ikon 1 :wumpscut: dried blood mcd



Phosphor, november 94
:wumpscut: is best known for their last CD 'Music for a slaughtering tribe'. As some kind of reaction to the overwhelming response on that album, :wumpscut: released a CD-single in advance on the new album 'Bunkertor 7'. This maxi contains five songs and should be bought blind by everyone. The first song 'Black death' is an heavy, semi-classical Sielwolf-like song and oh ... it is so fucking brilliant. 'Dying culture' follows and sounds more like Dive. The third track is entitled 'Body parts' and has a nice beat. This one will also be released on video and let's hope that the narrowminded people from MTV will play it, to keep you at least satisfied. The fourth track knows some arabian influences and the CDS closes with the title-track. The first few sounds produce an enormous hard-on and it stays for one minute and fourty seconds. This is, as most of you will know, not enough to do something really satisfying. To say it in another way, this is great, only too short. PS: for those who still don't know it by now, :wumpscut: will not go on tour (snif).

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