ikon 100 · v.a. · maschinenfest - the 10th anniversary jubilee celebration present 2008

8x12" lp boxset / ant-zen ikon100v
8 black 12" vinyl records
no labels / engraved info
packed in black 12" cardboardsleeves + 12" photo-inlay
stored in black 12" cardboard box, placed between two 10mm solid plates of pure steel w/ rusted surface, kept together w/ 4x m20 screws / distance bolts
the virgin steelplates did rust 6 month at anthill
total size 48 x 48 x 6cm (without screws)
total weight: 39,6 kg - probably the most heavy packaging for a vinyl release ever
limited to one single copy

3cdr / ant-zen ikon100cd
3 cdr's packed in tin-box w/ black silksrceen print & inlay
limited to 101 copies

a11.01converter: ndrwtr
a21.02flint glass: circumpolar
a31.03asche vs morgenstern: a drunk robot
b11.04salt: mahalo
b21.05imminent: remanta
b31.06sanctum: tenfortytwo
c11.07hysteresis: half evil
c21.08ah cama-sotz: night tide
c31.09iszoloscope: something shaped like agony
d11.10klangstabil: krabat (alles hat seinen preis remix)
d21.11proyecto mirage: ten years in the bunker
d31.12100blumen: grit und tom
e11.13p·a·l: wet ceiling
e21.14gnosick: enter m08
e31.15hypnoskull: ecstacy ecstacy
f11.16keef baker: ich mochte eine flasche bier
f22.01spherical disrupted: distance (lost in krefeld)
f32.02moctan: temptation
g12.03ahnst anders: the x
g22.04suicide inside: endless suicide (for winter)
g32.05dr.demon: hypnotik hardkore weekend
h12.06snog: hive queen
h22.07contagious orgasm: let's decorate a flower
h32.08rasputeen: willenlos (k.o.-tropfen im eierlikör)
i12.09vromb: le russe (sons, mots et phrases)
i22.10the [law-rah] collective: bässe im bunker
i32.11sonar: gritho
j12.12empusae: anniversary party waanzin
j22.13black lung: threnody in grey
j32.14loss: also seen on t.v.
k12.15skincage: traces remain
k22.16alarmen: wenn schon, dann aber richtig
k33.01ambassador 21: syndrome
l13.02kirdec: exploitation industrielle
l23.03config.sys: neon
l33.04monokrom: the bunny's leap
m13.05fail: last mfest ever!! (omfg!)
m23.06end.user & hexer: decision
m33.07synapscape: the knight
n13.08s:cage: drifting
n23.09mimetic fake: pour vous servir
n33.10punch inc.: afraid of our government
o13.11roger rotor: maschine is in da house
o23.12this morn' omina: soljaris
o33.13twinkle: le passage atemporel
p13.14architect: terror shit
p23.15contaminant: grinding teeth
p33.16catholic boys in heavy leather: evil dad

ikon100 is a present for thomas & grit and the maschinenfest crew on the occasion of the tenth maschinenfest in october 2008 which took place at the kulturfabrik, krefeld / germany.

ikon100v was handed over to thomas & grit on october 5th 2008 at kulturfabrik, krefeld.

one copy of ikon100cd was handed over to thomas, to grit, and to each member of the maschinenfest crew at the same date and occasion. the remaining copies of ikon100cd were presented as deposit copies for each participant of ikon100.

participants: michaela alt, stefan alt, keith baker, justin bakker, javier ia belio, pablo ia belio, maurizio blanco, andrea börner, andreas brinkert, frank burghoff, jan carleklev, wim ceunen, yves cornu, tom de doncker, kim dohlich, henrik erichsen, yann faussurier, cedrik fermont, dan fox, petra franke, mario girard, andreas glöckner, mika goedrijk, klaus hagelüken, hiroshi hashimoto, mirko hentrich, alicia hernandez, sebastian hüttl, dirk ivens, herman klapholz, tom kloeck, tim kniep, stefan komnick, henry lehmann, boris may, olivier moreau, philipp münch, daniel myer, guillaume nadon, marcel nickels, christian pallentin, holger panzlaff, francisco planellas, stefan pohlmeier, alexey protasov, natasha protasov, jon ray, tiny rompen, roger rotor, rené rousseau, natascha ruf, sascha ruf, andreas schramm, elke schweren, john sellekaers, stephen seto, alexander simon, pascal slootjes, job snijders, andre sorge, jerome soudan, lynn standafer, patrick stevens, carsten stiller, joke stryker, scott sturgis, barbara teichner, david thrussell, gwenn tremorin, bauke van der wal, nicolas van meirhaeghe, maarten van vliet, eric van wonterghem

mastering by john sellekaers.
concept & design by salt.
special thanks to andreas brinkert.
executive production by ant-zen.

special thanks to: thomas & grit and the maschinenfest crew


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