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the word cookie originally came from the dutch koekje, meaning "little cake". in addition, the dutch first popularized cookies in the united states. the british took a liking to them in the 19th century, incorporating them into their daily tea service and calling them biscuits or sweet buns, as they do in scotland.

cookies, such as the german springerle, are formed by imprinting designs on the dough, either by rolling a special decoratively carved rolling pin over it or by pressing the dough into a carved cookie mold. in england, cookies are called biscuits, in spain they're galletas, germans call them keks, in italy they're biscotti and so on.

cookie lovers everywhere will enjoy this doubly rich and delicious ant-shaped keks. exclusively baked for ant-zen by r. rousseau on his own recipe, designed by salt and safely stored in a specifically designed package. taste it, and enjoy - satisfaction guaranteed!

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gebäck aus buttermürbteig.

weizenmehl, butter (20%), zucker, eier, kakaopulver, feuchthaltemittel (sorbitol), bourbon vanille, natürliches aroma (zitrone), emulgator (e470a, e471).

kann spuren von erdnüssen und anderen schalenfrüchten enthalten!

kühl und trocken lagern! empfohlene lagertemperatur: 16-18ºc. inhalt: e10g.

100g enthalten durchschnittlich: brennwert 1734kj / 414kcal, eiweiss 7g, kohlenhydrate 54g, fett 20g.

made in germany

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