dig 036 · black lung · hype & drive · digital single

01. hype & drive
02. hype & drive (hologram_ rmx)
03. the great golden goal (transient threat rmx1)
04. the great golden goal (transient threat rmx2)
05. access to excess (stendeck rmx)

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release date: 17november2014

'hype & drive', 'the great golden goal' & 'access to excess' originally released on the album 'the great golden goal' (ant-zen act314)
bandcamp: www.ant-zen.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-golden-goal
ant-zen mailorder: www.mailorder.ant-zen.com/product/id/2400

drive: that inner engine that powers aspiration and success.
hype: the torrent that brings ideas to the marketplace.

together they are the laser guided missile of your marketing strategy, the key that unlocks the door to receptive minds and world-beating sales. project synergy is the key tool to leverage excellence from the pack. collaboration and innovation are your best weapons in the war to gain hearts and wallets.

to celebrate the recent top ten chart success of the outstanding black lung album 'the great golden goal', ant-zen in partnership with the pan-national ayn rand institute present a free and exclusive digital single.

the title track is a magnificent tribute to those who lead from the front, 'hype & drive' - an addictive clarion call of raw electro adrenalin. the original is remixed and retro-fitted to stunning effect by french wunderkind hologram_. two further domineering remixes follow of 'the great golden goal' by antipodean 'transient threat'. rounding out the release is the satisfying closure of stendeck's 'access to excess' remix.

a stunning package of ideas and action.

black lung discography on ant-zen 06.2014:
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2000. 12 inch. rhic-edom. ant-zen act97
1999. 10 inch. the andronechron incident (w/ xingu hill). ant-zen act92
1998. 12 inch. silent weapons for quiet wars. ant-zen act84

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