ant-zen act 86 á noisex á ignarrogance (the first and second face of) á double cd á deleted
ant-zen act 86.8 á noisex á ignarrogance á special edition á deleted

incl. double cd 'ignarrogance', 7" vinyl ep 'the masked face' (exclusive material),
a2-poster, metal pin, sticker, postcard, noisex condom, limited to 686 copies.

finally, raoul r. strikes back with his 3rd attack called 'ignarrogance'. this act is finished, again punctual, 400 days after the last album 'over and out'. the word ignarrogance was newly created by raoul r. to reflect the shapes of ignorance vs. arrogance ö two faces in a man's mental state. both features reflect your very own fear and wishes in this high tech communication era at the same time. they fight each other for a guilty conscience and they're proud to push your tough virtues into new heights of imaginable satisfaction. be honest, be yourself and use the faces of your ignarrogance in your very own way. many things happened since the last album, like us over and all successfully nosex us-tour in august - september '97 and countless concerts in europe. also, raoul forced his activities as dj for noise, drum'n bass, ambient and industrial in the munich dance scene and became well known for his uncompromising style of his line-up. all these experiences and the evolution left it's mark also in raoul's sonic interpretation. on ignarrogance the typical noisex style became a little bit more anarchic and much rougher than before. the songstructures are very complex and the mixture with other music styles became much more intense and perfect. it became noisex's trademark to treat with mainly distorted and extreme beats which were combined with minimalistic electronics and intelligent tunes.

this is the power noise movement worldwide!

face 1 tracklist
screems from a handicapped nation, biohazard, cardiac infarction, bang tha' beat bastard, lava (silent death), plasmid, i will!, stinger, psychotic guardians in absence, x-ecution, maschinwerk (lust!figure style), don't ya' fuckin' look at me, noisexorzist, digital disease, black tortŸre, s.phynxx,

face 2 tracklist
burn these puppets, stomp age, ignarrogance, phantom fist, lava (x-ecuted), nt-zn, noisedisco, alone, tomorrow is one day after, one vision, ekg baby, x-ecution (lust!figure style), in noise we trust, the hidden, automŠtic, templedance, auf geht's buam ! (very special bonus)

7" vinyl ep 'the masked face' tracklist:
ticket to nowhere, wicked weirdoz, bobolovsky's diner

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last sigh
the third cd from noisex is out! ignarrogance is a double-cd with a total of 33 tracks (almost 2 1/2 hours of music), and ant-zen is once more the label responsible for the attack. for anyone remotely familiar with the high standards of noisex and ant-zen, no further motivation should be necessary to rush out and acquire this monolithic release. the sound of noisex is dominated by heavy, accelerated percussion of a metallic quality, and downright distorted and smudgy aural textures. roucka's vocals are mostly reduced to single words or short phrases repeated with hypnotic intensity, in a voice that is coarse and raspy. occasionally aided by a synth theme or a media sample, these are the essential components, from which noisex has constructed the strong program of songs featured on ignarrogance. there is hardly a dull moment, the music is at all times dynamic and charged, and many of the songs are even catchy in a manner that one would not think possible, considering the raw and aggressive nature of the music. although ignarrogance does not seem to follow any fixed structural schema, the cd -- as reflected in its title -- revolves around two aspects of the human psyche that often travel together: ignorance and arrogance. these two mental conditions come to the fore in the lyrics, as well as in the samples that have been used on a few of the songs. however, more notably, the fierceness of the music itself appears to be a comment -- or revolt -- against ignorance and arrogance, or ignarrogance as roucka would have it. in accordance with raoul roucka's rigid self-imposed release pattern, ignarrogance has been released exactly 400 days after noisex's last cd over and out, and there should be enough material here to keep noisex fans everywhere busy for the next 400 days. however, should this not be the case, ignarrogance has also been made available in a special edition of only 686 copies, which includes an extra 7" with three exclusive tracks ("ticket to nowhere," "wicked weirdoz" and "bobolovsky's diner"), as well as a wealth of other curiosities such as a metal pin, postcard, and...a noisex condom (unfortunately only designed for the smaller members of the audience).

the new empire
After 400 days since the last album he strikes again. This time more brutal than ever with this 31 track double cd·(boxset includes 3 more tracks on vinyl). I directly decided to get me the Boxset version 'coz that one included 3 xtra tracks in the form of a 7" single, I love the smell of fresh vinyl in the morning·.it smells like·..Noisex. The tracks have a very brutal sound often more going in the direction of early P:A:L·Harsch technoid noise with distorted drumbeats·often reminding me of a trend here in holland called Gabber who allmost use the same drumstyle. My personal favorites are: Black TortŸre (great sample), Screams from a Handicapped Nation (again super sample, galactic empire), X-Ecution (Lust!figure style) (super harsh)·. Try to get the boxversion·it is worth the 50 dm. I myself have number 524 of the 686 so I hope that they are still available. The CD official will be released on the 8th of September so ruch to your recordstore. Coolness-Factor: 9/10

dsbp records (tommy t)
noisex- "ignarrogance" (the first and second face of) (2 cd set import,specially sold at a single cd price!) (ant-zen) raoul r. strikes back with his third attack!this is the best release to hit the industrial-noise scene in years!! an excellent mix of it all. dist.beat,drum n' noise,industrial-tek,done in a most powerful way! ,the word "ignarrogance" is a word created by raoul to reflect shapes of ignorance vs arrogance- two faces ina mans mental state.both features reflect your very own fear and wishes in this hi-tech communication era at the same time.they fight each other for a guilty conscience and they're proud to push your tough virtues into new heights of imaginable be honest, be yourself and use your faces of "ignarrogance" in your very own way. this album will live on forever.

Re:Mote Induction
Noisex - Ignarogance - Fuck it - I don't want to review it - I just want to listen to it. Put it this way - if you like Noisex then you will like this! There is a clear continuity and growth from previous work. Recent compilation appearances have pointed to the sound of this album. There are two CDs - coming up to 23 tracks between them - which is plenty, certainly enough to keep anyone happy till the next dose of Raoul, who seems to be a workaholic. The material ranges from instrumental: caustic rhythmic aggression vs darkly atmospheric rotations, to vocal: growling penetrating repetition vs subvocal and spoken dialogue. Throughout there are some excellent samples - primarily as leads into power noise movements. The range is enough that I love at least half of it each listen - the problem is the half usually varies with each listen.
Oh, okay, I'll try to give some more details - Noisex is the most well known project by christener of the world power noise movement, Raoul Roucka . This is the third album by Noisex - with numerous appearances as side projects, on compilations, vinyl, tapes, etc. - Raoul must be building one of the biggest catalogues of material in modern times. For me the standout tracks, after a number of listens and careful consideration, are Biohazard, Plasmid, I Will!, Psychotic Guardians In Absence, Digital Disease, Alone, Tomorrow Is One Day After, EKG Baby, The Hidden and Templedance.
The album has a powerful beginning in the form of Screams From a Handicapped Nation - noirish news burst introducing the pummeling force. Biohazard, which follows up, spirals slowly, gathering speed till it is steady. It is dark and growling - accompaniment to the menace of the repeated "bioo - hazzaaardd!!". This track grows on me each time I hear it.
Cardiac Infarction soars on one layer, all peaceful, constant and strong. But warbling over and under that is the beat - varying from steady to that of irregular cardiac activity. For this track there are more vocals but they are layered with the rest of the sound - under, but perfectly integrated. The section it ends with is particularly nice. The track Lava is featured one each of the CDs - the disc one version is the "Silent Death" version. Its opening is a jangling silence which bodes of ill omens, just as the version title suggests. A minute in and the vocals start - this is one of Raoul's power/ambient/ballad constructions. He floats emotion slowly, but all the more threatening for that - the words thorns catching in your head.
Plasmid and I Will! are two of my favourite tracks on disc one. Plasmid is an assault - straight in and unrelenting. By contrast I Will! is more complex - harsh, but less predictable - the distorting percussion is irregular and the synths are hauntingly off key. The variety in I Will! makes it feel longer than it actually is, so looking at the timer you are surprised that it is actually not twice as long.
Psychotic Guardians In Absence is another excellent track - slow and sinister. I suspect it is tracks like this and Lava which will gain the most appeal from this album with time. This is quite minimal - a constant line with the words "god is in absence", repeating with bass vibrating behind. Beats are spaced out and mellow - making this track a version of dark ambient.
A couple of tacks on this CD have appeared elsewhere as different versions. The first of these is Maschinwerk (Lustfigure Style) which originally appeared on the second album Over And Out. This is quite different - a brittle mix - emphasisng certain aspects, which may not produce a more brutal mix, but certainly a more biting version
Rattling billows through a hazy voice repeating the same phrase over and over. Despite the fleeting moments Digital Disease offers it is for me highly effective. And while some of the other tracks this far in may start to blend together to your battered ears Digital Disease cleanses the palette. S.Phynxx which finishes the first face is the most techno(id) sound of the disc. Near militaristic tech beat in a swirling ambient conclusion. Whispering you into a trance - very stylish!
On the second face the first track of note is Stomp Age - which is a regular mid paced beat, perfect to dance to, suiting the vocals which primarily consist of chanting the title. As with much of this album, the tune itself is melodic and engaging - providing and album of well balanced contrasts. Following on is the title track Ignarogance, which would seem to be surprisingly late on in the album. The tune starts with a regular pulsing. Leading to the vocal, which starts with "Ignorance is here, arrogance is there, ignarogance everywhere!". Which is a refrain I can certainly relate to. The track overall is fairly accessible and one of the highlights for me.
This CD's version of Lava is the X-ecuted mix and it has a muffled, watery intro. The beat approaching slowly, a hint of a drum and bass feel. Slow and dark - this is a more menacing version than the one on the first disc. Followed shortly by Noise Disco, swirling and somewhat psychedelic. Not really providing the noise disco the title suggests, but enjoyable nonetheless.
The next four tracks are amongst my highlights. Starting with Alone which is more of what one would have expected from Noise Disco. Gabbaesque technoid beats demanding you make your body move. Demanding you pump your fist in the air - flailing and violent - let other people heed the consequences. The next track is Tomorrow Is One Day After, a different version of the track provided on the Anthology compilation. It was excellent then and it is excellent here also. The third of this selection is One Vision which is wonderfully upbeat. While the fourth is EKG Baby, which is one of those twin tracks - layering in a cacophonic but ultimately enhancing manner. The melody is soaring while darkly ambient, with the percussion clashing painfully - sporadic like random gunfire. Yet the whole merges together into something perfect.
The last two tracks I'll mention are The Hidden and Templedance. The first squeaking space pulses, noisy and abrasive - very unsubtle. The second is another swirling mellow instrumental. As thoroughly enjoyable as the similar Ignarogance.
So there you have it - I finally got my reviewing head on long enough while listening to Noisex to get a review finished. But as if that hadn't taken me long enough the first album Out Of Order has been digitally remastered and released. So look for it here soon(ish) - though feel free to email me abuse to get me moving along instead of dancing along.
RVWR: PTR, December 1998

equinoxe, ausgabe 9/99
der gute raoul roucka hat einen kaum zu Ÿberbietenden output. neben veršffentlichungen mit nebenprojekten wie der deutsch katholischen feindschaft oder andxesion, legt er nun ein gutes jahr nach dem zweiten noisex-album eine doppel-cd mit 33 (!) stŸcken vor. die frage, ob hier jemand quantitŠt Ÿber qualitŠt stellt, lŠ§t sich leicht beantworten. mr. roucka offeriert dem hšrer eine ganze bandbreite tanzbarer musik unterschiedlichster hŠrtegrade. wer die mischung aus harten industriellen rhythmen, techno und drum`n`bass bisher gemocht hat, wird auch "ignarrogance" bestens bedient. "lava (silent death)" erinnert an ruhige :w:-titel, "psychotic guardians in absence" eignet sich gut zum chill out. "alone" ist ein einziges rhythmusgewitter, "automŠtic" kann man ohne zu zšgern als drum`n`bass bezeichnen und es gibt natŸrlich noch einige, genauer gesagt 29, stŸcke zu entdecken. ein gro§er teil der titel lŠ§t sich problemlos sowohl in electroclubs, als auch auf raves spielen. von all den kŸnstlern der jŸngsten industrialgeneration zeigt noisex somit vielleicht am deutlichsten, wie sehr die grenzen zwischen rhythmischem industrial ˆ la esplendor geometrico und techno und verwandten spielarten immer mehr im begriff sind, sich aufzulšsen - ob das jetzt positiv oder negativ ist, mu§ jeder fŸr sich selbst entscheiden.

ultime atome
raoul roucka (aka noisex) est membre du collectif "industrial musicians against copyrights" et vu son regard noir, ses gros tattoos et ses piercings - mme pas mal ! - plein la tronche, m'est avis qu'on ira pas l'emmerder avec des histoires de sampling sauvage. de plus, parmi ses potes, on trouve Žvidemment la fine fleur des trononneurs de sequencer et autres bouffeurs de c‰bles triphasŽs, ˆ l'instar de notre boucher favori (olivier moreau) ou de quelques vieilles connaissance qu'on prŽfre saluer de loin, genre haus arafna, suicide commando ou patrick stevens (cf. son "hypnoskull" dans nos pages). autrement dit, le gaillard est bien entourŽ. difficile alors d'entamer sereinement une chronique de son nouveau projet sobrement qualifiŽ par la maison ant-zen de "distorded beats / drum n' noise / industrial tek", d'autant qu'il va bien falloir dire que tout a est un peu pŽnible. non pas que a ne soit pas intŽressant - pas de malentendu, surtout... mais il faut savoir qu'il y a lˆ 34 titres avec comme unique leitmotiv le "in noise we trust" qui fait dŽsormais la rŽputation du monsieur : le thme est donc longuement exploitŽ, sans pour autant qu'il y ait lieu d'tre impressionnŽ par une quelconque intensitŽ du son ou par l'audace des compositions. et si le pre noisex a misŽ sur l'effet "disto and co" imposŽ ˆ ses vocalises (censŽes tre) terrifiques, on ne peut que lui rŽpondre d'un air blasŽ, et un peu dŽsolŽ, qu'on en a vu d'autres, comme par exemple le susnommŽ haus arafna. de mme qu'il a, ˆ raison d'ailleurs, cherchŽ ˆ dŽsarticuler son electro(body)core en y injectant des breakbeats a et lˆ (il remercie au passage aphrodite & metalheadz), lˆ encore on reste sur notre faim, lui conseillant plut™t de jeter une oreille du c™tŽ de ses potes, olivier moreau, panacea mais aussi seal phŸrax et pourquoi pas alec empire ou black lung qu'il sample sur le quand mme excellent "don't ya fuckin' look at me". en matire de "distorded beats", le monsieur est quelque peu ˆ la ramasse. la conclusion tombe alors comme un couperet : "ignarrogance" reste un album d'industrial beats, secondaire voire conventionnel (a calme !). mais pour ne pas finir sur une si mauvaise note, on fera remarquer qu'il y aurait lˆ dedans largement de quoi tirer un excellent ep ou au moins un simple lp trs correct. notons, ˆ ce titre la rythmique aiguisŽe de "ekg baby", les structures savamment saturŽes et mŽcanisŽes de "alone", "phantom fist" (entre autres), le robotique "plamib" ou encore la leon de pilonnage du "screams from a handicapped nation" (le meilleur, et premier track de l'album). dommage pour le reste.

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