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demo policy
we accept cd-r, cd, minidisc and cassette tape submissions as well. please note that we won't check mp3, so please don't send mp3s or links to mp3s. please do not forget to write your e-mail address on the demo. you will get a short e-mail confirmation as soon as we received the demo. we will only confirm via e-mail, not via snail mail or phone! please do not ask if we have already listened to the demo after you received our confirmation. we promise to listen to everything we receive (although it may take a while). if we feel we can use your music on any forthcoming releases or at specific times you will be contacted via e-mail. however with the amounts we get, and the majority of work, it is not possible anymore to write back to musicians explaining why we don't like their demo. in general: if you haven't heard from us after 4 months, silence is a firm 'NO'. not accepting a demo doesn't mean it is bad music in any case - but we have a very clear idea of what we are looking for and all decisions are made in accordance with this. we assume that artists sending demos to us are familiar with the variety of sounds we are publishing. nevertheless, we receive demos of musical styles and genres that can definitely not be connected with ant-zen; especially gothic rock, heavy metal and electronic body music (ebm). if we receive demos of these styles (mostly unsolicited), we will not respond. we do not return any cd-rs, md's or cassettes. please send your demo to ant-zen's p.o. box address above.

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