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remixes, lim. 503. deleted.

imminent starvation tracklist: inner strategy, intravan. original by synapscape
synapscape tracklist: selfdestruct, relocation. original by imminent starvation

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Re:Mote Induction
This is a 10" limited edition picture disc featuring two tracks by each of the two bands. On one side we have a metalised Imminent Starvation IS logo and the other the Synapscape under similar effects. The two Synapscape tracks are previously available and are remixed by Imminent Starvation, while Imminent Starvation offer one previously unreleased track and one old track to be remixed by Synapscape.
Self Destruct is a previously unreleased track by Imminent Starvation starting with slow hammers. Hazy and distorted, the steady beat is accompanied by an assortment of other noises. Then strangely we have vocals; which i can only presume to be part of Synapscape's contribution. None of the IS material i have heard to date has had vocals so this is an interesting twist. This is one of IS's slower numbers, rather than the pummelling tracks they are becoming known for. We can feel a Synapscape edge in the submersion and subsequent distortion of the layers. Fascinatingly nightmarish, and as with a nightmare as it ends you are not fully convinced it ever happened. Of the lyrics i can make out only one word... "destructive!"
On the other hand Relocation is a previously released track, having featured on both Human Dislocation and Human Relocation. With this being familiar, it sounds as such but quickly more brittle and distorted. Again we have vocals, definitely not in the original. A screeching harsh voice which is totally incomprehensible. Steadily deteriorating into noise - creating a totally different mood. More likely to clear the floor than fill it - decidedly uncomfortable. Actually on refelction I probably would attempt to dance to this, as would some others. but no doubt in doing so we would mark ourselves as being somewhat disturbed.
Inner Strategy is a track located on Synapscape's first album. While some will expect a speeded up crunchier mix from IS, the pace remains about the same. Less out and out apocalyptic, but grinding viciously all the same. This is a monument to the art of repetition - constant and consistent. Like the slow progress of some huge vehicle, its treads moving forward one slab of sound at a time while the cogs squeal and turn under the unreasonable pressure. Has a nice ambienting out which clears the way for a gabble of electronic voices encrypted against surveilance.
Intravan is a track from Synapscape's second album Rage. Bursts of ambience waft away on the breeze like seeds. But IS add an electronic static menace - grinding and jittering across the emergent beats. In some ways as Intravan grows it feels like an armed force patrolling the streets. With the IS edge added to the possibility of synapscape's motive this feels like an occupying force. Hidden behind closed doors, glimpses of torch light, tense breathing moments as the large groups trudge past.
RVWR: PTR, March 1999

black #13
eines gleich vornweg - diese platte ist nur fŸr fans der beiden projekte gedacht und jede bringt in die remixe jeweils ihre eigenen stilmittel mit ein! das hei§t also im klartext, das synapscape bei ihren remixen von imminent starvation ein wenig wirrnis und zerrung einbringen, wogegen imminent starvation die tracks von synapscape etwas hŠmmernder und strukturierter gestaltete. doch nun zu den eckdaten: imminent starvation remixt "inner strategy" vom debŸtalbum synapscapes und den opener der "rage"-cd "intravan". synapscape versuchen sich dagegen an einem raren track des belgiers von seinem tape "emergency provision" namens "selfdestruct" und "relocation" von der ersten cd/lp "humen dislocation" bzw. "humen relocation", welcher fŸr mich persšnlich der absolute hammerremix auf dieser 10' ist. Ÿbrigens liebe alexandria maciola vom orkus, das heisere krŠchzen bei dem remix von "selfdestruct" stammt nicht von synapscape, sondern von olivier moreau selbst, da dieser auf seinem ersten tape noch vocals als stilmittel einsetzte - aber man kann ja nicht alles wissen! ansonsten ist diese picture-disc ansprechend mit den jeweiligen logos der formationen gestaltet und auf 503 stŸck limitiert. (m.f.)

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