jed 04 astro moog resuscitation 7"ep

lim. 200, yellow vinyl, handmade painted edition, deleted

moog resuscitation I, moog resuscitation II


vital #40
the gerogerigegege - night
contagious orgasm - hydrophobia
c.c.c.c. - test tube fantasy
astro - moog resuscitation
the german label ant-zen will be fairly unknown to most of you. they have released some tapes before and vinyl as well. but with these four 7" singles this will probably change. the covers are nicely done (some handmade) and the music is good too. yet another gerogerigegege 7" you may say. well unlike most of the gero singles around at the moment this has no guitar noise tracks, but is one of juntaro yamanouchi's conceptual works. the sound is recorded with one microphone and has quite a pleasant atmosphere. contagious orgasm's hydrophobia seems to have acoustical sound sources as basic material which has been treated with a lot of effects. one side is more subtle and for me also more interesting to listen to, composition wise. the other side is harsher, but for me it sounds a bit too clean. test tube fantasy by c.c.c.c. is recorded live at 20000v. it is their usual ambient noise, which i like very much. i really can get into the music because of the warm, earthlike atmosphere. "the psychedelic structures of astro are performed by hiroshi hasegawa" the inside sleeve notes say. well the moog has given a psychedelic touch to several bands, but the sounds produced by hasagawa, who b.t.w. also is a member of c.c.c.c., are probably not the sounds mr. moog had in mind when he produced the famous instrument. it's too noisy for that. the moog resuscitated by dr. hasegawa proves that this machine still has a future.(pd)

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