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dig 012 · this morn' omina · l'unification des forces opposantes [ccf] · mp3 ep

1. enuma elish [ccf]
2. (the) rûach (of god) [ccf]
3. iboga [ccf]
4. allasone [ccf]
5. nigunnum [ccf]

five shortened [ccf] versions of 'l'unification des forces opposantes' album tracks.

also available:

this morn' omina. l'unification des forces opposantes. 2cd. ant-zen act262

this morn' omina. let no man decree your fate. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon103
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in white & brown
available sizes: S, M, L, XL, one-sized girlie-shirt

discography on ant-zen 06.2k11:
l'unification des forces opposantes [ccf]. mp3. ant-zen dig012. 2011
l'unification des forces opposantes. 2cd. ant-zen act262. 2011
momentum of singular clarity. cd-ep. ant-zen act232. 2009
the hegira trilogy. 3cd box. ant-zen act212. 2007
les passages jumeaux: 25°~33°. 2cd. ant-zen act172. 2006
au delà de tous les degrès. cd-ep. ant-zen act172.7. 2006
the drake equation - [ecf]. cd-ep. ant-zen act162. 2004
le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge. 2cd. ant-zen act152. 2003
nagash. 3"cd. ant-zen act152.3. 2003
7 years of famine. cd. ant-zen act142. 2003

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