dig 038 · michael idehall · solar symmetries · digital album

01. language of the birds. remix by tanz ohne musik
02. omphalos. remix by grand mal x
03. feline. remix by nordvargr
04. language of the birds. remix by synapscape
05. horsemen. remix by tony blomdahl
06. language of the birds. remix by hadewych
07. slow spiral. remix by thoth construct
08. lucifer. remix by disco korrosiva
09. spiderwoman. remix by alvar
10. lucifer. remix by voytek
11. feline. remix by nordwall
12. lucifer. remix by per åhlund

release date: 15.12.2016

in 2012, the swedish label beläten released michael idehall's album 'sol', followed by 'deep code' two years later; both releases were combined onto one cd entitled 'deep code sol' on ant-zen. the disturbing amalgam of ambient and death industrial attracted a new audience for the swedish artist and his 'seancetronica' concept, brought to a next level with 'solar symmetries' where twelve artists push the original material's envelope with their very own breathtaking interpretations.

'solar symmetries' is compiled from different sources, however it is collected and mastered to become a monolithic unit. idehall's deeply intoned lyrics are underlaid with intense, threatening soundscapes generating rhythmic structures from repetitive patterns and a mesmeric slightly distorted voice. mighty bass drones, icy electronics, straightforward beats, even tribal percussion are the elements alternating for this diversified sonic revision.

on this release you will find well-known names like tanz ohne musik, nordvargr and synapscape as well as artists you are yet to discover like grand mal x, tony blomdahl, hadewych, thoth construct, disco korrosiva, alvar, voytek, nordwall and per åhlund. a collective continuation of an initial mind's creation - highly recommended.

discography 12.2k16:
solar symmetries. digital album. ant-zen dig038. 2016
no man's land. cd. ant-zen act349 / beläten ϫ. 2016
retort redux. lp / lp+cd. :retortae: venenum 2 / venenum 3. 2015
words of power. digital album. belzebez blzbz0007. 2015
chavajoth. digital album. belzebez blzbz0006. 2015
deep code sol. cd. ant-zen act329. 2015
the house of flames. lp. the ajna offensive / ajna bound flame86. 2015
egon. digital album. belzebez. 2015
deep code. tape. beläten. 2014
svartkonster. digital album. beläten. 2014
three bull kings for three golden kings. 3cd. belzebez. 2013
sol. tape. beläten. 2012
split w/ thomas martin ekelund. tape. geiger-gramofon gg003. 2011

official websites:
michael idehall: www.facebook.com/michael.idehall & www.facebook.com/idehall.gbg
tanz ohne musik: www.facebook.com/tanzohnemusik & www.tanzohnemusik.bandcamp.com
grand mal x: www.grandmalx.com
nordvargr: www.nordvargr.com
synapscape: www.facebook.com/synapscape
tony blomdahl: www.tonyblomdahl.se
hadewych: www.hadewych.bandcamp.com & www.facebook.com/aforestforhadewych
thoth construct: www.soundcloud.com/thothconstruct
alvar: www.facebook.com/alvar-1426441654247820
voytek: www.facebook.com/voytek.stanley
per åhlund: www.perahlund.se

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