ikon 44 ant-zen backpack


it is well known that ants can carry as much as 30 times their weight, but up until now carrying a laptop or 12 inch records was burdensome at best. as such, ant-zen is proud to announce the release of a very versatile backpack. the quality control engineers at ant-zen have tested this backpack while traveling and while exploring urban landscapes. their verdict was unanimous: a solid rugged backpack. our intrepid engineers also noted that this backpack is not suitable for hardcore camping trips - we are city ants after all. on the most basic level, this backpack is designed to carry a laptop or 12 inch records. the urban traveler will find that it is constructed out of heavy cotton, double sewed and has silver lacquered metal zippers. the outside also sports a fat silver ant. they will also find a smaller front area for any small items they might have and within this space is yet another zippered area - suitable for wallets and passports - not to mention a spot to hang a key. for billions of years ants have carried items on their backs, but now ants everywhere have a choice: either use the back straps (which can be stowed securely when not in use) or the rugged rubber handle on top of the bag. but bags are not always carried and as such the bottom is constructed of heavy rubber. which in turn protects the bag and offers stability when the backpack is free standing. the backpack also features a middle area which contains yet another small zipper - perfect for papers or maps. finally there is the back area, which is where a laptop or 12 inch records could be placed. this space contains soft material that allows the bag to be more stable on the back and on the side. ants around the world can now rejoice. exclusively available in black.

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