ikon 147 · salt · das konstrukt · fine art prints boxset

A collection of 47 black & white fine art prints. 195mm x 195mm. box set edition

Das Konstrukt. a collection of photographs by SALT

Das Konstrukt / The Construct
Open up the view of your surroundings and the details and composition of the landscape will reveal themselves to you. ItŐs made up of two aspects: The naturally grown, and the artificially constructed, the man-made. Both are equally important, never forgetting that nature is more than plants by manŐs hand - a construct of twigs and branches, of shards, of the flapping of wings, of wire rope. A plethora of optical illusions lies undiscovered, if only one would take his timeÉ Stefan Alt (aka SALT) intends to help us taking that journey of discovery. With his collection he has captured fleeting moments, brought beauty out of obscurity and viewed the world from surprising angles. All those details share a common denominator: The format - thus dimensions are put into the background. Or is uniformity the main aspect of work - reducing heavyweight cranes to toy-size and at the same time letting a flower-bud assail the heavens. Anyway, there are all those details waiting to be discovered that we normally just pass by and overlook, proving that reality is a construct of consciousness. Stefan Alt lets us access the manifold construct of nature and shows us a rare view of landscape in his photographs. The artist attaches importance to the individual experience of his work, in a truly constructivist sense. The viewers should select their focal points, take out pictures, put them into a frame - and replace them when desired. The meaning is given by individual selection and what strikes the eye..

Das Konstrukt. Photo Gallerie

Das Konstrukt. Photo Prints / Print on aluminum Dibond on request

The Artist
Born in 1968, not as a child of the revolution, but into a protected environment in rural Bavaria, he had all the time necessary to develop all essential skills and acquire a taste for the good things in life. At the tender age of 16 he discovered his enthusiasm for photography, built his own darkroom and became a freelance photographer for the local newspaper. While studying communications design Stefan Alt quickly made himself a name in the music scene, creating designs for magazines and flyers. 1992 saw his first photographic exhibition, and in 1993 he founded the seminal label Ant-Zen, home to vanguard experimental and electronic music - together with its sister label Hymen Records numbering more than 500 releases to date. Stefan Alt has been in charge of over 1500 designs so far - music releases, magazines, books, T-shirts, logos - and has available a vast archive of over 350.000 photographs. His special and unique style is characterized by a compulsion to isolate small details of the infinite chaos.



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