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hypnoskull . ffwd > burnout ! . cd . ant-zen act 94

machine is coming down, ffwd>burnout!, too hard to try, city beat, rwd>ctrl!, disguised & uncontrolled, l/r antipole rock (antimono rmx), mech. ind., push>eject>return!, silence (let me be destroyed), mechanomatica, kommando entertainment, the final strike, down again.

hypnoskull vs. tunnel: damn' shit!, take your head off

patrick stevens aka hypnoskull is known for his extravagant multimedia installations and video performances as well as his harsh sonic bombs. he combines the power of pure analogue electronics with harsh rhythm structures - an anarchic assault of noise, electronic abuse and techno-industrial. tunnel is also a project of patrick stevens, which is based on the hypnoskull sonic massacre and mixed up with additional technoid rhythmics and actively supported by miss mieke maes. get the vibe of her distorted voice.

fast forward > burnout ! reset your machines and start up again. connect your networks and prepare to crash ! disturb your culture by deleting it and replace it by your altered culture. insert audiofiles into your mind. speed through them: fast forward ! reach your total burnout point and discover that information technology is just a disguised new form of television, invented by those who want to keep your mouths shut forever. spread your new form of culture and react instead of consume.

fast forward > burnout ! 14 audiofiles constructed and fast forwarded by hypnoskull on digital silver compatible disc for audioplayers (extra 2 audiofiles hypnoskull vs tunnel ). it is no longer about music or sound anymore. it is no more about image or concepts. it's about ideas on the edge of a new era. it's about taking the time seriously. it's about discovering what it's all about. it's about seeing the emptiness inside most people. it's about discovering you're not happy the way it goes. it's about feeling you've got to do something about it. it's about trying to disturb by ear and mind. it's about succeeding in the end.

ffwd > burnout ! was recorded in 1999 (exc. machine is coming down in sept. '97), before september. credits for voice on ffwd > burnout ! mieke m. sampling credits : mir kosmonauts / various unknown records / real percussion sounds. hypnoskull is a member of macos, musicians against the copyright of samples. artwork & concept by salt. contact & booking hypnoskull / tunnel / hypnoskull vs. tunnel via ant-zen.

hypnoskull discography (11.99)
1999 ffwd>burnout! (cd. ant-zen act 94)
1999 hypnoskull / tunnel. darkbeat planet / react ammo (12". hymen ´011)
1998 rhythmusmaschine 1 -2 (cd. ant-zen act 74)

fast forward > burnout! never needed anyone to reach that.

hypnoskull webpage


hypnoskull is one of those projects that cannot be judged by the music only. being accused of simplicity and repetitiveness, hypnoskull still manages to keep this strange appeal for me. yes, the music is really straightforward, lacking strings or melodies, all tracks are percussion-driven - a simple combination of distorted beats and constant rhythm, occasionally overlaid with samples. however, if you take hypnoskull for what it is, not expecting complex sound structures, take into account his (sometimes rather silly) propaganda and multimedia installations - it becomes a solid act with a unique sound and influence on its listeners. this time, "ffwd burnout!" is pretty much the same as previous album charged with constant rhythm and clashing distorted beats, filled with analog electronics and distorted sonic loops. my favorite tracks on the disk include "take your head off" (which is a bonus track created by hypnoskull vs. tunnel (patrick's side project); for some reason it reminds me of atari teenage riot's sonic escapades) that features rather interesting percussion arrangements and really stands out on the disk; "down again" that almost has a melody, changing throughout the track. both hypnoskull vs. tunnel tracks greately benefit from the vocals (well, spoken word i guess) in comparison with the rest of material on the album (except for the fact that the lyrics was quite silly). as previous hypnoskull album, "ffwd burnout!" will leave the listener with a very "fast-forward" feeling, charged and hyped.

black 17.
medien-terrorist und harsch-rhythmiker patrick stevens ist mit seinem neuen album gegenŸber der ersten cd ³rhythmusmaschine eins - zweiã noch gnadenlos hŠrter und dreckiger geworden. auch setzt er mehr auf vocals und wird dabei auch wieder von ³miss tunnelã mieke maes unterstŸtzt. derart verstŠrkt prŸgelt dir hypnoskull seine message ins hirn bzw. tanzbein und als bonus gibt es sogar noch zwei tunnel-tracks, welche nach mehr verlangen, da die split-lp von tunnel zusammen mit hypnoskull auf hymen echt zuwenig war. ansonsten ist ja patrick stevens recht umtriebig und war bzw. ist bei projekten wie sonar, das schreckenskabinett, hautnah, noshinto und sona eact‰ tŠtig. hypnoskull ist jedenfalls industrial-tek-gabba, der keine gefangene macht und somit den industrial ins 21. jahrtausend fŸhren dŸrfte! verge§t die epigonen tumor, marita schreck und peak, patrick stevens ist schon seit 1992 an vorderster front mit dabei ö ³technoid noises for collapsing peaople!ã. (m.f.)

modulazioni industriali
torna patrick stevens sul finire di questo novantanove, tanto per ribadire che la power/electro -o come la volete chiamare- non si inventa da un giorno all'altro, e questo grande mae- stro dell'extreme electronics e della techno (noshinto vi dice niente?) con le sue distorsioni/rasoiate ci incanta come serpenti, ci costringe ad un respiro affannato sul "cut-up" ritmico, su di un hard-step impossibile, sulle strane "de- formazioni a cuscino" delle sue suoner“e technoidi,a cui(in un paio di tracce) miss "tunnel" (mieke m.) fa eco con la sua voce filtrata superbamente gelida. supera sicuramente il precedente esperimento "rhythmus maschine.." e senz'altro sopravanza lo split lp con tunnel (sempre patrick stevens..). (maurizio landini)

@resistant media
nŽ en 1992, hypnoskull est un projet-solo menŽ (de main de ma”tre) par patrick stevens, connu des amateurs pour sa collaboration avec dirk ivens sous le nom de sonar, ainsi que pour ses installations multimŽdia, gŽnŽralement basŽes sur la manipulation de signaux vidŽo et comprenant l'usage d'infrasons comme inducteurs comportementaux. si la parution de rhythmusmaschine eins/zwei, premier album de hypnoskull, est passŽe quasiment inaperue, gageons qu'il n'en ira pas de meme avec ffwd>burnout!, vŽritable machine de guerre bien dŽcidŽe a en finir avec les anachronismes qui minent la majoritŽ des groupes Žlectro-indus en vogue. hypnoskull, associant frŽquences analogiques assassines et rythmes technoides ultraviolents, injecte une bonne dose de sang frais dans le corps moribond du cyber-indus, tout en Žcrasant le troupeau des r‰leurs rŽtrogrades sous ses petites chenillettes bien acŽrŽes. the future is bright - the future is hypnoskull. (mekazilla)

textundton #32 februar/mŠrz 2000
niemand macht so gekonnt repetiv aggressive beats wie hypnoskull. das hypnotische bei ihm ist dabei die symbiose aus sauberen techno beats und sauberem krach, die sich langsam in ihrer intensitŠt steigert. kein low-fi kratzindustrial mit staubkšrnern auf den magnettonbŠndern, sondern digitale verzerrungen und maschinenrhythmus. das geht ins blut, das geht ins bein, aber nicht auf den docht. mit dabei ist diesmal auch seine frau mieke, gleichzeitig partnerin beim gemeinsamen projekt tunnel, das sich mit zwei bonusstŸcken als hypnoskull vs. tunnel prŠsentiert. ihre rauchige rezitation rundet den sound aber diesmal auch auf einigen originŠren hypnoskulltracks ab. das noisebrett gehšrt bei hypnoskull immer mehr der vergangenheit an und die liebe fŸr harte, treibende rhythmik im dienste der atmosphŠre ist Ÿberhaupt applaudabel. das hier ist flie§band futurismus. klang akkordarbeit in stringentem beatgerŸst. die milleniummaschinerie in einzelteile zerlegt. (till schršder)

sonic seducer
da§ die industrial-bewegung inzwischen auch in der rave-szene einzug gehalten hat, ist lŠngst kein geheimnis mehr. bands wie winterkŠlte, needle sharing oder orphx beweisen dies. jetzt hat auch patrick stevens mit hypnoskull den braten gerochen und prŠsentiert sich auf ffwd Ðdie abkŸrzung fŸr fast forward- offener denn je. tanzbare power electronics und klassischen industrial findet man auf ffwd nŠmlich ebenso wie drumÕnÕbass-inspirierte tracks, wobei stevens die grenzen zwischen den genres verschwimmen lŠ§t. wer sich auf dieses album einlŠ§t, sollte jedenfalls nerven wie drahtseile besitzen, schlie§lich sind 70 minuten lŠrmender rhythmus auch bei nur blo§em hinhšren eine schwei§treibende angelegenheit, die nicht jedes gemŸt so ohne weiteres verkraftet. (marc)

Looking for a CD to piss your neighbours off? You've found it! Hypnoskull's second full length album, "ffwd>burnout!" is a very loud bomb full of beats and noises. On this CD, Patrick Stevens takes an Esplendor Geometrico/Sonar type of very repetitive rhythm (not to my surprise, since he was a founding member of Sonar) on which he lays heavy gabber beats. Hypnoskull's sound here is not so distorted as what we could expect, and reminds a lot of danceable beats. However, "ffwd>burnout!" isvery violent. You won't have a second to rest.
My favorite track on this CD is clearly the title one, on which Mieke M, Patrick's wife sings/screams some vocals, giving more catchiness to the song. Her voice, very distorted and energetic, adds really a new dimension to the music. Good example of this are the two bonus tunes by Tunnel, Mieke and Patrick's common project. These two tracks, even though they may not be as crushing as the rest of the CD, are very interesting, and I'm anxiously waiting for Tunnel's debut CD "Your future is my past".
Even though Hypnoskull's way of writing songs sounds a bit like the same recipe with 14 different ingredients, the CD doesn't get boring. Some voice samples are spread on the tracks, and there are also some experimentations with different sounds (break beats on "City Beat" or a light Autechre-like melody on "Mech. Ind."). Definitely one of the best ear crusher of the moment, Hypnoskull, with this very efficient CD, has everything to get a large audience of violent beat addicts.

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