzt werden sicherlich einige leute sagen, das 140 minuten noisex eindeutig zufiel ist, doch zu was ist denn der cd-player mit seinen vielen programmiermšglichkeiten da, wenn man diese nicht nutzt. mir ist eine cd mit 70 minuten jedenfalls lieber, als eine mit 30 minuten, die dann auch noch meist den vollpreis kostet Ð ich will neben qualitŠt auch quantitŠt fŸr mein geld und den letzten zweiflern mšchte ich sagen, das diese dcd zum normalpreis angeboten wird! musikalisch ist auf diesem dritten album von noisex die bandbreite so gro§ wie nie zuvor und es gibt neben den Ÿblichen rhythm' noise auch doomig-apokalyptische tracks, technoide smasher, ambiente tupfer, minimale melodische spielereien und natŸrlich auch wieder was zum schmunzeln ("auf geht's buam!"). nebenbei hat der raoul fŸr uns geplagte journalisten gleich noch ein paar neue "schubladen" erfunden, die da dist beat, drum'n noise und industrial-tek hei§en und welche ich in zukunft des šfteren bei beschreibungen anzuwenden gedenke. auf die einzelnen 33 bzw. mit single 36 tracks jetzt nŠher einzugehen, wŸrde zu weit fŸhren und nur so viel: noisex ist kreativ wie nie zuvor gewesen, seine tracks sind komplexer, intelligenter und etwas dreckiger geworden, die spŸrbarsten einflŸsse sind aus der technoecke gekommen und der sound ist auf der einen seite eingŠngiger, aber andererseits auch etwas anarchistischer ausgefallen. wie bei den beiden vorhergehenden noisex-alben bleibt mein urteil gleich: hŠrte, spannung und humor - alles drin in diesen cd's! (m.f.)

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