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dig 022 · 100blumen · le soleil n'est pas pour nous · digital ep

1. hello?
2. le soleil n'est pas pour nous
3. rays of the sun
4. the city, the kids and the garbage collection
5. the nameless

released in collaboration with le petit machiniste.

inspired by the french author léo malet's eponymous novel, le soleil n'est pas pour nous (the sun does not shine for us) implies beauty, melancholy and sadness on the highest levels. ranging from deep melodic synth pads and piano lines merged with syncopated beats and monstrous basses all the way to a sound collage with appositional field recordings and tuneful punk guitars, this five track ep displays the wide scope and dynamic range of 100blumen's ambient aspect.

discography 09.2k11:
le soleil n'est pas pour nous. mp3 ep. ant-zen dig022 / cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm027. 2011
surveillance. cd. ant-zen act263. 2011
i love violence. 7". ant-zen / le petit machiniste act253 / lpm020. 2010
down with the system, long live the system!. cd. ant-zen act243. 2009
floral annihilation. cd. ant-zen act233. 2008 mp3 album. ant-zen dig009. 2008
in floriculture there is no law!. cd. ant-zen act213. 2007
massaker....ep. cd-r. le petit machiniste. 2006
flowers and barricades. 3" cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm004. 2006
against the snails. 7". le petit machiniste lpm002. 2006
pizza 2 jahreszeiten (w/ störfunk). cd-r. le petit machiniste moa003. 2005
1. cd-r. not on label. 2004

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