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dig 033 · tzolk'in · tzolk'in · digital album

01 etz'nab
02 imix
03 chikchan
04 kawak
05 kaban
06 lamat
07 ak'bal
08 chuwen

previously relased as a cd limited to 500 copies on divine comedy records -

mastered by ah cama-sotz

when sal-ocin (empusae) and gwenn trémorin (flint glass) started this collaborative project, it was their intention to create an artistic endeavour inspired by the concepts of mayan mythology and the ritual calendar tzolk'in. as their passion and knowledge grew, a ritual and mythical soundtrack emerged and was presented to an inquiring listenership as a beautifully designed digipak cd on divine comedy records in 2004.

musically, this self titled album is an extremely rich piece of work which demands careful and attentive listening to be fully comprehended. an inimitable blend of empusae's distinct dark, oppressive and brooding soundscapes with flint glass' characteristic rhythmic and ambient compositions which are subject to an almost alien purpose and theme. 'tzolk'in' can be interpreted as a detailed and exotic soundtrack album to the phantoms of a dead civilization. majestic and epic, martial and bellicose, dark and oppressive with a sense of brooding and sad tragedy, and at times meditative, this release carries an underlying tone of threat and fatalism which emerges at regular intervals with great intensity.

now available on digital format - welcome to the initiation of the ritual timeline called tzolk'in!

discography 06.2k13:
the sixth sun. cd. ant-zen act290. 2013
tonatiuh. cd. ant-zen act240. 2010
haab'. cd. ant-zen act210. 2008
tzolk'in. cd. divine comedy records dc033. 2004

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