noisex . 2870.00 box (ant-zen, act96.9) / 1920.00 cd (flatline records, null07)


tracklist 1920.00 cd
1920.00 (i'm on rotation) ((radio edit)). clit.wšrk (maschinwšrked). lass mich raus. witches revolt (she's on rotation). lust.skull. under pressure. die macht der nacht. 1920.00 (i'm on rotation) ((dist.version)). and it's getting darker. escape from paradise

tracklist 950.00 cd
950.01, 950.02, 950.03, 950.04, 950.05, 950.06, 950.07, 950.08, 950.09, 950.10, 950.11, 950.12, 950.13, 950.14, 950.15, 950.16

1920.00 cd in jewelcase packaging. flatline records (www.flatline-records.de), cat-nr. null07

2870.00 boxset. special limited edition of 777 copies. ant-zen act 96.9
incl. 1920.00 cd (flatline), the 9,5 years of noisex jubilee 950.00 cd (ant-zen), metal pin, sticker and postcards. packed & stored in a special cardboard-boxset. 950.00 is the final memorandum of the last 9.50 years. please note: 950.00 cd is only available at the boxset

it meanwhile became a tradition to present a new noisex album 400 days after the last one. consequently the time has come again with "1920.00". moreover, this album is more a journey into new terrain than only a successor to the last album 'ignarrogance'. it would have been too comfortable to manifest the success on established tracks than producing a record with unexpected developments. furthermore, raoul forced his activities as dj for noise, drum'n bass, ambient and industrial in the munich dance scene and became well known for his uncompromising line-up. these experiences and the natural evolution left it's brand in raoul's sonic interpretation. after being raoul rotation`s solo project for the last 9,5 years, noisex is recently reinforced by phil philter who's injecting new impulses to the recordings and live-performances.

forthcoming live-performances are done by raoul rotation and phil philter they present brand-new tracks along with the well-known noisex tracks from the past. beside that, raoul rotation is forcing his brutal harsh noise project 'dkf' - more powernoise dkf-bombs will explode in 2000. please be alarmed!

noisex are: raoul rotation & phil philter. all traxx are written and produced at k:a:t:t lab. munich & fastforward studio. mastered at lungfull studios munich. noisex against millenium-hecctic.

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raoul rotation reached the status where it is possible to release the collection of early work and b-sides and not be "embarrassed" or affected by them. this cd came as a part of the cardboard noisex boxset that also has noisex pin, several cards, stickers and 1920.00 cd (no black noisex condom this time, however) this disk contains 16 tracks recorded throughout ~9.5 year history of the band and is supposed to be the final memorandum of noisex as a solo project. for those of you that enjoyed "over and out" and "ignarrogance" this disk will be a nice treat; it is full of rhythmic escapades and monotonous rhythm'n'noise - everything noisex is famous for. all the tracks on the disk have titles from 950.01 to 950.16; however they do not prepare you for the sound of "1920.00" that turned out to be quite a shock for me. all in all, the noisex boxset is a definite _must_ for any fan of ant-zen or particularly noisex that was one of the most famous noise icons throughout all these years.

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