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act 97 á black lung á rhic-edom á 12" vinyl

rhic-edom, humint, prema, domint


over the years, certain journalists have asserted that the cia has mastered a technology called rhic-edom. rhic means "radio hypnotic intra-cerebral control." edom stands for "electronic dissolution of memory." together, these techniques can--allegedly--remotely induce hypnotic trance, deliver suggestions to the subject, and erase all memory for both the instruction period and the act with the subject is asked to perform. rhic uses the stimoceiver, or a microminituarised offspring of that technology, to induce a hypnotic state. edom is nothing more than "missing time" itself--the erasure of memory from consciousness through the blockage of synaptic transmission in certain areas of the brain. if rhic-edom exists, it goes a long way toward providing an earthbound rationale for alien abductions--or, at least, certain aspects of them. the phenomenon of "missing time" is no longer mysterious. abductee implants, both intracerebral and otherwise, are explained. and note the reference to a "recurring hypnotic state, reinduced automatically by the same radio command." this situation may account for "repeater" abductees who, after their initial encounter, have regular sessions of "missing time" and abduction--even while a bed-mate sleeps undisturbed.
martin cannon. "the controllers- a new hypothesis of alien abductions" 1992 self published

black lung discography:
silent weapons for quiet wars (1994)
the depopulation bomb (1995)
the disinformation plague (1996)
the psychocivilised society (1997)
extraordinary popular delusions (1998)
silent weapons for quiet wars. limited picture lp re-release (1998)
the great architect. (1999)
the more confusion... the more profit (1995)
uncomfortable questions for comfortable people (1996)
rhic-edom (1996)
rhic-edom, exclusive vinyl only release (2000).
remixes, production, etc.:
muslimgauze - the infidel[1994]
muslimgauze - citadel [1994]
tdm - simple [1997]
severed heads - (title unknown)
snog - hooray [1998]
various appearances on compilations

additional information
snog, hailing from the great continent of australia, is the brainchild of david thrussell. snog formed when dj and art student thrussell got together with julia and tim in 1988, and they decided to start making music together, despite what would appear to be widely disparate tastes (julia's into soft ambience, tim's into new wave, while david's into experimental and ebm.) they played the role of the electronic oddity in the melbourne (australia) area, and in 1990 recorded a few tracks and began the arduous process of finding a label. australian labels wanted little to do with a band so far from the beaten path, so in 1991 they hopped a plane to germany and sought out a home in the electronic-friendly realm of berlin. within two weeks, they were signed as part of machinery records' initial musical assault. they first hit the floors in 1992 with their classic electro hit corporate slave, which combined elements of 90s electrodance with 70s funk and a strong anticapitalist message. this was followed up with their first full length cd, lies, inc., and two more dance hits, shop and born to be mild. their lyrics show a strong disillusionment with the western ideals of materialism and mass ownership, a stance which is bound to enrage the "gimme" sensibilities of american capitalism. despite their apparently radical inclinations, david doesn't regard his lyrics as political, but rather as simple and rather obvious social observations. he doesn't claim to have any revelationary secrets, but sees his lyrics as a frank examination of our humanity struggling within itself. snog reappeared in 1994 with a harshly technofied sound, which defines their cliche single. an australian single, hey christian god, was also released, which included material that was later used for david's black lung project. in 1995, david thrussell opened his black lung project with the debut album 'silent weapons for silent wars', he also appeared with pieter bourke (of eden and dead can dance) as soma, whose releases include the hollow earth and the inner cinema. 1995 also saw the release of snog's second full length cd: dear valued customer, which furthered the sound explored with cliche and the politics espoused in lies, inc. if anything, thrussell's antipolitics had become more western-antagonistic, now tackling issues of religious domination and hypocrisy as well as socio-economic ones. thrussell cites a number of influences in his musical styles, ranging from cinema to classic rock and folk to industrial music. seemingly contradictory names such as foetus, the swans, tom waits, cabaret voltaire, ennio morricone, kraftwerk, lustmord, pink floyd, leonard cohen, hawkwind, nick cave, lassigue bendthaus, and clock dva appear on his list of musical influences; with film presences including roman polanski, stanley kubrick, oliver stone, david cronenberg, john carpenter, and an insatiable love of the "spaghetti western". he unabashedly supports the right of sampling, and openly promotes the sampling of his own material by other artists.

further information:


mute! #3
Ôradio hypnotic intra-cerebral controlÕ + Ôelectronic dissolution of memoryÕ = the newest creation from techno mastermind d. thrussell (snog, soma). rhic-edom consists of strong repetitive beats mixed with odd moment of david lynch style lounge music, overlaid with the screach of alien spaceships and government sanctioned mind-control devices. (bb)

ce sympathique vinyle de chez ant-zen contient quelques vieux enregistrements du groupe cyber-techno-expŽrimental black lung. comme toujours avec david thrussell (cerveau de black lung et de son projet parallle snog), humour dŽcalŽ et ambiances extraterrestres sont de rigueur. stylistiquement, on passe sans discontinuitŽ de l'intelligent-techno ˆ la hardcore minimale, sans oublier les savoureux intermdes country alien. pour la petite histoire, rhic-edom serait une abrŽviation utilisŽe par la cia, voulant dire: 'radio hypnotic intra-cerebral control _ electronic dissolution of memory'. tout un programme, donc...

all material on this vinyl has been released in its original form back in 1996 thus making "rhic-edom" a nice collector's item and a dj's "must have." tracks included on the 12" are probably one of the best and most well-known black lung material - title track, "humint", "prema" and "domint." harsh technoid sounds, percussion-driven intensity, bizarre loops, unexpected breaks and tempo changes and usual surreal atmosphere are enhanced by (quite expected) propaganda tidbit accompanying the vinyl that explains what "rhic-edom" really is. being a black lung fan, i could not pass this one unnoticed, but whether you should get it is up to you.

black #19
da§ black lung neben snog und soma ein weiteres projekt meines lieblingsaustraliers bzw. anti-im- und kapitalisten, veganers und nudisten david thrussell ist, dŸrfte ja in deutschland durch die unermŸdliche arbeit von ant zen/hymen inzwischen wieder bekannt sein. nach der wiederveršffentlichung des damals auf machinery erschienenen black lung-debŸtalbum "silent weapons for silent wars" in abgeŠnderter form und titel folgt nun die nur in australien auf helix veršffentlichte mcd "rhic-edom" im vinylformat. die trackliste bzw. das artwork wurden beibehalten und auch vier jahre spŠter klingt der technoide industrialsound noch modern und frisch! die harsch-rhythmischen beats poltern Šhnlich wie bei imminent starvation, aber erfahren bei black lung durch plštzliche breaks mit easy listining-sounds ala morricone eine všllig andere gewichtung. thematisch geht es wie immer um mind control bzw. brain wash und dazu gibt es einen aufsatz von martin cannon auf dem labelkleber. einziger wermutstropfen ist, das die 4 tracks von "rhic-edom" verteilt auf den beiden alben "the psychocivilised society" und "extraordinary popular delusions" bei nova zembla/kk von black lung auch zu finden sind. (m.f.)
re-release eines '96er projekts der australier, dem man sein herstellungsdatum deutlich anhšrt. die bassdrum regiert. breitbeiniges geboller wechselt mit Ÿbersteuertem white noise. die b-seite hat musikalisch schon etwas mehr zu bieten und manchmal gewinnen die tršpfelnden plinkereien sogar gegen die auch hier unbarmherzig langweilige bassdrum. ein paar gags und gute samples herr black lung, der ja auch unter dem namen snog seine musik publiziert ist mitglied bei macos) und man macht wenigstens ansatzweise frieden mit dieser platte.

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