dig 040 · philipp münch · post elysium · digital album

01. elysium [rework]
02. if it goes away
03. is it you? (pushing forward)
04. surveillance of the fittest [rework]
05. oh sweet joy (spirituality) [rework]
06. fighting back [rework]
07. keep it raw
08. drivers without control
09. fuck you austerity

release date: 13.jan.2017

all music by philipp münch, except 'if it goes away', music by philipp münch and barbara teichner. everything was produced and recorded in 2015 and 2016.

'may love be the source of your thoughts, words and actions.' (philipp münch)

in ancient mythology elysium is an afterlife, a blessed and happy place chosen by the gods for the righteous and the heroic. if we take a close look around at the life we are living we will realize elysium is already here on earth, but for the very few. a place where a very small percentage of human population is spending its time in rapture while the rest of us are condemned to a permanent life of struggle and conflict. this very special definition of elysium was the starting point for philipp münch's fourth solo album - a demanding, haunting and partly dystopic opus.

'post elysium' is the result of an intellectual pastime: how would 'elysium' sound in a more modern, beat-oriented environment? on this digital release, philipp münch presents new and completely altered versions of existing album tracks, complemented by entirely new creations to give it all a good flow. here, the dark ambient and harsh industrial references on 'elysium' were replaced with technoid electro textures generating a relaxed, stress-relieved feel with the invitation to get up and move. while listening to this variant of his self-contained work you will discover the opportunity to find new, positive aspects to an apparent world view - and maybe you will gain insight into elysium ...

discography 01.2k17:
post elysium. digital album. ant-zen dig040. 2017
elysium. cd. ant-zen act345. 2016
transcontinental desperation (w/ loss). cd. ant-zen act295. 2014
mondo obscura. cd. ant-zen act275. 2012
mondo obscura (the mutant twin). digital album. ant-zen dig026. 2012
into the absurd. cd. ant-zen act255. 2011

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